Single Horizontal Switched Socket 10A

White | Single Horizontal Switched Socket 10A

Single Horizontal Switched Socket 10A

Item Number: 694-WH

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Qty UoM EAN Colour



Range of product

PDL 600 Designer Series

Product brand



Control type

ON/OFF button

Number of gangs

1 gang

Pin number


Number of power socket outlets



  • rocker
  • switch
    • Fixing mode

      by screws

      Local signalling

      without light indicator

      Mounting position


      [Ue] rated operational voltage

      230...240 V AC

      [In] rated current

      10 A


      74 mm


      118 mm

      Fixing center

      84 mm


    • AS 3100
    • AS 3133
    • AS 3112
      • Material




        Package 1 Weight

        85.7 g

        Package 1 Height

        25 mm

        Package 1 width

        120 mm

        Package 1 Length

        77 mm
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        Frequently Asked Questions

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        Why choose Type B RCD for 3 Phase Variable Speed Drives?

        For the 3 Phase Variable Speed Drives, the RCD type B or type B-Si is particularly suitable.
        It protects against fault currents with DC offset, which is true for three-phase power converters. In addition, it has enhanced immunity against nuisance tripping caused by:

        • EMC common mode filters connected upstream VSD.
          Type B has a tripping delay allowing the inrush current to flow on power up.

        • The permanent switching leakage currents existing in power converters (ex: 25kHz).
          Type B include a "low pass" filter to ensure a trigger threshold which increases with frequency while complying with the personal protection curve (fibrillation).

        Please note: if the required sensitivity is 300mA, Selective type RCD should be proposed ensuring a non-triggering time of 50ms. 

        More information can be found on the Earth Fault Protection guide: https://download.schneider-electric.com/files?p_enDocType=Catalog&p_File_Name=CA908066E+%28web%29.pdf&p_Doc_Ref=CA908066E

        With regards to installation of these RCDs, they are mounted upstream of the Variable Speed Drives.

        See below example


        Schneider Electric offers Acti9 iID range of 4 Pole RCDs type B available in 30 mA sensitivity and type B-Si available in 30 and 300 mA sensitivity (Selective type is available)


        Click this link below to view the complete range of Acti9 iID RCDs available in Australia: https://www.se.com/au/en/product-range/7559-acti9-iid/?filter=business-5-residential-and-small-business&parent-subcategory-id=1620

        What is the part number for a 24 port patch panel for CAT6A cable?

        The part number for a CAT6A 24 port patch panel is - RJ6AU/24PP

        For further information regarding this part , go to link below:-


        User-added image

        Is there a suitable Shunt trip available to suit the clipsal circuit breaker 4CB363/10

        Yes, you can get a shunt trip 24VDC to suit a miniature circuit breaker 4CB363/10.
        The part number is A9N26948. 
        For further information please visit

        Is there a Surge Protection Socket Outlet available in the 600 series?

        PDL used to do a complete unit - The 695SP however, this is now obsolete. A Surge Protection Outlet can be made up of parts. You will need to use one of the sockets that have an extra switch space such as the 694X or the 695X and replace the extra switch with our Surge Protection Module, the 600SM.


        Is the an NZ alternative for A9N26477?

        A9N26947 is alternative for C120 style MCBs. This will come with an additional OF contact

        See datasheet for more information:

        What is the part number for a 24V shunt trip for the A9N21560 ?

        The part number is A9N26948
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