Switch Module, 230-240VAC, 4 Position, 16A

Catalogue Number: 687M4
RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour White (WH)
  • White 1 PCE
  • Black 1 PCE


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Range of product
PDL 600 Designer Series
Product brand
Device presentation
basic element
Control type
rotary knob
Fixing mode
by screws
Local signalling
[Ue] rated operational voltage
230...240 V AC
Rated current
16 A
0 - 1 - 2 - 3
Marking location
marking on surface
Package 1 Weight
0.02 kg

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the PDL 687M4 available in black?

Yes, part code PDL687M4BK

Where can I get a wiring diagram for a PDL 687M4 

There is no wiring diagram for these as it depends on the application

What is the part number for a PDL 4 position rotary switch mech?

The part number for a PDL 4 position rotary switch mech is - PDL 687M4 WH

For further information, visit the link below:-
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Is the 687M4F a fan speed controller?

No, that is a 4 position switch with a 'FAN' symbol on it.
This could be used as a fan speed controller but needs to be wired as one.
Complete fan speed controllers available in the 600 series are the:

Does the PDL switch mech 687M10 switch DC 12/24 volts?

The switch mech 687M10 is not tested on DC switching and is NOT rated for DC circuits.

What is the Metal Cover Plate option for PDL 650VH ?

Suits PDL 686M# metal cover plates

Do you have metal plates for the PDL600 series switches?

Yes, we do have metal cover plates for the PDL600 series switches. The part number for a single gang cover is 681M.

Which part codes do I need to make a Modena phone mech

 You will need a PDL 800MA  adaptor + PDL 617M2 telephone mech  or a data mech PDL619MD

What is the overall Diameter of the CE250

The overall diameter of the CE250 is as follows:
Intake diameter - 345mm 
fan blade diameter - 250mm
Fan cutout size - 287mm

What is the part number of the mounting accessories to suit 50X0CTC3, 6.4" colour touch screen without fascia?

The part number of the mounting accessories to suit 50X0CTC3, 6.4" colour touch screen without fascia are:
Wallbox (External dimensions: 224 x 167 x 68mm) - 5000CTCWB
Nail Bracket - 5000CTCNA
Gyprock Bracket - 5000CTCRM
For further information please visit:

What parts do I need to make a vertical version of the Modena Telephone Outlet on PG 28 of the PDL Pocket Book?

1x 800GV - Vertical Grid Plate
1x 800PSVWH (or another colour) - Vertical Plastic Surround
2x 860BM - Blank half module
1x 800MA - 600/500 Series Adaptor
1x 617M2 - Telephone Module
*The telephone module that is inserted into the adaptor will sit in between the two blank half modules in the plate. This layout is the most visually appealing.

What is the cut out size of CEF40, ceiling mounted centrifugal exhaust fan?

The cut out size for CEF40 is 287mm diameter. CEF40 is a ceiling mounted centrifugal exhaust fan, 35W, 290 cubic meter/hour.
For further information, please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=CEF40
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