Double Narrow Power Point 10A

Catalogue Number: 699
Colour: White
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • Black 1 PCE
  • White 1 PCE
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Product brand
Range of product
PDL 600 Designer Series
Control type
ON/OFF button
Number of gangs
2 gangs
Pin number
Number of power socket outlets
  • switch
  • rocker
    • Mounting position
      Fixing mode
      by screws
      Local signalling
      without light indicator
      [Ue] rated operational voltage
      230...240 V AC
      [In] rated current
      10 A
      170 mm
      48 mm
      Fixing center
      150 mm
    • AS 3100
    • AS 3133
    • AS 3112
      • Frequently Asked Questions

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        What is the difference between the covers of the 699 & 699TB

        Configuration is different
        699 - switch, socket, socket, switch
        699TB - switch, socket, switch, socket


        Dimensions for PDL 699 699TB 699 TBR 699TB/15

        Plate 48mm (H) x 170mm (W)
        Mounting Centres: 150mm
        Suits PDL 567L mounting Block & PDL 559 Mounting Bracket

        What is the code for the metal cover plate for a PDL699 ?

        There is no metal cover available for the 699 There is only a metal cover for the 699TB version

        What is the difference between the PDL 699WH and PDL 699TBWH

        PDL 699 has one set of terminals and the PDL 699TB is the twin base model and therefore has a set of terminals for each outlet.  The configuration of the switches and sockets
        are different as well.

        What is the DC rating for a PDL 692

        PDL 692 is not DC rated

        Mounting block to suit PDL 698 worktop socket ?

        Code = PDL 567S

        Do we have a 20Amp PDL 694 Switched Socket Outlet ?

        No - Rated at 15A =  PDL694/15WH

        RM 79 696 043: operating temperature.

        Goals and Symptoms

        RM 79 696 043: operating temperature.

        Facts and Changes

        RM 79 696 043

        Causes and Fixes

        The maximum operating temperature is 60°c.

        Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL197838 V1.0, Originally authored by LaBe on 02/18/2009, Last Edited by LaBe on 02/18/2009
        Related ranges: Zelio Control

        Is the 6CLK80 a straight mechanical interlock?

        Yes the 6CLK80 is a straight mechanical interlock to suit the 6C9 - 6C38 contractors.

        Is there a white cover plate available for the PDL 699?

        Yes, the PDL 699CWH is the white cover plate to suit the PDL 699.

        How do the PDL 600 and 800 series product codes work?

        As a general rule of thumb -
        PDL items require PDL at the front of the code.
        600 series item codes start with 6.
        600 series switch codes start with 68.
        The number of switches fitted in the plate is the 3rd number in the code, 681 = single 600 series switch, 682 = double 600 series switch
        600 series socket codes start with 69.
        The 3rd digit in a socket code indicates the type of socket, 691 = single vertical socket, 692 = double vertical socket, 694 = single horizontal socket, 695 = double horizontal socket.
        Most codes require a colour code at the end, WH = white, BK = black.
        eg. To order a black double vertical switched socket the complete code would be PDL692BK.
        800 series (Modena) item codes start with 8 and follow the same format as above. (800 series items with Strato plates start with S8...)
        eg. An 800 series Modena double switch in white = PDL882WH, a Strato double horizontal switched socket in black = PDLS895BK 
        In both series metal cover plates are an extra option to be supplied separately, coded to fit the plate required, eg. 600 series single switch metal plate in Stainless Steel = PDL681MSS (M = Metal, BBZ = Brushed Bronze, PB = Polished Brass) Some plastic cover plates are available eg. PDL681CWH (C = Cover), PDL800PSCH (PS = Plastic Surround, CH = Champagne, there are 9 colour options in 800 series)
        Strato brushed aluminium plates also need BK or WH to decide the trim colour, eg. PDLS800CBABK or PDLS800CBAWH (C = Cover , BA = Brushed Aluminium)
        Module grids with covers are available in BK or WH, eg. PDL684VHWH (VH = vertical/horizontal since the grid is empty and module can be fitted either way), PDLS800GPSBK (GPS = Grid, Plate, & Surround).
        Grids without covers included are only available in Modena 800 series, PDL800G (horizontal) or PDL800GV (vertical)
        Refer pdl.co.nz for further details and options.

        Is there a PDL 695 with neon in middle

        You can purchase PDL 695X and the pdl indicator module that is required

        What is the part number for a White PDL695 Cover plate.

