Switch, 2-Way, 20A, Red

Catalogue Number: 681M20RD
RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour Red (RD)
  • Red 1 PCE


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Range of product
PDL 600 Designer Series
Product brand
Switch function
Fixing mode
by screws
Rated current
20 A
Package 1 Weight
0.04 kg

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the PDL 600 Series Dedicated Switch Modules available in black with white writing?

Most of our dedicated switch modules are available in both black with white writing and white with black writing. There are however, some modules that are only available as white with black writing; these are listed below:

681M20AP - Appliance
681M20HA - Hall
681M20HWS - HWS
681M20KT - Kitchen
681M20PL - Pool
681M20TL - Towel


What is the part code for the 600 Series blank press mech

Part code PDL 681M20PB

Is the PDL 681M20P bell press mechanism available?

Yes, the  PDL 681M20P bell press mechanism is available.

Some of the key features are:
  • 4 Terminal
  • Terminal capacity maximum: 4 x 1.5mm, or 2 x 2.5mm cables
For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=681M20P


What is a PDL681M20FR

It is a standard 681M20 rocker switch mech engraved forward/reverse

What is the part number for a PDL681M20 in red


What is the part code for a 15A switch in the 600 Series range

 You can use a PDL 681M20

Can I use a PDL 648TM + PDL 681M20 on the same plate, is this IP rated for bathroom use

You will need to use a PDL 56MO500/2

Looking for a switch for auto / off / on like the old 553 in a PDL 682VH plate

 You can use a PDL 100MPIR + PDL 617M3M/A + PDL 681M20 + PDL 683VH plate

What colour is the neon in PDL 680M20N ?

It is red.

What is the IP rating for PDL 500 / 600 series light switches

681M20 Switches are not IP rated. 
You can use the VWP (waterproof) range of switches this is rated IP56  PDL681VWP
We also have this available in 300 series PDL381VWP which is IP44 for wet hands

What would be the part number for the mech only to suit a PDL plate.

The PDL681M20WH. This is a white 20 amp mechanism which suits all application which requires 20 amperage switching.
Also comes in black.
Commonly used for light switching.