RCA Speaker Socket

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RCA Speaker Socket

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  • PDL 600 Designer Series
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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Does the PDL 640MF have a RCA at the back

       No - the 640MF has an F type connection at the back

      What are the dimensions of the WS229?

      The dimensions of the WS229 are 80mm (L) X 64mm (W) X 48mm (D).

      What is the dimensions of a WS226 series product?

      The dimensions of the WS226 range is 85mm x 85mm x 64mm Deep.

      Please follow the below link for further information on this range:

      What mechs fit into Pro Series grids?

       Pro Series is compatible with all PDL300 Series & Clipsal 40M mechanisms.

      What are the cable part numbers for M340 IO modules with 40 pin connections ?

      The following M340 IO modules require preconfigured 40 pin connector cable with color coded flying leads.
      Table below shows module and cable part numbers.

      Discrete Module Connection Cable Part # Qty needed
      BMX DDI 3202 1 x 40 BMX FCW 303, 503, 1003 ( 1 )
      BMX DDI 6402 2 x 40 BMX FCW 303, 503, 1003 ( 2 )
      BMX DDM 3202 1 x 40 BMX FCW 303, 503, 1003 ( 1 )
      BMX DDO 3202 1 x 40 BMX FCW 303, 503, 1003 ( 1 )
      BMX DDO 6402 2 x 40 BMX FCW 303, 503, 1003 ( 2 )
      text text
      AnalogModule text
      BMX ART 0414 1 x 40 BMX FCW 301S*, 501S* ( 1 )
      BMX ART 0814 2 x 40 BMX FCW 301S*, 501S* ( 2 )
      * S suffix denotes shielded cable for Analog IO.

      Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL212360 V1.0, Originally authored by DiSa on 08/24/2013, Last Edited by DiSa on 08/24/2013
      Related ranges: Modicon M340

      PM1000, PM1200, and EM6400 block registers

      Certain registers must be read as a "block" from the PM1000, PM1200, and EM6400 meters. In order to read these registers, one must set the starting register to 3001, then 20 registers must be read in a single read. Attempting to read these registers in any other manner will result in either a time out or an error.The example in the picture below shows an scenario.

      Note: "Function Code: O3H Read" is stating that these registers are Holding Registers.
      The PowerLogic PM1000 Series Power Meters User Manual can be found here. It includes the PM1000/PM1200/EM6400 register list.

      Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL211609 V1.0, Originally authored by DaFr on 05/30/2013, Last Edited by DaFr on 05/30/2013
      Related ranges: PM1000 series, EM 6400 DigitAN
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