Fan Speed Control Mechanism, 250V, 100VA

Catalogue Number: 625C3M
RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour White (WH)
  • White 1 PCE


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Range of product
  • PDL
  • Series 600
    • Product brand
      Device presentation
      basic element
      Load type
      Power consumption in VA
      100-100 VA
      [Ue] rated operational voltage
      250 V
      Control type
      rotary knob
      Package 1 Weight
      0.07 kg

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      What is the part code for the mech only for PDL 625C3

      The part code is PDL 625C3M

      PDL 625C3 and 625C3/1 - which one has a 'debuzzer' controls

      Both the 625C3 and 625C3/1 speed fan control:
      Has a 3 speed debuzzer fan control.

      This capacitance based fan speed controller gives 3 speed control of ceiling sweep fans (eliminating annoying
      buzzing and humming noises usually associated with fan controllers).

      Is the PDL 625C3 1ph or 3ph

      PDL 625C3 is 1ph

      What is the difference between the 625F and the 625C3?

      Both are fan speed controllers but 625C3 is designed for 3 speed control of ceiling sweep fans (max 100VA), the 625F is a fully variable fan speed controller for extract fans up to 500VA.

      I have a PDL 625FM fan controller it keeps on humming

      Recommend changing to the PDL 625C3 Fan controller

      What is a 600 series 3 speed fan speed controller

       PDL 625C3 range

      Which PDL fan speed controller do I use that will work without load neutral

      Can you PDL 625C3, it doesn't require a neutral to run.  The neutral is at the fan itself.

      Can I buy PDL 625C3 mechs only

      No, only comes in a complete unit

      What is a variable version of the PDL 625C3 3 position fan speed controller

      The variable fan speed control code is PDL625F or PDL625FM (Module) the rating of this fan control is 500VA

      Can the PDL 625C3 be used to ramp the temperature up and down on a heated towel rail

      No, this is designed for use with electric motors.  Heated towel rails should be controlled by a thermostat.

      What fan speed controller can I use for a Mistral sweep fan?

      You can use a PDL 625C3WH

      What is the fan mech only for a PDL 625FM

      PDL 600FM
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