F Type Connector Black

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F Type Connector Black

Item Number: 615MF-WH

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  • PDL 600 Designer Series
  • VDI
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      Connector type

      F connectors


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      0.017 kg
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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Can I purchase a PDL 615MF without the bit in middle

       Not available

      Does the PDL 640MF have a RCA at the back

       No - the 640MF has an F type connection at the back

      Can the 610MN neon module be wired in series with a load


      What is part number for 115mm x 115mm large mounting flange?

      Part number for large mounting flange is 448SD

      Do we meet IEC 61511 with motor starters?

      Then IEC 61511 is safety for process industry and it is above the machine safety. However the IEC 615011-2 shows the guideline how to implement IEC 61508 into process industry.
      Simple motor starters do not meet directly iEC 61508, because there must be additional components and so IEC61508 can be aplicable to whole circuitry.
      FOr example IEC61508 schematic diagrams can be found in Preventa manuals.
      Or ANy safty manual for ATVs shows the levels in reference to IEC61508

      Are the SCADAPack RTU products comply with IEC 61508 standard?

      IEC 61508 is about functional safety of a system, or SIL (safety integrity level) compliance. 
      Our SCADAPack’s are not designed with 61508 and as such do not comply with it. 
      None of SCADAPack's are designated as functional safety equipment.

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