Clipsal Fire Tek Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Surface Mount, 220-240 V a.c. Mains Power w. 9V d.c. Battery Backup

Clipsal Fire Tek Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Surface Mount, 220-240 V a.c. Mains Power w. 9V d.c. Battery Backup

Clipsal Fire Tek Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Surface Mount, 220-240 V a.c. Mains Power w. 9V d.c. Battery Backup

Item Number: 755PSMA4

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755PSMA4 Photoelectric smoke alarms helps in early detection of smouldering fires, the most common and highest risk type of fire in homes. It can be used as a single mains powered battery backed (with 9 V d.c.) alarm or can be interconnected with other 755 series smoke alarms to give complete home protection.



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Fire Tek

Product brand


Product or component type

smoke detector

Device application

early detection of smouldering fires and open fires

Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product


Quantity per set

set of 1

Type of packing




Function available

  • local alarm
  • hush function
  • self-test of smoke detection
    • Control type

      button (test/hush function)

      Operating distance

    • 50 m indoor use line of sight
    • 140 m in free field
      • Local signalling

      • visual: 1 LED (red) for warning and low battery
      • visual: 1 LED (green) for ON status
      • sound: signal
      • sound: alarm
        • Connections - terminals

        • (line) - 2 x 1.5 mm²
        • (neutral) - 2 x 1.5 mm²
        • (earth loop) - 2 x 1.5 mm²
        • (interconnect) - 2 x 1.5 mm²
          • Type of installation


            Device mounting


            Mounting support

          • ceiling
          • wall-mount
            • Fixing mode

              by screws


              47 mm

              Ambient air temperature for operation

              0-45 °C

              Relative humidity

              5-95 %

              Product certifications

            • RCM
            • SAI
            • Activfire
              • Standards

              • ISO 8201
              • AS 3786:2014
              • AS/NZS 60950.1
              • AS/NZS 60065
                • REACh Regulation

                  Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

                  REACh free of SVHC


                  EU RoHS Directive


                  Mercury free


                  RoHS exemption information


                  China RoHS Regulation


                  Environmental Disclosure


                  Circularity Profile



                  Electronic sensor type

                  photo-electric sensor

                  [Us] rated supply voltage

                • 50 Hz
                • 220...240 V AC
                  • Backup type


                    Battery life

                    1 year(s)

                    Output voltage limits

                    interconnection: 6.5...20 V

                    Type of alarms

                    low battery at 6.9...7.5 V

                    Detection type


                    Number of devices

                    40 for wired alarm

                    Response time

                    < 30 s

                    Noise level

                    85 dB at 3 m, minimum

                    Time delay range

                  • 10 min (hush)
                  • 10 h (do not disturb)
                    • Diameter

                      140 mm

                      Package 1 Weight

                      331 g

                      Package 1 Height

                      53 mm

                      Package 1 width

                      145 mm

                      Package 1 Length

                      145 mm
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                      Frequently Asked Questions

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                      How do you open a smoke alarm?

                      There is a Press to Open button on the side of the smoke alarm adjacent to the green AC Power LED.
                      Press this button and swing the alarm on the hinge.

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                      Is the PDL SD100 Smoke alarm base interchangeable with the 755PSMA4 smoke alarm?

                      Yes, the the 755PSMA4 will fit on the PDL SD100, 755PSMA, 755PSMA2 bases.

                      For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/products/smoke-alarms

                      Can the 755PSMA4 be interconnected with the 755PSMA2?

                      Yes, the 755PSMA4 will be able to be interconnected with the 755PSMA2.

                      Some of the key features are:
                      • Modern design with easy to use test/hush button
                      • Certified and ActivFire listed to AS3786:2014
                      • Easy installation and maintenance

                      For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=755PSMA4


                      What is the warranty period for the 755 series smoke alarms?

                      The 755 series smoke alarms have a 5 year warranty period


                      How to troubleshoot 755PSMA4 Smoke Alarm if it is beeping after replacing the battery ?

                      Red LED flashing once every 40 seconds with one audible beep is a low battery warning.
                      Replace the 9 V d.c. battery with a new one. (It is recommended to replace the battery annually)
                      To snooze a low battery beep for 10 hours, press the Test/Hush button for 3 seconds.

                      And if the smoke alarm continues to beep once every 40 seconds after a new battery replacement,
                      • Unclip the alarm from the base.
                      • Remove the new battery.
                      • ​​​Press and hold the test button for 20 seconds. 
                      • Replace the new battery and clip it back to the base.

                      755PSMA4 - Operating Elements.png

                      What causes the smoke alarm to continuously beep ?

                      The dust inside the smoke alarms can cause a continuous beep.
                      Please follow the regular maintenance check to avoid this.

                      Vacuum the smoke alarms using a soft brush attachment-
                      Keeping your smoke alarm free of dust particles, dirt, kitchen grease or cobwebs will help you reduce false alarms and ensure any smoke can easily reach the internal sensing chamber.

                      Clean and wipe down around unit-
                      Clean around the smoke alarm unit and remove any insects or other contamination which may have occurred. Spray bug repellent on a cloth and wipe the ceiling around the smoke alarm to act as a future bug deterrent. Clean every 3-6 months to mitigate insect ingress.


                      Attached is the Clipsal smoke alarm troubleshooting guide for more info.

                      Clipsal Smoke Alarms.png
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                      Clipsal's Fire Tek range helps protect the most valuable assets; family, friends and the home.

                      They are backed by the SAI Global 5 ticks certification of quality, offering robust designs for reliability, ensuring early detection and warning from hazardous smoke and fire.

                      The Australian Building Code mandates all new homes must have AS3786:2014 compliant smoke alarms installed, interconnected and hard wired to mains power.

                      By having Fire Tek's smoke alarms installed, you will have the best chance of escaping the devastating effects of a house fire.

                      Need more information?

                      See our Smoke Alarms FAQ page

                      Smoke Alarm FAQs