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PDL 600 Designer Series
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What parts are in the spare knob pack PDL 620P?

The PDL 620P Dimmer Knob Pack comes with a small dimmer knob and a large dimmer knob.

Is the PDL620K trailing or leading edge?

The 620K is leading edge.

What is the ratings for a PDL 620K Rotary Dimmer Switch Leading Edge

Ratings are:
Voltage - 230 / 240V a.c.  50Hz
Maximum Load - 1000W
Minimum Load - 150W

What is the issue if a PDL 620K dimmer is humming, being used with electronic transformer at 700watts

As the 620K is a leading edge dimmer it is not suitable for electronic transformers.
The transformer should be changed for a wire wound or the dimmer should be replaced with trailing edge, though as we only do 450w rated dimmers the load would have to be split between two dimmers.
The PDL620K is no longer available.

Where can I download the installation and operation guide for an ION 6200 meter?

A user needs to download the installation and operation guide for the ION 6200 meter.
Product Line

A user needs to download the installation and operation guide for the ION 6200 meter.
See the attached documents below.

What is the current equivalent for the old PDL620 dimmer?

The 620 was a leading edge dimmer, the equivalent is the PDL634L, though depending on the load it may be time to upgrade to a universal (PDL654) or push button (PDL654PB) dimmer.
PDL634L installation sheet attached for reference.

Where can I find the wiring diagram for auxiliary connections for the Masterpact NW drawout or fixed breaker?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Applies to masterpact NW breakers.

Control wiring diagram for the drawout and fixed circuit breaker are located in the instruction bulletin provided with the NW breaker. 

48049-106-xx       Bulletin supplied in older installations (obsolete). 
HRB28361            Bulletin currently supplied with Breaker.

These documents can be found in technical library.



How to install a control wire into a Masterpact NW/NT push in connector

How to install a control wire into a Masterpact NW/NT push in connector

Product Line:
Masterpact NT and NW

Place a small flat screwdriver into the square hole (do not pry up or down), then insert control wire into the round hole just above the screwdriver. Then remove the screwdriver. The acceptable wire size is 22-14 AWG(.4-2.5mm^2). Strip length is .3 in. (8mm).


ION 6200 Meter Replacement Power Supply

The ION 6200 meter is inoperable (will not start). The power supply unit is not operating correctly and is required to be replaced.

Product Line
PowerLogic ION 6200 meter

PowerLogic ION 6200 meter power supply unit

The ION 6200 meter power supply needs to be replaced. The end-user is not required to send the meter back to the factory for an RMA.

The power supply unit may be replaced by ordering one of the part numbers below:

P620PB - Standard P240 plug-in power supply (100-240VAC/110-300VDC)
P620PC - P24 plug-in power supply (20-60VDC)

**Note: The 480V power supply option for the ION 6200 meter is no longer available as it is obsolete.

ION 6200 Sample Rate Information


Information on the sampling rate of the ION6200

Product Line

ION6200 meters


All released meter firmware


The sampling rate of the ION 6200 is 64 samples/cycle. With this sampling rate, the meter should be able to calculate harmonics up the 31st harmonic.
However, for the THD calculation, only the first harmonics are taken into account; this has been verified with firmware.

In addition, the ION 6200 is a blind cycle meter which means that...since the meter takes 64 samples per cycle, it actually uses all 64 samples to calculate the data.
These samples are locked to the frequency of V1.


6200: Reading energy values off the front panel display.

How to read energy values off the front panel display of ION 6200 meter.
Product Line
ION 6200
ION 6200 front display reading energy values
Energy values are often directly read off the front panel display. However, the 6200 Installation and Operation Guide do not explicitly describe how to get these energy values.
The KWh front panel display constitutes of three rows. Say that the first row of the KWh display is showing 'aaa', the second row shows 'bbb' and the third row shows 'ccc', then the total KWh read by the meter is aaa bbb ccc KWh.

The 6200 is hard-coded to roll over at 100 000 000 KWh. As the KWh starts accumulating, the third row on the display shows an increment in value. When the value goes over 999 KWh, the second row is used to display the KWh values up to 999 999 KWh. Eventually, when the value goes over 999 999 KWh, the top row is also used to display the KWh until the KWh rolls over at 100 000 000 KWh.
Example: As shown in picture below (from ION 6200 front display), the total kwh accumulated is = 270,050 kwh


What is the RJ11 Pinout for the 6200 TRAN Meter?

Below is the pinout for the 6200 TRAN RJ11 Connector for the Modular Display:

Pin 1: Vcc
Pin 2: GND
Pin 3: -Signal
Pin 4: +Signal
Pin 5: GND
Pin 6: Vcc

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