switch cam off/on 1p 12a

Series 7 Rotary Cam Switch, 1 Pole, Operation Switch Marked Off / On

Catalogue Number: 7GN12/D90/U


switch cam off/on 1p 12a
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Product brand
Range of product
Series 7
Electrical circuit type
changeover contactor
Switch function
Mounting holes diameter
12 mm
[Us] rated supply voltage
415 V DC
Number of contacts
Connector type
screw terminals
[Ui] rated insulation voltage
480 V AC
[Ith] conventional free air thermal current
12 A
Number of poles
Rated operational power in W
6 kW
Switching angle
60 °
Fuse type
  • 3-3 kA, gG
  • 3-3 kA, gL
    • Maximum short-circuit current
      16 A
      EU RoHS Directive

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Can I get a handle for the 7GF10/D90/U as a spare part?

      No, we don't do any spares for that range.

      What is the depth of the 7 series rotary cam switches?

      For the depth of the 7 series rotary cam switches you will need to refer to the following table.
      User-added image

      What is the part name for a 3 pole 63 amp change over switch with markings - MAN/OFF/REV?

      The part name is as follows: 7GN63/D53/U

      What is the part name for a 3 pole 63A changeover switch with markings 1-0-2?

      The part name is as follows: 7GN63/53/U

      What size cable will 7G80/D10/U rotary cam switch terminals accept?

      The 7G80/D10/U will accept 1 x 25mm sq cable.

      Key Features

      • Front mounting
      • AC23A Rating
      • Operation switch marked OFF-On

      For further information, please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=7G80/D10/U

      Can 7GF20/D11/U be supplied with an enclosure?

      Yes. Part number can be supplied with enclosure, however, part number 56SW320R will do the same.

      What are dimensions for 7GF20/D11/U?

      The part number 7GF20/D11/U is 76.5mm (L)

      Fascia 48mm x 48mm