Image of 751 Series Indoor Infrascan Mounting Block

Mounting Base, Suit Indoor Infrascans

Catalogue Number: 751MB
Image of 751 Series Indoor Infrascan Mounting Block
Colour: White Electric
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • White Electric 1 PCE


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mounting base
EU RoHS Directive
Toxic heavy metal free
Mercury free
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China RoHS Regulation
 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
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What is the Maximum Operating temperature for the 51MB surfact socket?

50Degrees C, it is designed to be installed in roofspaces.

What is the surface socket to a fit round conduit box

 The part code is PDL 51MB

Can I paint the PDL 51MB

Yes,  you need to use a paint that won't "eat" the plastic ie. water based

What are the dimensions of part number 750MBA?

The dimensions for part number 750MBA are:

145mm (L) x 90mm (W) x 45mm (D)

What is the code for a PCU in PDL Modena 800 series?

651M2 + 800MA

Part number for the 256MB memory card used with SoMachine controllers

Part number for the 256MB SD card used with SoMachine controller

Product Line:
M221, M241, M251

The part# for a 256MB SD card is TMASD1. 
We don't offer a bigger one. 
It works for the M221, M241 and M251 controllers.

What is the part number for Maxi Duct , 75mm x 75mm?

The part number for Maxi Duct , 75mm x 75mm is - 900/75/75

For further information , visit link below:-
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does the 755RB has voltage free contacts?

Yes it has 2A 250v AC rated NO & NC voltage free segregated contacts.


Does the timer reset, within the time limit, after first being triggered on a 751R?

Yes, the timer restarts every time it senses movement.

For more information, please refer to the link: 


Do we have spare screws for the Metal Plate range?

BSL25-FS Self Drilling Screw, Raised Countersunk Head, M3.5x0.8, 75mm, Slotted
Catalogue Number: BSL25-FS
Screws and Nuts, B + BSL Series slotted fascia screw - 75mm (pack of 10).
See below for further information

What are the hole sizes for the BP165/7

2 x 9.5mm - 50mm cable
1 x 8.0mm - 35mm cable
2 x 7.1mm - 25mm cable
2 x 5.5mm - 16mm cable

What is the “Global/Local” switch for on the rear of the 755PSMA2 smoke alarm?

This switch is specifically for use with the 755RB relay base only. It defines how the relay in the 755RB will operate. The smoke alarm can be configured so the relay in the base operates only when the local alarm is activated (Local switch position) or when any interconnected alarm activates (Global switch position). 

Which smoke alarm can be used with 755RB mounting base with integrated relay?

755RB relay base is suitable for use with 755PSMA2 and 755RLPSMA2 surface mount photoelectric smoke alarms.
For further information, please visit:
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What is the part number for an IP rated sensor similar to 751R?

The part number for an IP rated sensor similar to 751R is 753SSR - this is 360 degree sensor

For further information please visit:

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Can I expand the RAM memory on my Magelis Compact iPC MPCKT22NAA00N?

Yes. The Ram can be extanded up to 1024MB. To add an additional 512MB memory you would need to purchase MPCYK05RAM512.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL197896 V1.0, Originally authored by MiMe on 02/25/2009, Last Edited by MiMe on 02/25/2009
Related ranges: Magelis Compact iPC

Can the MBX Driver V7.0 be installed on a Magelis iPC Smart box with a primary 1GB CF card?

No there is not enough available space on the primary CF card. MBX Driver requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 which requires about 150MB of available space on the primary CF card.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL199237 V1.0, Originally authored by MiMe on 06/26/2009, Last Edited by MiMe on 06/26/2009
Related ranges: Modbus Plus

What are the hole sizes in the BP165/7?

The hole sizes in the BP165/7 are as follows:
Dimensions: 100 x 43 x 40mm.
Terminal bar: 16 x 16 x 76mm.

2 tunnels: 9.5mm diameter accommodate 50mm2 cables.
1 tunnel: 8.0mm diameter accommodates 35mm2 cable.
2 tunnels: 7.1mm diameter accommodate 25mm2 cables.
2 tunnels: 5.5mm diameter accommodate 16mm2 cables.

Mounting centres: 71 x 29mm.

When interconnecting 755PSMA2 smoke alarms and using the new 755RB base do all smoke alarms need to have the RB base to be tested remotely?


Only one 755RB base is required to test the interconnected smoke alarms. Hushing of smoke alarms in alarm state  can only be done remotely if the alarm that has triggered the event is the alarm with the 755RB base , If this is not the case then the alarms must be hushed manually from whichever 755 unit has caused the alarm initially.
This is to ensure that alarms are not Hushed remotely without full inspection of areas containing all interconnected smoke alarms which may be sounding due to a genuine issue but not seen from the remote location .

In regards to the METSEPM8000DEMOT , METSEPM8000DEMOK , METSEPM8240DEMO , METSEPM8244DEMO Is there any plan to add additional memory? If yes will it be expandable on the meters installed on the field?

