Aust White Architrave Switch

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the 600 series unit that will fit on to a 125ml modempak ducting

Need to contact Modempak for confirmation (ph - 0800 663 367) but in theory if the mounting clip for the ducting has 84mm
centres it should fit the PDL 600 Series

My smartlink does not recognize my PowerTag A9 P63 & A9 F63 - what should I do?

The new PowerTag A9 P63 & A9 F63 are supported by Smartlink Firmware from version V 2.2.0 + Ecoreach version V2.7.X
Update your Smartlink and Ecoreach version using Ecoreach software 

Is the 683 waterproof switches available with press mechs

No, not available

I am looking for a replacement Goldair Heater

We are no longer agents for the Goldair range.  You can contact SSM (Specialised Sales & Marketing) 0800 963 963

Error when restoring or attaching SQL database from SQL 2012 to an earlier version of SQL server 2008

A user receives an error when restoring or attaching SQL database from SQL 2012 to earlier version of SQL server

"The database cannot be opened because it is version 706. This server supports version 663 and earlier" 

Product Line 
SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2008 R2
StruxureWare Power Monitoring (SPM) 7.x 
Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 7.2.x and 8.x 

Microsoft SQL Server Management

SQL 2008 R2 cannot attach database files that were created from or attached to SQL 2012

*Warning: Irreparable database damage can occur. This procedure should only be performed by users familiar with SQL Server Management Studio. Databases should be backed up prior to performing this procedure.*

Reason of the error message:
The database was created in/attached to SQL Server 2012 version. Now this database is being attached to SQL Server 2008 R2.

Error when restoring database:

Version 706 is a database file from SQL Server 2012
Version 663 is a database file from SQL Server 2008 R2

PME7.2.2 systems running SQL server 2008 R2 cannot attach database files that were created from SQL 2012.
Upgrading SQL server 2008 R2 to  SQL 2012 must be done if restoring or attaching a database from SQL2012 is required.

For PowerTag A9 P63 & F63 (1P + N), how to fasten the current measurement module so that it does not freely move in the cabinet ?

One possible solution would be to stick an adhesive cable tie mount to the side of the PowerTag and attach the cable tie to the neutral power wire.

What is the dimensions for a PDL 683 3-Gang Switch ?

Overall Dimensions: 118mm x 74mm
Mounting Centres: 84mm

For PowerTag A9 P63 & F63, do I have to fasten the current sensor on the power cable?

It's not necessary.

I see that PowerTag A9 P63, M63 are said to be compatible only with Schneider Electric products included in the selection guide (CA908058). Can I mount it on different brand products?

Schneider Electric has carried out tests for heating and mechanical compatibility with the products covered by the selection guide (CA908058).Schneider Electric is not able to conduct these tests for all products on the market.
The other possibility is to use the PowerTag A9 F63 version while ensuring the compatibility of the electrical connection. 

What is the impact on energy measurement (kWh) if I mount the PowerTag A9 F63 Power Module upside down?

No impact on energy measurement

Where can I get dimensions for an Altivar 660 Drive Systems?

Where can I get dimensions for an Altivar 660 Process Drive Systems?

Product Line:
Altivar 660

All serial numbers for ATV660


Please reference the Altivar 660 Process Drive Systems Manual attachment - NHA91297


What justifies the choice of the PowerTag A9 F63 blade terminals?

The blade terminal of the PowerTag A9 F63 has been designed so that it does not generate any mechanical interference with the power wire, regardless of the type of cable (flexible / rigid) and the preparation of its end (bare / insulated crimped cable end / non-insulated crimped cable end). This blade terminal can not be considered as a crimped cable end, but it should be considered as a specifically designed electrical connection in the same way as: the connection terminals of a PowerTag M63 or P63, or the tooth of a distribution comb. When connecting the power wire to a screw terminal in accordance with the recommendations given in the installation instructions (cable type, section, stripping length, type of preparation, tightening torque, correct alignment between blade terminal and power wire), no degradation is generated by the PowerTag Flex blade terminal on the mechanical withstand and the quality of the cable connection.
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