Universal Shaver Socket Outlet, 240/110VAC

Universal Shaver Socket Outlet, 240/110VAC

Universal Shaver Socket Outlet, 240/110VAC

Item Number: 727-WE

RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour White Electric (WE)
  • White Electric 1 PCE



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Product brand


Range of product

Standard Series

Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product


Control type

ON/OFF button

Number of gangs

1 gang

Pin number


Number of power socket outlets


Fixing mode

by screws

Local signalling

without light indicator

[Ue] rated operational voltage

110/240 V AC


17 mm


258 mm


73 mm

Fixing center

230 x 40 mm


  • AS/NZS 3100
  • AS/NZS 3112
  • AS/NZS 3133:approval number S/1
    • EU RoHS Directive


      Mercury free


      RoHS exemption information


      China RoHS Regulation

      Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

      Environmental Disclosure



      Unit Type of Package 1


      Number of Units in Package 1


      Package 1 Weight

      0.9 kg

      Package 1 Height

      17 mm

      Package 1 width

      73 mm

      Package 1 Length

      258 mm
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      Can the ZB2BE101 contact block be used with ZB4 operators?

      Can the ZB2BE101 contact block be used with ZB4 operators?

      Product Line:
      Harmony Pushbuttons

      All Products

      Product Features

      No. The mounting styles are incompatible. The ZB2BE contact blocks are screw mounted to mounting collar and the ZB4 contact blocks clip on the mounting collar with spring loaded clip.


      What is APC's number?

      For APC enquires contact: 1800 652 725

      What distribution board is required for the CH25843 chassis?

      For the customized distribution board for 72 pole (18 mm) and 12 pole (27 mm) chassis, you need to submit request for a quote to "au.estimating@schneider-electric.com". Our Standard distribution board only goes up to 60 pole (18 mm) and 12 pole (27 mm).

      Different Types of UPS Systems

      Executive Summary

      There is much confusion in the marketplace about the different types of UPS systems and their characteristics. Each of these UPS types is defined, practical applications of each are discussed, and advantages and disadvantages are listed. With this information, an educated decision can be made as to the appropriate UPS topology for a given need.


      The varied types of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and their attributes often cause confusion in the data center industry. For example, it is widely believed that there are only two types of UPS systems, namely standby UPS and on-line UPS. These two commonly used terms do not correctly describe many of the UPS systems available. Many misunderstandings about UPS systems are cleared up when the different types of UPS topologies are properly identified. UPS topology indicates the basic nature of the UPS design. Various vendors routinely produce models with similar designs, or topologies, but with very different performance characteristics.

      UPS types

      A variety of design approaches are used to implement UPS systems, each with distinct performance characteristics. The most common design approaches are as follows:

      • Standby
      • Line Interactive
      • Standby-Ferro
      • Double Conversion On-Line
      • Delta Conversion On-Line

      Continue reading the APC White Paper, "The Different Types of UPS Systems"  which discusses this topic in detail.

      Who Supports the Anybus X Gateways ?

      Anybus X gateways are made by HMS Industrial Networks a CAPP partner of Schneider Electric.

      Many part numbers exist, depending the two fieldbus types a customer wishes to connect.  HMS needs to be consulted for the right one.

      Our website shows the following European contact person:

      HMS Industrial Networks Partner profile Products  
          Mr Axel Kaiser       
          Emmy-Noether-Str. 17       
          Karlsruhe     76131 Germany     
          Tel.  +49 721 989 777 213            Fax  +49 721 989 777 010     

      In USA, the HMS person, based in Raleigh, is:

      Steve Ewankowich        
      Business Development, Americas
      Office:  312-829-0601

      Depending on the customer's location, one of the contacts listed above may be referred to.

      These products are offered directly from the partner, not resold by SE at this time.

      Can you get individual pictogram button caps in the Zen range?

      No, they come in a pack of 72.

      What does the termination A27 of the drive ATV68E5C43N4A27 means? There are many references in the Pricat/Prodat that we dont know what it is. For exa...

      Goals and Symptoms

      What does the termination A27 of the drive ATV68E5C43N4A27 means? There are many references in the Pricat/Prodat that we dont know what it is. For example other references: ATV68E5C10N4A23 ATV68E5C10N4A32 ATV68E5C13N4A24 ATV68E5C15N4A25 ATV68E5C19N4A14 ATV68E5C19N4A26 ATV68E5C23N4A22 ATV68E5C28N4A31 ATV68E5C43N4A27 ATV68E5C53N4A26 ATV68E5C53N4A28 ATV68E5C63N4A40 So what does the termination AXX mean for this cases of the ATV68E5?

      Facts and Changes


      Causes and Fixes

      The termination A27 and the others are for ATV68 in enclosure for specific customers. You can't order it or if the order come from Renault.

      Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL157635 V1.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
      Related ranges: Altivar 68

      Can the LTMR with a LTMEV40 do the same monitoring and communication as the Symcom 777 (motorsaver) relay?

      Does the LTMR provide the same protection as a SymCom777 relay?

      Product Line:
      LTMR, Tesys T, Motor Management System, Overload relay

      The LTMR100MFM + LTMEV40 combination can do all that the SymCom777 can do and more.  The communications on the LTMR***MFM is Modbus RTU over RS485 cabling.

      There are however a couple of caveats.

      The 777 is self powered off of the voltage sensing inputs, the LTMR has to be powered separately via the A1/A2 terminals.

      The 777 can be programmed via the knobs and display on the front panel, the LTMR requires either a LTMCU display/programmer (and cable) or a PC with software to be programmed.

      If they are doing network communications, the register map of the 777 is different than the LTMR. If they already have one or the other, the programming of the PLC will have to be changed.

      What type of lampholder does the oyster light for the fan have?

      OYWHT, OYBEI and OYSS have 2 x E27 type of lampholder.

      Is there a shaver outlet with a GPO on the same plate?

      Yes there are a few variations of the 727. Just use the search engine at Clipsal.com to find the one to suit your needs.

      Is there a code for a busbar / back wiring fuse carrier ?

      700 Series fuses ranges have been made obsolete early 2017 from the offers and are no longer available

      Error 127 in ION7650 event log

      There is error code 127 in ION7650/7550 event log.

      Product Line

      Event log

      Error 127 is logged when the ION meter needs to recreate file space for a data recorder.

      The 127 error is logged when there is NO data file present. The ION meter creates the file space for a data recorder and puts a message in the event log telling the user the file was created.

      This is an informational message stating the meter corrected a missing file. This message is usually observed after a framework paste has occurred.
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