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Aust White Architrave Switch

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Video: How do I perform basic programming on an ATV212?

Programming ATV212 Drive

Product line:
ATV212 or S-Flex 

All models, all serial numbers 

Basic Programming for the ATV212 drive.    


*First set TYP to 2 for 60 hz motors  (doing this first will pre-set many of the other parameters).

Program the following drive parameters:
    0 = Terminals (most common)
    1 = HMI (keypad Run/Stop buttons)
    2 = Communications (Serial Communication)
FNOD - Frequency reference
    1 - Ref Source VIA (4-20mA or 0-10VDC)
    2 - Ref Source VIB (0-10VDC)
    3 - HMI reference (keypad)
    4 - Serial Com Ref
    5 - +/- Speed
AU1 - Auto Ramp Adapt (default is 1, ALWAYS change to 0 unless you understand what it does)
ACC - Acceleration in seconds
DEC - Deceleration in seconds
FH - Max Frequency
UL - Upper Limit Frequency (High Speed)
LL - Lower limit Frequency (Low Speed)
uL - Rated motor frequency
uLu - Rated motor Voltage
tHr - Motor thermal protection ( Full load amps of the motor, for overload protection)
F111 - Terminal F logic input assignment (Programmable input, default = 2; run forward)
F112 - Terminal R logic input assignment (Programmable input, default = 6; preset speed)
F113 - Terminal RES logic input assignment (Programmable input, default = 10; fault reset)
F415 - Rated motor current (Full Load amps of the motor)
F417 - Rated motor speed (Motor rpms)
F601 - Current Limit ( Full load amps of the motor multiplied by the service factor of the motor)
F201 thru F204 scaling the analog input for VIA (sets scale of analog input VIA)
F210 thru F213 scaling the analog input for VIB  (sets scale of analog input VIB)
F201=VIA speed ref level 1 (%)                  If using 4-20mA, set to 20%. If using 0-10V, set to 0%
F202=VIA output frequency level 1 (Hz)     For 4-20mA set to 0, For 0-10V set to 0
F203= VIA speed ref level 2 (%)                Set to 100% unless you're using less than 10V or 20mA
F204= VIA output frequency level 2 (Hz)   Set according to max speed (60Hz in the US)

F210=VIB speed ref level 1 (%)                  For 0-10V set this to 0%
F211=VIB output frequency level 1 (Hz)     For 0-10V set this to 0
F212= VIB speed ref level 2 (%)                 For 0-10V set this to100%. If using 0-5V, set this to 50%
F213= VIB output frequency level 2 (Hz)    Set according to max speed (60Hz in the US)

There are many other settings and functions available.  
Note that S-Flex enclosed drives may have different default values than listed here since the programming is often modified to match the wiring in the enclosure.

Refer to the ATV212 Programming manual S1A53838 for further details.


What is the part number of the replacement RCD to suit 56SC520RC?

4RC425/30 can be used as a replacement RCD for 56SC520RC. For further information, please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=4RC425/30

What is the kA rating of the MSW340?

The MSW340 is rated to 6kA, for 10 kA use the Acti9 - A9S66363

CITECT SCADA - How to re-order Equipment Tree on Alarm Page in a Multi-Cluster Scenario

Applies To: Citect SCADA 2018 R1

Summary:  On what criteria is the equipment tree ordered in runtime? Is there any way to sort the order?

Solution:  The equipment tree is alphabetically ordered by default. And if it is a multi cluster scenario, it is first ordered alphabetically by Equipment Name and then Cluster.

For instance, if a project has two clusters, C1 and C2, and the equipment-cluster assignment as follows:

A1 - cluster C2
A2 - cluster C1
B1 - cluster C1

Then the sort order on runtime will be; A2, A1, B1

Currently, the equipment tree is internally sorted and there is no control of the sort order as a user.

An enhancement request has been raised with the development team (Ref # 66361) to allow for sorting the equipment tree based on user defined criteria or in alphabetical order (based on equipment name only instead of cluster name).


What is the part number for a 1 pole, 20 amp, "D" curve RCBO?

There is no single RCBO , Need to use a 1 pole 20 amp "D" curve breaker A9F55120 and add the vigi unit A9V02663 to make the Combo ...(now 3 poles wide)

 A9F55120 Product picture                                                    A9V02663 Product picture

Acti9 iC60H 1P 20A D Miniature Circuit Breaker                Vigi iC60 - earth leakage add-on block - 1P + N - 63A - 30mA - A type

Do you have a 20A D-Curve RCBO?

No, unfortunately we don't have a D-Curve RCBO. As an alternative we can offer a single pole Vigi Add on ( A9V02663) and a D-Curve breaker (A9F55120).
For further information see :https://www.se.com/au/en/product/A9F55120/acti9-ic60h-1p-20a-d-miniature-circuit-breaker/ and 
A9F55120 Product picture                                             A9V02663 Product picture

Acti9 iC60H 1P 20A D Miniature Circuit Breaker            Vigi iC60 - earth leakage add-on block - 1P + N - 63A - 30mA - A type

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