Dimmer Knob 1mm 1 Large

White | Dimmer Knob 1mm 1 Large

Dimmer Knob 1mm 1 Large

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PDL 600 Designer Series

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8 g
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What parts are in the spare knob pack PDL 620P?

The PDL 620P Dimmer Knob Pack comes with a small dimmer knob and a large dimmer knob.

Is the PDL620K trailing or leading edge?

The 620K is leading edge.

What is the ratings for a PDL 620K Rotary Dimmer Switch Leading Edge

Ratings are:
Voltage - 230 / 240V a.c.  50Hz
Maximum Load - 1000W
Minimum Load - 150W

What is the issue if a PDL 620K dimmer is humming, being used with electronic transformer at 700watts

As the 620K is a leading edge dimmer it is not suitable for electronic transformers.
The transformer should be changed for a wire wound or the dimmer should be replaced with trailing edge, though as we only do 450w rated dimmers the load would have to be split between two dimmers.
The PDL620K is no longer available.

Where can I find the wiring diagram for auxiliary connections for the Masterpact NW drawout or fixed breaker?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Applies to masterpact NW breakers.

See attached wiring diagram.

What is the current equivalent for the old PDL620 dimmer?

The 620 was a leading edge dimmer, the equivalent is the PDL634L, though depending on the load it may be time to upgrade to a universal (PDL654) or push button (PDL654PB) dimmer.
PDL634L installation sheet attached for reference.
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