The PM8000 will ship with 512MB of memory. The PM8000 is considered an Intermediate range meter versus the Nexus which would be an advanced range meter. The meter provides a slot for a field installable SD card memory, but is not functional in the first release. A future firmware update will enable this memory card slot providing support for up to 4GB of memory.

Can the new 755PSMA2 smoke alarms be connected to home automation systems, such as C-Bus?

Yes, by using the 755RB optional relay base. The relay base can be connected to an auxiliary input type device such as a C-Bus bus coupler so that when the relay in the smoke alarm base operates, it triggers the system according to its programming. The system may then be programmed to send push notifications to a smart device or to trigger an event like enabling exit lighting, or triggering an “all lights on” function. The remote test/hush input on the 755RB can be connected to a relay on a home automation system (e.g. C-Bus Relay), so that the system can test/hush the smoke alarm as well. 

Which type of switch should be used for the RemoteTest/Hush feature on the 755PSMA2 Smoke alarm?

Any 240V momentary switch, such as a 30MBP Bell Press Switch can be wired to either of the two new mounting bases 755RB or 755RFB up to 20m away. A relay can also be pulsed on momentarily via a security or home automation panel to activate the test/hush function. 

Can the Clipsal 755PFM have a remote switch fitted for test/Hush function?

Yes, but the optional mounting base 755RB (Mounting Base with Integrated 2A Relay and Remote Test/Hush Function ) or 755RFB (Mounting Base with Wireless Interconnect and Remote Test/Hush Function) must be added. The feature can be wired through any momentary switch. Once activated, normal operation resumes after about 10 minutes.

Is there a device that turns my lights on when my smoke alarm goes on?

Yes, if you have a 755PSMA2, you can use the 755RB Base which has a set of built in contacts or you can use a 756 Isolation unit which also carries out the same task.


Can the vertical cable management fingers for 600mm wide NetShelter cabinets be installed into 750mm wide NetShelter cabinets?

A customer may want to install the AR7721, AR7722 or AR7723 into a wide NetShelter SX or SV. 

Product Line: 
NetShelter SX and SV

All models, all serial numbers. 

The Compatibility Chart shows that these cable managers are not compatible with the wide SX or SV cabinets. 

They can certainly be installed into a 750mm wide cabinet. 
AR7721, AR7722 and AR7723 were originally designed for the 600mm wide NetShelter SX cabinets, so in the Compatibility Chart (FA158651) they are listed as compatible with the 600mm wide cabinets only. 
In the SX cabinets a better choice may be the AR7580A (42U), AR7585 (45U) or AR7588 (48U) because they offer far more capacity. 
In the SV cabinets AR7721 and AR7723 are currently the only finger-style vertical cable managers available. 

What are the CF cards compatible with Smart iPC and XBTGTW?

Goals and Symptoms

What are the CF cards compatible with Smart iPC and XBTGTW?

Causes and Fixes

The following CF cards are supported:

2GB CF card: MPCYN00CF200N
4GB CF card: MPCYN00CF400N

Note that other CF cards which size is less than 2 GB are not supported by the System Monitor of our Smart iPC and XBTGTW.

512MB CF card: MPCYN00CFE00N
1GB CF card: MPCYN00CF100N

The user is warned with a SMART message of the system Monitor like: Hagiwara sys-com cf-diag error

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL209043 V1.0, Originally authored by MaLy on 09/11/2012, Last Edited by MaLy on 09/11/2012
Related ranges: Magelis XBT GTW, Magelis Smart BOX, Compact PC Box & Flex PC BOX, Magelis Smart

What are the best SD100 and SD200 smoke alarm replacements?

The photoelectric Clipsal 755PSMA4 is the replacement for both, even though the SD100 was ionisation type as we no longer supply that type. There is also available a 755RLPSMA4 with a rechargeable lithium backup battery. All current smoke alarm models are compatible and inerconnectable with previous versions. Also available are the 755RFB mounting base with wireless interconnect, the 755RB mounting base with integrated relay, and the 755PFM flush mount.

Do Clipsal offer a Smoke detector with built in emergency light ?

No they don't , but we do have a Relay base 755RB that can be added to our 755PSMA2 alarms that can be used to switch on emergency lighting etc.
For more information on this product and others like it please visit the Clipsal website on the link provided.
User-added image

What size relay is in the 755RB?

The 755RB has a 2A relay.

Some of the key features are:
  • Integral 2A Isolated voltage free changeover relay
  • Control/activate third party devices (i.e. lighting, security, or home automation systems)
  • Dry contact input for remote test/hush functions from a momentary switch
  • Suitable for use with 755PSMA2 and 755RLPSMA2 smoke alarms

For further information please visit

Example of cascading MBP_MSTR in Concept IEC programming language.

Goals and Symptoms

Cascade MBP_MSTR

Causes and Fixes

Below is an example of how to cascade 3 MBP_MSTR's so that only 1 is active at a time. This concept can be expanded to any number of MSTR. Also a listing of the variable declarations is provided.

