Saturn Series Bell Press, Momentary Push-Button, 250V, 16A, Bell Press

Catalogue Number: 60PBBP
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE
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Key Features & Specifications

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  • Bell press mechanism
  • Momentary action
  • One Way/two Way Push button
  • 16AX Inductive current
Range of product
Saturn Series 4000
Product or component type
Product brand
Device presentation
basic element
Local signalling
without light indicator
Fixing mode
by screws
Surface finish
[Ue] rated operational voltage
250 V AC
Inrush current
16 A
Mounting position
EU RoHS Directive
Circularity Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the 60PBBP make contact when you press the button?

Yes it is a momentary press.

Does the 60PBBP have an LED?

No, the 60PBBP does not have LED. However, we do make a LED version. The part number is 60PBBPL.


Do you do a 60PBBP with double pole?

No unfortunatley we do not make such a product

What light switches should you use with a SILC system

Any momentary push button mech which is rated for 240v.

Examples of this are 30PBBP or the 60PBBP

Is non latching mech available in Saturn series?

Yes, part number 60PBBP or 60PBBPL  with Saturn grid & plate.

Is there a Saturn push button timer plate?

No there is not, however using a 2031VETR3 with a 60PBBP to remotely switch it from a saturn plate will achieve the same result.

Does Clipsal offer a double pole bell press?

No, only a single pole bell press switch is available

Part name is either 30MBP, 30PBBP or 60PBBP for Saturn plates

What series of mechs are used in the Saturn Zen plates for a Bell Press mech ?

The Zen plate use 60 series mechs , the momentary bell press mech is a 60PBBP or 60PBBPL if led is required.

Is the 60PBBPL a dimmer?

No, this mechanism is a momentary press. Depending on the fitting if it has a dimmable ballast with control gear a 60PBBP can be used inconjunction however, it is not a dimmer. If you require a push button dimmer please use a 4061E2PUDM.

What is part number for momentary push button to suit Saturn Zen?

The part number for the momentary push button to suit Saturn Zen is a 60PBBP or 60PBBPL.

For more information on this part please refer to

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What is the part number for an intermediate switch in the Saturn Series?

The part number for an intermediate switch in the Saturn Series is a 60PBI.
Unfortunately this switch mechanism doesn't have an LED option.

If an LED option is required you will need the PBI/KIT as well as the mechanisms 60PBBP in every switch location.

Please note aditional wirring will be required.

For furtherinformation please visit 


Which type of switch mechanism is used for the wall switch on the SILC system?

A standard bell press mechanism is used (momentary action). The products are currently in our Electrical Accessories range and the references are: 30PBBP-WE (suits Standard ranges, 2000, C2000, etc) and 60PBBP (suits Saturn and Saturn ZEN).
Please follow link below to find out more information of this product:

What pushbutton is used in Zen series plates?

The Zen series uses the same push buttons as the Saturn series.
60PB - Push Button
60PBL - LED lit push button
60PBI - Intermediate push button
60PBBP - Bell Press push button
60PBBPL - LED Bell Press push button

For further information on these products please visit

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Is there a two way push button dimmer in the Saturn/ ZEN Series?

There is no direct product that can achieve this, however we can offer a solutioin so this can be achieved. The solution involves a typical multi-way LED Lighting dimming control set up using ZEN Push Button Bell Press and ICONIC 2-Wire Dimmer Push Button. With the iconic dimmer connected with the 60 Series bell press, the bell press will work like ICONIC Controllink and will dim up and down on a long press,
turn on and of with a short press.
For further information please view the attached wiring diagram.