Double Horizontal Switched Socket 15A

Catalogue Number: 695/15
RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour White (WH)
  • White 1 PCE


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Product brand
Range of product
PDL 600 Designer Series
Colour code
RAL 9010
Control type
ON/OFF button
Number of gangs
2 gangs
Pin number
Number of power socket outlets
  • switch
  • rocker
    • Mounting position
      Fixing mode
      by screws
      Local signalling
      without light indicator
      [Ue] rated operational voltage
      250 V AC
      [In] rated current
      15 A
      74 mm
      118 mm
      Fixing center
      84 mm
    • AS 3100
    • AS 3133
    • AS 3112
      • Package 1 Weight
        0.124 kg

        Frequently Asked Questions

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        Does the PDL 695/15 comply with AS/NZS 3112 standard

         Yes it does

        In the 600 Series, is the 691/15 available in RED

        Not available, but Clipsal 2015/15 is available in red but it's horizontal.

        In the 600 series, is the 691/15 available in BLACK?

        No. Only in white. The PDL695/15 is available in black.

        Are the 593/15 and 593/20 the same size?

        No, the 593/15 is 118 x 25 x 15mm and the
        593/20 is 130 x 27 x 16.5mm.

        For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/search-results?q=593

        What is the part code for a caravan lead with RCD 15m permanent connection

         The part code is PDL 953/15

        Is there a PDL 953/15 that is longer than 15m

         No not available 
        Please note this product is being phased out

        Is there a 15 amp plug available in the 900 series with lock ring?

        No, only the 905/15 is available without lock ring

        NetBotz History Export date is seen as a Linux Time Stamp


        NetBotz History Export date is seen as a Linux Time Stamp.

        Product Line:



        NetBotz History Export.


        NetBotz is based on the Linux operating system and as such much of it's data uses a Linux Time Stamp The Exported data may look something like this:
        "Sensor Pod (integrated)";"Temperature";"1465097276057";"30.00"


        It is unlikely this will be changed in a future revision so if it is necessary to view this as a date, the information can always be imported into a spread sheet application such as Microsoft Excel.

        I can translate 1465097276057 on the epochtime.com page but in Microsoft Excel, the number does not translate easily. I must delete the last 3 digits just to be able to use the suggested Excel formulae:
        =(((C2/60)/60)/24)+DATE(1970,1,1)<br />

        You can also cut off the rest of the numbers by using a formula like this:
        When formatted properly using a time format, the result should look like this:
        6/5/16 3:27 AM