1 Gang 75Ohm Tv Coaxial Outlet

White | 1 Gang 75Ohm Tv Coaxial Outlet

1 Gang 75Ohm Tv Coaxial Outlet

Item Number: 628-WH

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Qty UoM EAN Colour



Product brand


Range of product

PDL 600 Designer Series


Provided equipment



118 mm


74 mm

Fixing center

84 mm


Number of outputs


Package 1 Weight

0.072 kg
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I change when the LED Indicator is on for my Wiser switch? (Zigbee and Bluetooth)

This can be set in the App. You will need to tap on the device that you wish to change this for and then from the specific device page you can set this to - Always On, Always Off, Consistent with Load (On if the Load is on) or Reverse with Load (On if the Load is off). Reverse with Load is default setting.
Back light LED indicator settings.pngBluetooth LED Indicator.png

How can I check if I have the latest firmware for my Wiser device, update my firmware and what happens if my phone disconnects from the Wiser device in the middle of firmware upgrade?

To check the firmware of a device in Wiser by SE, click on the device you want to check, click on the top right-hand pencil icon, click on Check for firmware update. If a firmware update is available, it will prompt if you want to update immediately.

Note: It is recommended to switch on Auto Update. This is only an option for devices in Zigbee mode that are connected to a Hub.

In Bluetooth/BLE and Zigbee if your phone disconnects in the middle of an upgrade the device will retain its current firmware. You will have to reconnect to the device and attempt to update the firmware again.

In Zigbee mode if using Auto Update there is no need for your phone to be connected.
Check device for Firmware Step 1 (Zigbee).jpgCheck device for Firmware Step 2 (Zigbee).jpg
Check device for Firmware Step 3 (Zigbee).jpgCheck device for Firmware Step 4 (Zigbee).png

What is the difference between 4RC440/30 and RCD440/30?

The 4RC440/30 is from the Clipsal Max 4 range and the RCD440/30 is from the Clipsal ResiMax range.

For more information, please refer to the link:


How do I wire the BMXDAI1603 discrete IO 48 VAC module for a M340 PLC?

BMXDAI1603 wiring as per the diagram:

How do I wire the BMXDDM16025 discrete IO 24 VDC positive logic module for a M340 PLC?

BMXDDM16025 wiring the 24 VDC positive logic module as per the diagram:


Video: What is Modbus Tester and how do I use it?

Need a simple tool that can read Modbus registers.

Product Line
Modbus Tester

Diagnosing communications or verifying values.

Modbus Tester is a simple register reading/writing program. The below screen shot details each commonly used value block, and the video below shows how to read and write to registers. Note: Modbus Tester is hardcoded to port 502.

Attached is a copy of the program: Tester.exe

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