Dimmer Adapter Knob Kit

Catalogue Number: 634P
Colour: White
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • Black 1 PCE
  • White 1 PCE
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Range of product
  • PDL
  • 600 Designer Series
    • Product brand
      Product or component type
      dimmer adaptor knob kit

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Can I fit a harmony push button in to a PDL 534P series plate

      Harmony push button will not fit, the hole is too small

      What is the ratings for a PDL 634L Rotary Dimmer Switch Leading Edge

      Voltage 230 / 240V a.c.  50Hz
      Maximum Load - 450W
      Minimum Load - 20W

      What is the load suitability for a PDL 634L rotary dimmer leading edge switch ?

       Incandescent  -  450VA max
      240V Halogen Lighting -  450VA max
      Low Voltage Lighting -
      Electronic Transformers  450VA max
      Low Voltage Lighting -
      Wire Wound Transformers  450VA max
      Fluorescents or Loads
      using Ballast or Inductors Not suitable
      Motor Speed Control  240VA max

      The installation sheet is available at     https://www.pdlglobal.com/data/product_documents/634L-634LM%20InstallSheet.pdf