The first section is just a coil which signifies the first scan of the PLC. After that every 750ms the first MSTR will activate. The second MSTR will not activate until the first has completed or given an error. The final MSTR will activate based on the completion or error of the 2nd MSTR. Also all MSTR's are then reset based on the completion or error of the final MSTR. In the event of an error on an MSTR the error code is moved into a Register (MSTRx_Error_code) so that it can be seen even after the MSTR has been reset.

What is the alternate for part number 4MC24M160, 4MC series distribution board with 160A main switch?

MB224C31 is the alternate for part number 4MC24M160. MB224C31 is IP42, 750mm high, 24 pole capacity with 160A main switch.
• Screw mounted, removable escutcheon
• Door can be locked with escutcheon removed
• Removable door hinges can be changed from right to left
• Flush, key lockable handles
• Strong, mild steel pin hinges
• Removable gland plates top & bottom
• Facility to mount 12 poles of DIN profile auxiliary equipment on all boards
For further information, please visit

Can the horizontal cable troughs AR8008BLK and AR8016ABLK be used in conjunction with vertical cable managers AR7580A, AR7585 and AR7588?

We need to know if the tabs on the horizontal cable troughs will mount to the rails when vertical cable managers AR7580A, AR7585 or AR7588 are also installed. 

Product Line:
NetShelter SX Wide cabinets, vertical cable management and horizontal troughs. 

All 750mm wide NetShelter SX cabinets: AR7580A, AR7585, AR7588, AR8008BLK, AR8016ABLK; all serial numbers. 

A customer wants to use both vertical finger-style vertical cable managers and horizontal cable troughs on the mounting rails of a 750mm wide NetShelter SX cabinet. 


Yes, when using vertical cable managers such as AR7580A, AR7585 and AR7588 you can still install the cable troughs which run front to rear: AR8008BLK or AR8016ABLK. 

Additionally, you may also use the roof brush strips AR7714 (5 per pack) to close off the holes in the cable managers and prevent hot air recirculation. 
The finger-style cable managers are a 2-piece item, and both pieces are required to fully populate one vertical mounting rail in the cabinet. 
One set of AR7580A requires 6 roof brush strips. 
One set of AR7585 requires 6 roof brush strips. 
One set of AR7588 requires 6 roof brush strips. Note: the vertical mounting rails for 48U cabinets have 7 thru-holes but the AR7588 only has 6. The center thru-hole in the mounting rails is covered by the AR7588. 

Can the horizontal cable side channel organizer be installed into a 600mm wide NetShelter SX, VX or SV cabinet?

The AR8008BLK and AR8016ABLK are designed to install into the mounting rails of NetShelter SX 750mm wide cabinets. 

Product Line: 
NetShelter Cable Management

AR8008BLK and AR8016ABLK; all ranges and serial numbers. 

Customers need to move cables horizontally from front to rear in a 600mm wide NetShelter cabinet. 

Yes, the AR8008BLK and AR8016ABLK can be installed in the narrower 600mm wide NetShelter cabinets when paired with a cable manager like AR8603A. 
The AR8603A has two large brush-stripped sections that allow cables to feed through. Each of these areas has slots to support up to two of the cable side channels. (4 cable side channels total) 
When the AR8603A are installed in the same U-space in the front and rear of the cabinet cable side channels can run between them. 
Some customers installing the AR8603A in the front of the cabinet may notice that the cable manager will interfere with the door closing when the rails are in their forward most position. This issue can be overcome by installing the cable manager to the rear of the front rails so the cable fingers are facing inward. 

Are 23" mounting rails available for NetShelter SX cabinets?

Some equipment requires 23 inch wide mounting rails.

Product Line:
NetShelter SX

All versions and serial ranges.

A customer has 23 inch wide equipment and wants to mount it into a NetShelter SX cabinet.


All 42U and 48U NetShelter SX 750 mm (30") wide cabinets are available with 23" mounting rails installed. These cabinets are not in stock, but they can be built to order.
  • For customers who already own a 42U 750mm wide SX cabinet with 19" mounting rails (AR3150 or AR3350) we offer sku AR7510. This is a set of four replacement 23" mounting rails, 42U.
  • We do not currently offer 48U 23" mounting rails as a stand alone sku, only pre-installed into the cabinet as described above.
  • We do not currently offer 45U 23" mounting rails. If you have an opportunity please check with your Schneider Electric representative to see if these can be provided as a Custom.
How to order a custom cabinet with 23" mounting rails installed: 
​If you buy direct from APC please contact your Sales Representative for price and availability. 
If you don't have an account with APC please contact APC Tech Support. We will give you a custom part number that can be quoted through a reseller or distributor. 

Compatibility Note: 23" wide mounting rails do not install into 600 mm (24") wide cabinets because the cabinets are not wide enough. 23" rackmount equipment requires a wider cabinet. 

RACS Rear Containment submittal 750mm


RACS Rear Containment submittal 750mm

Product line:
RACS Rear Containment Install 750mm

All 600mm Racks