label sw/board main switch

Label Switch Board Main Switch

Catalogue Number: 8MS
label sw/board main switch
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for switched socket
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label support sheet
main switch
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Zelio relay SR1*201BD scan frequency?

What is the Zelio relay SR1*201BD scan frequency?

Product Line:
Zelio Relays and Timers

All Products

Product Features

The cycle time is 8ms and has a response time of 14 - 26ms.

CTA-ID : 2012071

Is there a sleep mode in either ADVC2 or PTCC controller?

Is there a sleep mode in either ADVC2 or PTCC controllers that will make it go into sleep mode if power has not been restored for a certain period of time

Product Line
ADVC2 controllers
PTCC controllers

Backup battery

There is not sleep mode but there are "Low Power Mode" and Shutdown mode.
- When DC volt is less than 18V within 8ms (Eg Trip/close in battery condition) controller goes into Low Power Mode where Radio supply is shut down, capacitor charge is at lower rate.
- If DC voltage is less than 20V for more than 200ms, controller goes into shutdown mode


How fast can the VAMP 321 detect a fault and trip a breaker?

User would like to know the operation time of a VAMP 321 Arc Flash Protection System

Product Line
VAMP 321

Product specifications

The VAMP 321 has 6 output contacts, two of which are high speed. The high speed contacts are capable of 2ms trip time, while the four regular output contacts are capable of 7ms trip time. These trip times include both light and current detection.

What is the shaft size for R01

The shaft size is 8mm

Does the 8MB memory card BMXRWSB008M for the BMXNOE0100 have a Graphical Editor in its default web pages?

No. The 8MB memory card only has a Data Editor. To get a Graphical Editor you will need to use the 16MB card BMXRWSC016M.

Tenant Metering Software (TMS) 1.5 Installation Manual

TMS 1.5 Installation Manual is needed

Product Line
Tenant Metering Software 1.5

TMS 1.5

The installation guide is required

Please reference the below link for the TMS Installation Manual:
Tenant Metering Software 1.5 Installation Manual

Is CMS 1000 Compatible with Windows 7 or Windows 8?

Is CMS 1000 Powerlink AS software compatible with Windows 7 or 8 operation systems?

Product Line:
Powerlink AS

Windows 7, Windows 8

CMS1000 is an obsolete product and is not supported on Windows 7, 8

Run Windows XP mode in Windows 7 or Windows 8

Are our 8mm cable clips, 564M8 , available in Black?

Cable clips 564M8 are only available in white...
For further information , visit link below:-
User-added image

How fast can the VAMP 221 detect a fault and trip a breaker?

The VAMP 221 is capable of a 7ms detect and trip time.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL210585 V1.0, Originally authored by DaFr on 02/07/2013, Last Edited by DaFr on 02/07/2013
Related ranges: Others protection relays

Who Supports the Anybus X Gateways ?

Anybus X gateways are made by HMS Industrial Networks a CAPP partner of Schneider Electric.

Many part numbers exist, depending the two fieldbus types a customer wishes to connect.  HMS needs to be consulted for the right one.

Our website shows the following European contact person:

HMS Industrial Networks Partner profile Products  
    Mr Axel Kaiser       
    Emmy-Noether-Str. 17       
    Karlsruhe     76131 Germany     
    Tel.  +49 721 989 777 213            Fax  +49 721 989 777 010      

In USA, the HMS person, based in Raleigh, is:

Steve Ewankowich    
Business Development, Americas
Office:  312-829-0601

Depending on the customer's location, one of the contacts listed above may be referred to.

These products are offered directly from the partner, not resold by SE at this time.

What is the Maximum size padlock for vario switch disconnects?

The maximum size padlock is 8mm

What are the dimensions of the C2727 Shaver outlet?

The dimensions of the C2727 shaver outlet is 8mm (D) X 116mm (W) X 76mm (H)
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