switch mult mech 2 loads

Switch Mult Mechanism 2 Loads

Catalogue Number: 780A2M


switch mult mech 2 loads
Colour: White Electric
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • White Electric 1 PCE
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Product brand
Device presentation
basic element
Number of rocker
Local signalling
Rated current
  • 10 A
  • 4 AX, fluorescent lamp
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      What are the Dimensions for the PDL DBPS96 Switchboard ?

      Board Size: 780mm H x 555mm W x 186mm D
      Weight: with Metal Door 21kg, with Glass Door 21.4kg

      Modbus devices connected to EtherGate gateway show 65535 or 0 in ION Setup

      A Modbus device is connected to ION Setup through an EtherGate gateway connection. Communications are established, but the meter menus are only displaying "65535" or "0" values, which correspond to an empty Modbus register.

      Communications are established with the Modbus meter

      Values in ION Setup menus display either 65535 or 0

      Serial settings of gateway are set to EtherGate protocol

      Product Line
      Ethergate ION meters
      Modbus meters

      ION Setup v3.0

      The IP port for the gateway is incorrectly set to 502. An Ethergate connection communicates through IP ports 780X, where X corresponds to the appropriate com port of the gateway.

      IP Port of EtherGate gateway set to 502

      Set the IP Port of the gateway to 780X, where X is the EtherGate com port.

      Port changed to 7802, which corresponds to the EtherGate over Com 2

      ION Setup menu displays meaningful values