RJ11 Loop Telephone Socket

RJ11 Loop Telephone Socket

RJ11 Loop Telephone Socket

Item Number: 619M4-WH

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Colour White (WH)
  • White 1 PCE




Range of product

PDL 600 Designer Series

Product brand




without marking

Connections - terminals

solder terminal


AS/NZS 3080


Package 1 Weight

0.02 kg
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the part code for a suspended waterproof data outlet

 The part codes are: 56PE2/25 + 56L1 + 56MO500/1 + 619MD

Can the 619MM be used to make the DCDAL31SROT fit into a 600 series plate?

No, the 619MM recesses the switch too much, and it is not recommended for use with dimmers or switches.

Is there a HDMI Module in the PDL range, angled like the clipsal one

You will need to use a Clipsal 30HDMIA with a PDL 619MM

Is the PDL 687M4 available in black?

Yes, part code PDL687M4BK

Can I purchase a PDL 615MF without the bit in middle

 Not available

Can the 610MN neon module be wired in series with a load


What is the 600 Series keystone module

Part numbers PDL 615MKC or PDL 619MKC

I'm wanting to use a 619MAC AT&T/Suttle clip module in the Modena/Strato series. Is there a Modena/Strato equivalent?

No, there is not a Modena/Strato equivalent however you can pair the 619MAC module with a Modena 600/500 Series Modular Range Adaptor, 800MA. This combination will allow you to use a 619MAC module in the Modena/Strato plates.

How can I achieve RCA to RCA connectors in 600 series?

Use the Clipsal 30SPK/2's with a 619MM.

Is there a LED version of the PDL 610MN

No but you could use a harmony indicator in a 622T1

Where can I get a wiring diagram for a PDL 687M4 

There is no wiring diagram for these as it depends on the application

Which part codes do I need to make a Modena phone mech

 You will need a PDL 800MA  adaptor + PDL 617M2 telephone mech  or a data mech PDL619MD
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