conext battery fuse disconnect 250a dc

Conext 250A Battery Fuse Combiner

Catalogue Number: 865-1031-01
conext battery fuse disconnect 250a dc
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Product brand
Package 1 Weight
3600 g
Package 1 Height
26.4 cm
Package 1 width
24.6 cm
Package 1 Length
34.3 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the new SCP part number 865-1050-01 compatible with all the XW inverter chargers? (Ex. XW4024, XW6048, XW4548)

865-1050-01 SCP Compatibility
The new part number for the system control panel (SCP) is 865-1050-01.
The XW models had a part number 865-1050 but now the SCP is 865-1050-01 and it is compatible with all XW models.

Customer is requesting the utility interactive current for XWs models

Max Sell Amps

Default - 18Amps (865-1010 XW4024) 36Amps (865-1010-01 XW4024)
                27Amps (865-1000 XW6048) 20Amps (865-1005 XW4548) 48Amps (865-1000-01 XW6048)

Range - 0-18Amps (865-1010 XW4024) 0-36Amps (865-1010-01 XW4024)
                0-27Amps (865-1000 XW6048) 0-20Amps (865-1005 XW4548) 0-48Amps (865-1000-01)

Which metrics will be displayed when using the Conext Battery Monitor?

Which metrics will be displayed when using the Conext Battery Monitor?

Product Line:
Conext Battery Monitor

Any Schneider Electric solar installation

Specific metrics aren't outlined on website

The following metrics will be displayed when using the Conext Battery Monitor:

Battery Current
Battery Temperature
Battery State of Charge
Battery Midpoint 1 Voltage
Battery Midpoint 2 Voltage
Battery Capacity Remaining
Battery Capacity Removed

You can find this and other specifications for the device on our website:

How many Maximum Power Point Trackers do the Conext Solar Charge Controllers have?

How many maximum power point tracking (MPPT) circuits are in each charge controller?

Product Line:
Conext MPPT 80 600 (p/n: 865-1032)
Conext MPPT 60 150 (p/n: 865-1030)

PV arrays with multiple strings.

Some larger models include multiple separate MPPT circuitry.

The Conext MPPT solar charge controller family only has a single maximum power point tracker in each unit. Multiple strings should be connected in parallel and the MPP will be found as an average across all strings.

The MPPT 60 150 has terminals for convenient connection of two strings without the need for an external combiner box.

The MPPT 80 600 has terminals for connecting up to three strings without an external combiner box (most installations will require external fusing when using more than 2 strings).  See attached image for locations of PV terminals.

What is the difference between the old SCP and new SCP (System Control Panel)?

The old SCP (865-1050) is used to configure the original XW and SW inverter charge units, with the addition of newer features implemented by the updated firmware of these units, though the old SCP can only be firmware
 upgraded so far to the point where it could not configure a good deal of the new features.
The new SCP (865-1050-01) has all the same programming capabilities as the old SCP but also includes the ability to program the new features included with the updated firmware found on the XW and SW inverter charge units.

It is advised that if you have the old model SCP, to replace it with the new SCP.

What does the XW+ Welded relay faults mean (F17, F18, F19, F20, F21, F22)?

 Explanation of XW+ welded relay faults


If you receive one of the Welded Relay errors on an XW+ Inverter/Charger (F17 through F22), it is possible that one of the AC transfer relays has failed, but in order to rule out wiring errors or improper operation of the AC bypass breakers, you should take the following steps:


First, verify that the AC Bypass Breakers are in the OFF position.  If the AC Bypass breakers are switched ON while the Inverter Output breakers are also ON, the XW will sense that an AC voltage source is present on its AC Output terminals and will register one of these faults.
Any outside source of AC presented to the input and output of the XW simulataneously can potentially weld the relay. THIS IS CONSIDERED A MIS-WIRE AND MAY VOID THE WARRANTY. The Power Distribution Panel (865-1015-01) comes prewired for a single XW and has an interlock to prevent both the inverter output breakers and the AC bypass breakers from being in the ON position simultaneously. When installing dual XW units, ensure that the AC breakers and interlock plate (comes with 2nd inverter extension kit Pt # 865-1020) are installed per the installation manual to prevent this issue. Any system with 3 XW units or more must incorporate and external bypass switch.


If the AC Bypass Breakers are off, power the inverter OFF at the AC and DC breakers and disconnect the AC wires from the Inverter's AC Out terminals at the inverter itself. Power the inverter back on and see if the fault clears. Have a qualified person measure across the disconnected output wires while either grid or generator power is being supplied to XW input (AC1 or AC2 LEDs blinking or solid). Make sure no AC voltage is measured across the disconnected output wires.


If the fault does not clear, it is likely one of the AC Transfer Relays is actually welded closed.  In this case, a replacement of the AC Board will be necessary.  If this was caused by a mis-wire, it will not be covered under warranty. Contact Technical Support at 866-519-1470 for more information regarding parts and availability..



SCP3xx Model 300 Processors Instruction Bulletin 30598-103-01

Attached is the SCP3xx Model 300 Processors Instruction Bulletin 30598-103-01.

What are the firmware requirements for the new XW+ model

What firmware is required for older accessories to work with the XW+ models

Situation where an inverter upgrade is done, such as an RMA/Replacement

Product Line
Conext XW+, SCP, AGS, Combox

XW+ models require a certain level of firmware to the compatible with the SCP, the AGS, and the Combox.

XW+ Model Firmware Requirements

1) The XW+ requires an SCP with fw 2.00bn13. All old SCPs in the US distribution center have been re-programmed and changed to part number 865-1050-01
2) The XW+ requires an AGS with fw 3.00bn2. All old AGSs in the US distribution center have been re-programmed and changed to part number 865-1060-01
3) The XW+ requires a Combox with fw 2.00bn656. All old AGSs in the US distribution center have been re-programmed, but the part number remains 865-1058
4) The old XW / CSW and accessories will run fine with the new AGS / SCP

XW-MPPT (865-1030) - Low measured output.

If your XW-MPPT is measuring almost no current or wattage (but working normally otherwise), check the negative wires. This controller must have the PV negative isolated from the battery negative.

If the negatives are connected together on a common bus, it will short out the MPPT's current shunt and keep the unit from measuring current and wattage. The unit will still function correctly, but its metering will be inaccurate or absent.

This is a notable difference from the C-series controllers, which have a common negative connection for PV and battery. Anyone who is used to wiring C-series controllers may make this mistake.

The requirement for negative wiring will be more accurately documented in the user guides in future.

What is the country of origin for XW units and Power Distribution Panel kits?

 Country of Origin


All XW models (XW6048, XW4548, XW4024) are designed in Canada, and manufactured in China.  The power distribution panel and the connection kit are manufactured in the United States,

except the MPPT80 (865-1032), which is manufactured in India.


Can I change my ComBox’s IP address using Modbus commands?

Customer is trying to confirm if they can change the IP address of the ComBox using Modbus commands 

Product Line:
Conext ComBox 865-1058

Product information

The IP address details and configuration parameters are not accessible through Modbus for the Conext ComBox

The only Modbus registers that can be monitored and/or write to are published in the Modbus Map: Conext™ Modbus Converter/ComBox Device document. Available from the SE Solar Website.

What are the part numbers for the red and green LEDs used on the S-Flex enclosed drives?

Part numbers for the red and green LEDs used on the S-Flex enclosed drives.

Product Line:
S-Flex 212 and 21


Replacement green and red leds.

Spare Light part numbers:
80462-110-01 Red Led
80462-109-01 Green Led

See table on page 101 of the attached S-Flex Manual.

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