Microwave Sensor, Dual Channel, Remote Control Option

Microwave Sensor, Dual Channel, Remote Control Option

Microwave Sensor, Dual Channel, Remote Control Option

Item Number: 752HF2RC

RRP (Inc. GST)



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Range of product

ARGUS standard movement detector



Product or component type

presence detector

Colour tint



Load type

  • LED lighting: : 100 W
  • incandescent lamps: : 2000 W - 230 V
  • halogen lamp: : 1000 W - 230 V
  • fluorescent tube: 900 VA
  • compact fluorescent lamp: : 100 W
  • motor: : 100 W
  • relay: : 5 A - 250 V
    • Output current

      10 A

      Number of channels


      Control type

      movement sensor

      Function available

      light control

      Light intensity adjustment

      10-2000 lux

      Device mounting

    • surface
    • flush
      • Mounting height

      • 5.5-10 m
      • 2.5-5 m
        • IP degree of protection

        • IP40
        • IP52
          • EU RoHS Directive


            Mercury free


            RoHS exemption information


            China RoHS Regulation

            Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

            Environmental Disclosure



            Network frequency

            50/60 Hz

            Input function

          • switch
          • ON/OFF status
            • Output voltage

              220...250 V

              Horizontal detection angle

              360-360 °

              Detection face

            • radius: 7000 mm
            • radius: 5000 mm
              • Package 1 Weight

                160 g

                Package 1 Height

                118 mm

                Package 1 width

                138 mm

                Package 1 Length

                163 mm


                The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
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                Frequently Asked Questions

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                How many 752/CD2RC Sensors can be interconnected?

                There is no limitation for how many sensors can be interconnected.

                Is there a dual load sensor?

                Yes, the part number is 752/CD2RC

                Can the 752/CD2RC do pulse output?

                From the installation brochure

                Output 1 (for lighting loads, connected to terminals L’ and N)
                This output operates in exactly the same way as the output in the single-load
                sensor unit and switches the connected load when:
                • Motion is detected by the user-selected combination of PIR and Ultrasonic
                • The ambient light level is below the set light level adjustment.
                Output 1 uses TIME 1 adjustment to set the switch-off time delay. The time
                adjustment can be set for delays from 5sec to 30min. The 1sec Pulse and Test
                settings are used during setup
                . Refer to Setup and Operation.

                Only if left in test mode