        The part number is PDL695CWH

        Why do I get 'error Message 619 - This software is restricted to Compact, Momentum and Micro 984s, in the ProWORX NxT programming software'?

        This error will occur when selecting a PLC type other than a Compact , Momentum or Micro PLC with an authorized Lite version of the ProWORX NxT software.
        The Lite software will operate like a Full version when in DEMO mode, but once authorized as Lite version it will be limited to these three PLC types.


        Does the PDL 691 have a red cover plate available

        Not available in red as a cover only, can purchase the complete unit in red (PDL 691RD)

        Does the PDL 600 Series have cover plates in Ivory color ?

        No, They are not available in Ivory colour.

        What is the timing range for a 9050JCK70?

        Time Ranges available on the 9050JCK70

        Product Line:
        Class 9050 Type JCK Timers

        North American Products

        The 9050JCK70 has 5 selectable timing ranges:
        0.5 to 9.99 seconds
        0.1 to 99.99 seconds
        1 to 999 secconds
        0.1 to 99.9 minutes
        1 to 999 minutes.

        Is it possible to use a three phase 120V L-N through a potential transformer for control power to the CM4000 that is 69V L-N

        User wants to use three phase 120V L-N through a potential transformer for control power to the CM4000 that is 69V L-N

        Product Line


        Yes, the circuit monitor can be used with line-to-line rated PT's connected line to neutral, which results in a line-to-neutral voltage of 69.

        How do you wire a CA2DN40?

        How do you wire a CA2DN40?

        Product Line:
        Tesys Relays

        All Products

        Product Features

        A1 and A2 are the coil connections, line connections at top, load conections at bottom, example for 1 contact,in at top is #13, out at bottom is #14.


        Is the cover for the PDL691 available in black? (PDL 691C)

        The cover (PDL 691C) for the PDL 691 is only available in White (691CWH), Polished Brass (691MPB), Brushed Bronze (691MBBZ) and Stainless Steel (691MSS). Black is not available.

        Do we offer a master key that will work on a 9001KS selector switch with an E10 key?

        From what key number from the 9001KS/SKS keyed switches uses the E99 master key?

        Product Line:
        Harmony Pushbuttons

        All Products

        No, only E36 thru E60 will accept the master key.

        What is the part number of the mounting block to suit PDL699 Double worktop switched socket outlet?

        PDL567L is the mounting block to suit PDL699.

        Key Features

        • Long worktop
        • Mounting centres: 150 mm
        • 8 x 16 mm knockouts
        • 8 x TPS cable knockouts
        • Suits catalog 699, 699N, 699TB, 699TB/15 and 699TBR
        For further information, please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=567L

        ATV28 Menu is locked from the front panel? Already tried to enter 6969 and 0 for password unlock, but won't work. The keypad is always locked. Only ac...

        Goals and Symptoms

        ATV28 Menu is locked from the front panel? Already tried to enter 6969 and 0 for password unlock, but won't work. The keypad is always locked. Only access to the drive is through PowerSuite or Remote Keypad Vw3a28101.

        Causes and Fixes

        Please retry it with a pressure of 2 sec on the Enter key but there is also a bug with the versions before v1.1 ie12.

        Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL159990 V1.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
        Related ranges: Altivar 28

        Should address 199 be assigned to a CM2000 meter?

        A CM2000 can be assigned an address from 1-199; however, should address 199 be used?

        Product Line
        CM2000 Series

        Meter Addressing

        Address "199" should always be reserved. The circuit monitor will accept 199, but this is the address that the Circuit Monitor defaults to in a failure situation. 

        For steps on setting the CM2000's device address, please refer to FA218954.

        Is there a PDL 695 with surge protection

        Use a PDL695X and put a PDL600SM in the extra mech space
        PDL has a small surge mdoule which can be installed into any 600 series switch hole. 

        600 series Surge Module Surge Protection

        What is the alternative for LR1D09307?


        NOTE: new commercial reference found might not be an exact 1:1 equivalent of the older commercial reference. Contact us on 0800 652 999 with the application details if you need to confirm.

        What is the part number for a cover to suit the PDL 695?

        The cover to suit the PDL 695 is a 695C.

        Is it possible to get a vertical single, switched socket with two extra switches in the PDL range?

        We only do a horizontal single, switched socket with two extra switches - PDL 694XX.

        Another alternative would be to use a PDL 691X. This is a vertical single, switched socket with one extra switch.

        6200: Reading energy values off the front panel display.

