Mounting Block, 1 Gang, Intermediate Plate

Mounting Block, 1 Gang, Intermediate Plate

Mounting Block, 1 Gang, Intermediate Plate

Item Number: 70B-WE

RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour White Electric (WE)
  • White Electric 1 PCE



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Product brand


Product or component type

mounting block

Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product


Fixing center

55 mm


25 mm


99 mm


52 mm

Number of gangs

1 gang

REACh free of SVHC


EU RoHS Directive

Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

Toxic heavy metal free


Mercury free


RoHS exemption information


China RoHS Regulation

 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)

Environmental Disclosure




PVC (polyvinyl chloride)




Unit Type of Package 1


Number of Units in Package 1


Package 1 Weight

42 g

Package 1 Height

25 mm

Package 1 width

52 mm

Package 1 Length

99 mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is my Conext CL showing an alarm code: 701 & 706 (DC Injection Err & DC Injection Inst Service Alarm)

Customer is calling in requesting support for an alarm code: 701 & 706 (DC Injection Err & DC Injection Inst Service Alarm Code)

Product Line: 
Conext CL 18000NA Conext CL 25000NA Conext CL 20000E Conext CL 25000E

On site troubleshooting

Turn off and on the AC breaker
If problem persists, replace the inverter

External transformer saturation, impedance change, resonance
Internal: component failure due to degradation
The DC average content (or instantaneous) of AC output current is above setting value 

Can I get the 90B in orange?

No. Unfortunately, the 90B only comes in black only.

For further information please visit

Is there a specific shroud like the 90B to suit Slimline SC series or Saturn

The 90BI-BK standard size intermediate type shroud will suit both the Slimline and Saturn series.
For more information please visit the Clipsal web site on the link provided.
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Are the PDL700 series Fuse holders discontinued? what is the replacement?

700 series Fuse Carriers, eg PDL751 are no longer available with no alternative.

NetBotz 700 Series | Supported Cameras

Supported Cameras for the NetBotz 700 Series Appliances

Product Line:
NetBotz Rack Monitor 700 Series
     - NetBotz Rack Monitor 750 (NBRK0750)

NetBotz Rack Monitor 700 Series
NetBotz 700 Series Cameras


Supported Cameras are the NetBotz Camera POD 165 (NBPD0165) and ONVIF Profile S Cameras.
NOTE: Motion Detection and other features may be limited when using non-NetBotz ONVIF cameras. Learn more at

Does the normal PDL681 have an IP56 rating?

No it doesn't, but you can use the PDL681VWP as this is IP56 rated.
Refer to PDL Catalogue and Pricing Guide Issue 70, page 33.

Why is my Conext CL displaying an arc fault alert?

Why is my Conext CL displaying an arc fault alert?

Product Line:
Conext CL 3-phase grid-tie inverters

Conext CL with arc fault detection (wiring box 201 or 301)

The Conext CL is showing an arc fault alert, but none was detected in the PV array

First and foremost, be sure to differentiate between the two types of arc fault alerts:

1. Error code 709 - the unit has detected an arc fault condition
2. Error code 704 - the unit has determined that the arc fault detector is malfunctioning or improperly installed

To check these error codes, navigate to the Event Log menu and check for Active Services.
In either case, be sure that the correct wiring box is selected and the AFD/SPD harness is plugged in. This should solve most cases of error code 704.

If the fault code is 709, it should mean an arc fault was detected, but it can also be the result of other conditions:

1. Nuisance trips have been known to occur in firmware revisions 2.5.10 and below; check the Inverter Info menu for the current firmware on your unit.
2. Intermittent arc fault trips have been traced back to faulty wiring; ensure all DC connections are perfect, including the connection between the wiring box and the inverter. Also check the 1-4 connections on the AFD for proper seating, and check the light on the AFD itself.

If you're sure there is no arc fault in the system, and none of these solutions clear the fault, contact technical support at (866) 519-1470 for further troubleshooting.

Where can I find programming assistance to set up an ATV61/ATV71 drive with an VW3A3316 Ethernet IP card using assemblies 20 and 70?

Where can I find programming assistance to set up an ATV61/ATV71 drive with an VW3A3316 Ethernet IP card using assemblies 20 and 70?

Product Line:
Altivar ATV61 and ATV71 with Ethernet VW3A3316 option card.


Needs to set up an ATV61 drive with Ethernet IP card to use Assemblies 20 and 70.

PLC's Ethernet scanner module needs to be configured as follows
Assembly 20  2 words or 4 bytes (output table)
Assembly 70  2 words or 4 bypes (input table)
Configuration size 6
Single INT

Drives programming needs to be excactly like this there are no exceptions
Menu 1.6
Command menu
Reference 1 channel = Com card or NET
Profile= Seperate control
Command swtiching= C312
Command channel 1= Com card or NET
Command channel 2= terminal control
Reference 2 swtiching= C313
Reference 2 channel= AI2 or AI1 ( you choose)

Menu 1.7
Ref 1b switching = channel 1 active (applies only to the ATV61)

See the tables below for the assembly mapping for the Command word and for reading the ETA status.

Addtional important information about setting the speed referece from the network.


Why is my Conext CLNA showing an alarm code: 705 (PV I/P reversed Service Alarm)

Customer is calling to confirm alarm code: 705 (PV I/P reversed Service Alarm)

Product Line: 
Conext CL 18000NA Conext CL 25000NA

On site troubleshooting 

PV input wiring reversed
Reverse polarity on PV input

Check polarity of PV inputs
END User / Installer:
Note: The following instructions shall be performed by an authorized electrician only.
1. Switch OFF DC & AC. Disengage all the fuse holders inside the wiring box.
2. Check visually, any positive cable (red Color) connected to negative fuse holder block. Similarly check for any presence of negative cable (Black color) in positive fuse holder block.
3. With the help of digital multimeter, check the voltage measurement between PV positive with respect to PV negative terminals of each string at fuse holder input terminals. If voltage measured is negative value, then the respective string is reversed and needs correction. Repeat the similar measurement for rest of the strings.
Note: After fuse holders dis-engaged, live PV string voltage can be measured at the input of the respective string fuse holders.

Is there a code for a busbar / back wiring fuse carrier ?

700 Series fuses ranges have been made obsolete early 2017 from the offers and are no longer available

Looking for a stainless steel enclosure dimensions 500 x 500 x 250

 Options are NSY3X6625 - 600 x 600 x 250 or NSY3X7525 - 700 x 500 x 250

Can the scale factor be manually changed on the Series 200, 700 Power Meter to display more resolution on the display?

The Series 200, 700 Power meters do not have a command interface that allows the user to change the scale factors. The scale factors are automatically determined based on the CT and PT ratios. If manually setting the scale factors is required then consider using the Series 800 Power Meter.

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