Adaptable Enclosures, Adaptable Enclosure - L108 x W108 x H139mm

Adaptable Enclosures, Adaptable Enclosure - L108 x W108 x H139mm

Adaptable Enclosures, Adaptable Enclosure - L108 x W108 x H139mm

Item Number: 763-GY

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Colour Grey (GY)
  • Grey 1 PCE

Product Dimensions

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Width108 mm

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Height139 mm

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Depth108 mm

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Product brand


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108 mm


139 mm


108 mm

Device mounting


EU RoHS Directive

Under investigation

Toxic heavy metal free


Mercury free


RoHS exemption information


China RoHS Regulation

 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)



PVC (polyvinyl chloride): housing


Cover type


Package 1 Weight

0.585 kg
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Frequently Asked Questions

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My smartlink does not recognize my PowerTag A9 P63 & A9 F63 - what should I do?

The new PowerTag A9 P63 & A9 F63 are supported by Smartlink Firmware from version V 2.2.0 + Ecoreach version V2.7.X
Update your Smartlink and Ecoreach version using Ecoreach software 

I am looking for a replacement Goldair Heater

We are no longer agents for the Goldair range.  You can contact SSM (Specialised Sales & Marketing) 0800 963 963

Can I fit a 50A fuse in to a 63A PDL 760


What product can I use when replacing a PDL 773

Can use a PDL770 <(>&<)> PDL772

For PowerTag A9 P63 & F63 (1P + N), how to fasten the current measurement module so that it does not freely move in the cabinet ?

One possible solution would be to stick an adhesive cable tie mount to the side of the PowerTag and attach the cable tie to the neutral power wire.

Video: Vijeo Citect 7.3 - Language Support

For PowerTag A9 P63 & F63, do I have to fasten the current sensor on the power cable?

It's not necessary.

Is there a 200A version of the Busbar connection/Front wire HRC fuse carriers

 No the largest is the 100A which has a part code is PDL 765

What is the MTBF for the M580 SFP socket 490NAC0100?

The MTBF values are in hours for 490NAC0100 as shown below
MTBF 30° Continuous MTBF 30° Intermittent MTBF 60° Continuous MTBF 60° Intermittent
13 386 328 5 767 152 8 620 000 4 783 955

Video: Vijeo Citect 7.3 - Specific Characters Support

I see that PowerTag A9 P63, M63 are said to be compatible only with Schneider Electric products included in the selection guide (CA908058). Can I mount it on different brand products?

Schneider Electric has carried out tests for heating and mechanical compatibility with the products covered by the selection guide (CA908058).Schneider Electric is not able to conduct these tests for all products on the market.
The other possibility is to use the PowerTag A9 F63 version while ensuring the compatibility of the electrical connection. 

What is the minimum load on a 753 sensor?

The Standard 753 2 wire sensor has a 40W minimum load.
The 753R 3 wire sensor has no minimum load.
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