Image of 8000LENBR StarServe Enclosure Equipment Mounting Bracket

StarServe Lite Enclosure, ShAllow Hook and Rail Bracket, Suits SS Lite Enclosure

Catalogue Number: 8000LENBR
Image of 8000LENBR StarServe Enclosure Equipment Mounting Bracket
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Product brand
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shallow hook and rail bracket
12 mm
EU RoHS Directive

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a flush version of StarServe lite enclosure 8000LEN?

For a flush StarServe lite enclosure, surface mount enclosure 8000LEN and the flush mounting kit 8000LENFK to suit 8000LEN are needed.
For further information please visit:

Is there a replacement for the 8000PEN?

Flush Version - 3105PENF
Surface Version - 3105PENS

What is a basic enclosure you offer for StarServe?

The most common enclosure for StarServe would be a 8000MEN.
Some of its key features are:
  • Removable hinged door
  • Easy access
  • 450mm(H) X 415mm(W) X 145mm(D)
  • Mid Size
  • Metal Enclosure
  • Surface mount
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What are the kind of Starserve enclosures are there?

Please see the Following table for StarServe Enclosures:
Part Number Description Dimensions
3105ABEN Slimline Plastic Enclosure 269mm(W) X 383mm(H) X 84mm(D)
3105PEN7440 ABS Plastic Enclosure - Suited for NBN 405mm(W) X 750mm(H) X 150mm(D)
Lite-Size Metal Enclosure
200mm(W) X 300mm(H) X 145(D)
8000LEN Enclosure Flush Kit
3105PENF Professional Metal Enclosure, Flush Mount 465mm(W) X 895mm(H) X 113mm(D)
8000MEN Mid-Size Metal Enclosure 415mm(W) 450mm(H) X 145mm(D)
8000MEN Enclosure Flush Kit
3105PENS Professional Metal Enclosure, Surface Mount 465mm(W) X 895mm(H) X 113mm(D)
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Can you configure a 140ATI03000 to read mVolts?

Yes, the module has 2 configurable ranges, +/- 25mV or +/- 100mV.  The module output will be seen as a Hex value in the range of 0 - FFFF.

An example for the +/- 25mV.
-25mV = 0000
0mV = 8000h
+25mV = FFFFh

What is the part number for a 32amp lead for a stove connection?

The part number for a 32amp lead for a stove connection is - 800CL

For further information , visit link below:-
User-added image

How to create a 984 ladder logic network to measure scan time.

Goals and Symptoms

To create a 984 ladder logic network and evaluate system scan time.

Causes and Fixes

The following example 984 ladder logic network can be used in your application program to evaluate system scan time. The addresses used here may or may not be available for use in your application. Please ensure all addresses chosen are currently unused in your existing application:

The up-counter counts 1000 scans as it transitions 500 times. When the counter has transitioned 500 times, the T.01 timer turns OFF and stores the number of hundredths of seconds it has taken for the counter to transition 500 times (1000 scans) in register 40003.

The value stored in 40002/40003 in the DIV block is then divided by 100 and the result, which represents logic solve time in ms, is stored in register 40005.

Note: 10001 is controlled via a DISABLE or a hard-wired input; if you are running the program in optimized mode, a hard-wired input is required to toggle 10001.

Note: The default maximum amount of time allowed for a scan is 250 ms; if the scan has not completed in that amount of time, a watchdog timer in the CPU stops the application and sends a timeout error message to the programming panel display. The maximum limit on scan time protects the PLC from entering into an infinite loop.

Note: The T.01 setting of #0999 will limit the scan time evaluation to 10 ms. If the scan time is to exceed this, some CPUs will allow a higher constant or you can simply replace the #0999 with a 4X register for any CPU and enter a much larger number into the register.

ETSNZ - Who do I contact for Citect Support?

For Citect Support you will need the site ID or Citect key number.
Tel: 0800 880026

How do I activate/deactivate revenue security on the CM3000/CM4000?

Activating revenue security on the CM3000/CM4000

Product Line


Activating the revenue security will protect against other users changing any settings.

To activate revenue security for the first time the revenue security button needs to be enabled and then it needs to be activated.

To enable the revenue security button you will need to use SMS or any other Modbus Testing utility and write the decimal value 1411 to register 8000.

After the button is enabled it must be activated by pressing the button again.

This button is accessed by powering down the meter and removing all I/O modules

Next power the meter back up. The circuit monitor must have power in order to activate revenue security. Open the access door by sliding the door along the side of the circuit monitor then gently pull the door down to open it.
Finally discharge all static electricity by placing your hand on any grounded metal surface. Press and hold the security button for a few seconds until the security LED is lit.

To deactivate revenue security hold the revenue security button down until the red light inside the compartment turns OFF.

To disable the revenue security button write the value 1410 to register 8000.

For a more complete step by step procedure please see the attached CM4000 Installation Manual and follow the steps beginning on page 28

What is the Password for the C-Bus touch panel 5000ETP10W ?

The default Password is 000000


How to perform a soft reboot on an EGX100/200/300/400, PM8ECC or ECC21 card remotely by register writes

Customer needs to reboot the unit remotely via software, due to the difficulty of being in front of the unit or unable to open to power cycle unit physically. 

Product Line
PM8ECC (for PM800 series meters)
ECC21 (for CM4 or CM3 series meters)

Remotely performing Cycle Power/Soft reset/soft reboot by register writes via a Modbus "Tester" software or some other Modbus TCP/IP program (like Modscan).

This soft reset can be useful when experiencing issues on the Ethernet side of communications.

*Warning: A soft reset to PM8ECC or ECC21 may cause I/O module relays to de energize on the meter. Alarms may pick up or drop out. 
A soft reset to an Ethernet Gateway (EGX) does not clear any settings. The device basically restarts the internal processes and programs. It only causes the device to disconnect any inbound Ethernet connections and will run through the basic startup procedure. The LED's will flash on and off as if the unit is being powered up. This is not the same thing as a Hard reset which occurs only when power is lost to the unit.

For EGX200, EGX400 and ECC21:
Use the following Modbus Address, Register Number, and Register Command to perform a soft reboot (power reset): 

Modbus Address: 254
Register Number: 8000
Register Command: 32896 (Decimal)
(Use address 254 and write a decimal 32896 to register 8000)


For EGX100 , EGX300 and PM8ECC:
Use the following Modbus Address, Register Number, and Register Command to perform a soft reboot (power reset): 

Modbus Address: 254
Register Number: 2800
Register Command: 1110 (Decimal)
(Use address 254 and write a decimal 1110 to register 2800)

To download "Tester" Software, you may refer to article FA180037

Are there any plaster clips or other accessories for 2000/3 ?

We only make wall boxes for this 2000/3
The Part number is 2157/3  or 2157/3SB1 or 2157/3SB2
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