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Modena 8000 Indicator Sockets, Blue LED, Single Strand, 250V

Catalogue Number: 80L240SBL
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Product brand
Range of product
PDL 800 Modena Series
[Ue] rated operational voltage
240 V AC
Package 1 Weight
0.02 kg
EU RoHS Directive
Under investigation

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the part number of Modena and Strato mech LEDs?

The part number is as follows: 80L240MBL

What are the part codes for the Blue LED Indicators for Modena

page 25 2014 PDL pocket book
800L240SBL - sockets
800L240MBL - switches

double socket for strato with blue led

800L240SBL x2

Does the PDL881M16 dedicated switch module come with an LED indicator

No, must be purchased seperately - Indicator inserts page 25 - 2014 PDL pocket book

Amber - 800N240
Blue LED
Switch - 800L240MBL
Sockets - 800L240SBL

PDLS881 does this come with LED?

You will require LED as an accessory (indicator Insert)  800L240MBL page 25 pocket book

What is the code for an 891A with blue neon

  You will need to buy an 891A with a 800L240MBL (LED seperately)

Do the Modena fully assembled Switch plates come with a light indicator?

Not all of them, the light indicator needs to be purchased separately:
800L240MBL (Blue LED)
800N240 (Amber Neon)