        How to read energy values off the front panel display of ION 6200 meter.
        Product Line
        ION 6200
        ION 6200 front display reading energy values
        Energy values are often directly read off the front panel display. However, the 6200 Installation and Operation Guide do not explicitly describe how to get these energy values.
        The KWh front panel display constitutes of three rows. Say that the first row of the KWh display is showing 'aaa', the second row shows 'bbb' and the third row shows 'ccc', then the total KWh read by the meter is aaa bbb ccc KWh.

        The 6200 is hard-coded to roll over at 100 000 000 KWh. As the KWh starts accumulating, the third row on the display shows an increment in value. When the value goes over 999 KWh, the second row is used to display the KWh values up to 999 999 KWh. Eventually, when the value goes over 999 999 KWh, the top row is also used to display the KWh until the KWh rolls over at 100 000 000 KWh.
        Example: As shown in picture below (from ION 6200 front display), the total kwh accumulated is = 270,050 kwh


        Are the ION meters seismic and/or vibrational compliant?

        As of right now, no ION hardware undergoes any testing for seismic and/or vibrational compliance. No meters in the ION family have this compliance. Typical standards are IEEE 693 and IEC 60255-21-3.
        Original article#
        Date Created: November 12, 2010
        Last Revised: November 18, 2010
        Original Author: DD
        All content © 1992-2010 Schneider Electric

        Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL203933 V1.0, Originally authored by LaAd on 11/19/2010, Last Edited by LaAd on 11/19/2010
        Related ranges: ION8600, ION75X0 RTU, ION7550/ION7650, ION7300, ION6200

        What is the master password to reset the ATV11 drives?

        Master password to reset the ATV11 drives.

        Product Line:
        Altivar ATV11


        Password has them locked out of the drive.

        Menu SUP then COD enter master password 696 to unlock the drive.

        The energy rollover value for a 3710 is 999 999 999 kWh. Why are the modbus energy readings rolling over at 65535 KWh?

        The 3710 Modbus protocol supports both 16-bit and extended 32-bit registers (the register size is selectable from the front panel). 32-bit registers are used for large value such as energy values while 16-bit registers are used for other parameters, such as current or voltage.
        The kWh is rolling over at 65535 since it is being read as a 16-bit register, but it should be a 32-bit value; only the low byte of the 32-bit register is being read. Changing the modbus read mode to 32-bit will provide the correct kWh reading.



        Original article#16757

        Last Revised: 4 July 2007


        All content © 1992-2007 Schneider Electric

        Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL186856 V1.0, Originally authored by KBAdPM on 07/11/2007, Last Edited by KBAdPM on 07/11/2007
        Related ranges: 3710 ACM

        What is the universal pass code for ATV320?

        Issue :
        What is the ATV320 universal pass code  to unlock the drive?

        Product Line :
        Altivar Drives

        Environment :
        Altivar 320

        Cause :
        ATV320 STO password reset. 

        Resolution : 
        Universal passcode is 1581

        Why would I need to use the 24VDC adapter when using the APC Isolated Extension Cable?

        "When attempting to connect a system running PowerChute plus in simple signaling through an Isolated Extension Cable (IEC), you must use a 24VDC adapter to power the UPS End Unit of the IEC.

        The server side is powered off of the serial port itself. Therefore, the DC adapter is not required. This adapter is available for purchase on APC's Web site (www.apcc.com). Users may also find an equivalent power adapter at their nearest electronics store. The specifications for the 24VDC adapter follow:

        Input: 120 VAC 60Hz 16W

        Output: 24VDC 400mA"

        How do the Severity Levels in Active Pager Module (APM) correspond to alarm levels in System Management Software (SMS)?

        Below is a table of how Severity(APM) corresponds to SMS alarm and Meter onboard alarm level.

        APM SMS Onboard Alarm Level
        1000 Comms Loss
        900 1 1
        800 2 2
        700 3 3
        600 4
        500 5
        400 6
        300 7
        200 8
        100 9

        Please note it's always best practice to have the severity +/-1 of the severity level.

        For Example: If the customer wants only Level 4 Alarms, a filter would be created with severity from 599 to 601.

        Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL206964 V1.0, Originally authored by MaTh on 12/22/2011, Last Edited by MaTh on 12/22/2011
        Related ranges: SMS Add-on, Paging Module

        What is the tripping current for a Multi 9 GFP Ground Fault Protector?

        What is the tripping current for a Multi 9 GFP Ground Fault Protector?

