Dimmer Knob 1mm 1 Large

White | Dimmer Knob 1mm 1 Large

Dimmer Knob 1mm 1 Large

Item Number: 620P-WH



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PDL 600 Designer Series

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8.000 g
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Multidrive link grouping works on ATV Process drives?

In case of drives ATV600 it is possible to use several Multidrive Link groups by configuring MDPC parameter for each group. It is also possible to add individual drives to the same network.

In case of ATV900 it is not possible to use more than one group in the same network. but individual drives can be used in the same network as the multidrive link group.
A simple switch can be used for this kind of application.

I want to install smart home controls, but I’m worried that my less tech savvy family won't be able to use the system or even work out how to turn the lights on…

The beauty of smart controls is that they’re smart for you. The Clipsal Iconic switches and powerpoints only require ‘tech-savviness’ when you need them to, otherwise they just operate like normal. Also remember that you don’t have to automate every aspect of your home, just the areas where it will make the largest impact. Consider scheduling the porch light to turn on automatically for those who regularly come home after dark, or automatically turning your heated towel rail and bathroom fan on between certain hours. 

One of the golden rules when it comes to smart home controls is to keep it simple.

Learn more about smart home automation.