        Product Line:
        Circuit breakers


        Multi 9 C60 Ground Fault Protectors

        Tripping currents are as follows:
        GFP30     Must trip at 29.9 mA; must not trip below 22.1 mA      
        GFP100     Must trip at 98.9 mA; must not trip below 73.1 mA      
        GFP300     Must trip at 299 mA; must not trip below 221 mA      

        What is the heat loss for the ATS22C32S6U?

        What is the heat loss for the ATS22C32S6U?

        Product Line:



        Heat loss :
        During starting @ 3.5 ICL (Nominal current of the softstart) : 3699 Watts

        During Steady State at full load : 96 Watts
                                        Electronics : 20 Watts
                          Shorting Contactors : 14 Watts                                                                  
                                                 Fans :  20 Watts                    
                        Total at Steady State : 150 Watts

        Video: How to lock or unlock an ATV320 drive?

        Video: How to lock or unlock an ATV320 drive?

        Product Line:
        Altivar 320

        All Models

        User may need to temporarily lock the drive's programming from unwanted changes.

        Enter and scroll down into COD-
        COD is for PIN code 1
        COD2 is for PIN code 2.
        If the pass code needs to be unlocked, assigns pin code 6969 for Pin code 1 to unlock it.  
        Once the unit is unlocked, you can change the PIN code 1 to OFF in order to turn off pass code protection.
        CST is state of password:
        LC (Locked): The drive is locked by a password
        uLC(Unlocked): The drive is not locked by a password


        What is the replacement for relay CA3DN40?

        The replacement for relay is a - CAD50FD
        User-added image
        TeSys D control relay - 5 NO - <= 690 V - 110 V DC standard coil

        For more information see; https://eshop.schneider-electric.com/product.aspx?org=21&lang=1&dist=276&prod_id=CAD50FD

        Does the alarm log in Vijeo Designer V4.5 overwrite once I reach the memory limit?

        The alarm log is a circular buffer. It means that, once it filled up, new alarm events will overwrite the oldest alarm events. For example, if your alarm log size is set to 100 records, it will work like this:
        - events 1 to 100 will fill up the alarm log.
        - event 101 will overwrite event 1.
        - event 102 will overwrite event 2.
        - event 199 will overwrite event 99.
        - event 200 will overwrite event 100.
        - event 201 will overwrite event 101.

        Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL183431 V1.0, Originally authored by MiMe on 04/10/2007, Last Edited by MiMe on 04/10/2007
        Related ranges: Vijeo Designer

        What is the master unlock code for an ATV320 PIN Code 1?

        What is the master unlock code for an ATV320 PIN Code 1?

        Product Line:
        Altivar 320 drives


        User needs to unlock a drive that was locked with PIN code 1, and the code was forgotten/lost

        PIN code 1 has a master public unlock code 6969

        For more information on PIN code 1, refer to the ATV320 Programming Manual pages 75 and 300

        Symmetra LX shows site wiring fault and/or has clicking power modules


        Symmetra LX runs on battery  and may exhibit audible clicking from the power modules.  Erroneous messages regarding output voltage may also occur.  If the SYMIM5 firmware is rev 512 or above, the UPS may show "Site Wiring Fault."

        Product Line

        Symmetra LX


        All serial ranges


        A neutral wire is needed in order for the Symmetra LX to operate online correctly.  A missing neutral or a neutral that is not properly bonded to ground at the upstream panel or transformer can cause the UPS to exhibit the symptoms above.


        If these symptoms are present, an input wiring check should be completed to ensure a neutral is being fed to the UPS and is connected to the correct terminal. The neutral must be properly bonded to ground. Without one, the Symmetra LX will not operate properly.

        How to upgrade the coprocessor's firmware of UNITY HSBY 140 CPU 67160?

        To upgrade the copro firmware of the 140CPU67160 (using OSLoader), you need to use the fibre optic MTRJ port and switch which as fibre optic and electrical RJ45 ports (such as the 490 NOC 000 05 cable and 499 NOS 171 00 switch).

        There are no other method available at this moment.

        Other related information
        To upgrade the firmware of UNITY Quantum CPUs (using OSLoader), you can either use one of the following way:
        - Modbus (with address 1 only)
        - Modbus plus (with address 1 only)

        To upgrade the copro firmware of HE 140CPU65150 and 140CPU65160 (using OSLoader, you need to use the ethernet coneection via FTP.

        Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL168369 V1.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
        Related ranges: Modicon Quantum

        What is the Short Circuit Current Rating for Altistart 48 Range of Soft Starters for 415 Volt (Q series) and 690 volt(Y series).

        The Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) for Altistart 48 Range of Soft Starters is as follows: 

        For Q series:
        1. SCCR for ATS 48D17x to ATS 48C32x is 50 KA.
        2. SCCR for ATS 48C41x to ATS 48M12x is 70 KA.
        For Y series:
        1. Refer attachment for the Short Circuit Protection Device (Type 1 Coordination).

        What is the input voltage tolerance on the ATV61 and ATV71 series drives?

        What is the input voltage tolerance on the ATV61 and ATV71 VFD?

        Product Line:
        Altivar 61 & 71

        All models, All serial numbers.

        Input voltage tolerance range needed.

        For single phase input, part # ATV61H075M3 through ATV61HU75M3:  200 -15% to 240 +10%
        For three phase input, part # ATV61H***M3 and ATV61H***M3X:  200 -15% to 240 +10%
        For three phase input, part # ATV61****N4 and ATV61W***N4C:  380 -15% to 480 +10%
        For three phase input, part # ATV61H***Y:  500 -15% to 690 +10%

        For single phase input, part # ATV71H075M3 through ATV71HU75M3:  200 -15% to 240 +10%
        For three phase input, part # ATV71H***M3 and ATV71H***M3X:  200 -15% to 240 +10%
        For three phase input, part # ATV71****N4 and ATV71W***N4C:  380 -15% to 480 +10%
        For three phase input, part # ATV71H***Y:  500 -15% to 690 +10%


        Can your InRow Cooling Auto-Start after a Power Failure

        Can your InRow Cooling Auto-Start after a Power Failure
        Product line:
        Data Center Cooling
        The InRow RC, RD, RP and SC will start automatically if the power is restored after a power failure. The unit will go to its last known state, ie if the unit was in standby, the unit would return to standby, or if the unit is on, the unit would return to the on state.

        It is also possible to configure a Start up Delay of 0 to 999 seconds.

        That can be done from:
        1. The Display: Configure Unit>General> Startup Delay
        2. The Network Management Card Interface: Unit>Unit Configuration> Startup Delay

        Comment fonctionne les compteurs d'energie de l'ATS48.

        Goals and Symptoms

        Comment fonctionne les compteurs d'énergie de l'ATS48.

        Causes and Fixes

        Il existe 2 compteurs:

        - le compteur en kW ( puissance active ) de 0 à 999 kW;
        - le compteur en kW/h qui nécessite le fonctionnement du démarreur pendant au moins une heure ( pour la première ). Son échelle est de 0 à 65535, soit 7,4 années ( 7j/7 et 24h/24 ).

        What does the Trip Class 10, Class 20 and Class 30 mean for overload relays?

        Meaning of Trip Classes for overload relays.

        Product Line:
        NEMA Overload Relays

        North American Products


        The trip class means that at 600% (6 times) of the maximum thermal current rating (or 600% of the actual dial setting on adjustable overloads) the Class 10 will trip in 10 seconds or less, Class 20 will trip in 20 seconds or less, and Class 30 will trip in 30 seconds or less.


        What minimum voltage is it possible to use ATV68, when switching-off protection “undervoltage”?

        Goals and Symptoms

        What minimum voltage is it possible to use ATV68, when switching-off protection undervoltage? Thank you very much for your help.

        Facts and Changes


        Causes and Fixes

        400 V range = 287 V
        500 V range = 346 V
        690 V range = 537 V

        If the control is supplied with an external source 24V, if the voltage goes under the guarantied range, and if the fault undervoltage is deactivated (E3.08), the drive is going to supply the motor in downgraded operation (speed reduction, current limitation...) as long as no other fault appears.

        Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL161862 V1.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
        Related ranges: Altivar 68

        Short Circuit Rating of SYBTU1-PLP & SYBTU2-PLP Batteries

        Request for the short circuit ratings of the SYBTU1, and SYBTU2 batteries.

        Product line:
        Symmetra PX, Smart UPS VT

        All models, all serial numbers

        Request for information on the short circuit ratings of the battery modules used in the Symmetra PX and Smart UPS VT systems.

        The short circuit rating of the battery module is limited by the fuses inside it.  The SYBTU1-PLP, and SYBTU2-PLP battery modules have fuse part #515-1063-Z.
        Fuse Fast 63 Amp 500 VDC / 690 VAC ROHS
        Bussmann Spec Sheet attached.

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