Accessories for the C-Bus Saturn Wall Switch Range, Mounting Frame, (Pack of 5)

White Electric | Accessories for the C-Bus Saturn Wall Switch Range, Mounting Frame, (Pack of 5)

Accessories for the C-Bus Saturn Wall Switch Range, Mounting Frame, (Pack of 5)

Item Number: 5850F-WE

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Product Dimensions

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Width141 mm

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Height141 mm

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Depth82 mm



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Range of product

  • Australian Series
  • C-Bus
  • Saturn Series
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      Circularity Profile


      EU RoHS Directive

      Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

      Mounting position



      82 mm


      141 mm


      141 mm





      Number of Units in Package 1


      Package 1 Height

      44 mm

      Package 1 Length

      130 mm

      Package 1 Weight

      63.4 g

      Package 1 width

      87 mm

      Unit Type of Package 1

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      What is a 585OF

      585OF are mounting frames like the 4000VH1 but for CBUS Saturn range

      How to View and Clear DNP3 Events in a SCADAPack E

      Only the configured master can collect events generated in a SCADAPack E. Sometimes it is necessary to check to see how many events you may have in the SCADAPack E, or you may want to use the event count in logic applications for control purposes. There are two main methods used to check the amount of events in a SCADAPack E. These are through the command line interface or by looking at system points.

      Command Line Interface

      You can access the command line interface through different methods. This includes Telnet, a serial port configured as “command line” or by using the Virtual Command Line (Virtual Terminal) in E Series Configurator. The example below will use the Virtual Terminal method.
      If you have a valid DNP3 connection to a SCADAPack E, the Virtual Command line can be opened by the drop down menu “Transfer -> Remote Command Line” or by clicking on the icon in the tool bar as shown below.

      At the command prompt, type “Status Events”. You will get the current uptime, IEC-61131-3 resource activity, general status information and a list of the events for each DNP3 object type as seen in the image below.

      If at any time you would like the clear all of the events in the SCADAPack (DNP3 protocol only, does not clear IEC 60870-5 events), you can type “Clear Events” at the command line prompt. Typically, you will reserve this command for testing purposes only. DNP3 historical events are used for reporting purposes. If events are cleared without a master station confirmation, then unexpected data loss will be expected.

      System Points

      You can also view the events for each DNP3 data type in a SCADAPack E by looking at the read-only system points. There are system points for each configured master station. This example will only review Master station 1 DNP3 events. The values in the system points will be 16-bit Integer values. Since they are read only, you cannot configure these to be points in the SCADAPack E Database. In other words, they cannot be placed in a class to be polled from a Master station.

      Below is a list of the system points for DNP3 object type events for Master station 1. The complete list can be found in the technical help manuals installed with SCADAPack E Configurator.

      58000 Binary Input Event Count
      58001 Counter Input Event Count
      58002 Analog Input Event Count
      58003 Float Input Event Count
      58004 Binary Output Event Count
      58005 Analog Output Event Count
      58006 Float Output Event Count
      58007 Binary Output Command Event Count
      58008 Analog Output Command Event Count
      58009 Float Output Command Event Count

      You can view these points by looking at them in the point browser. Put the point number for the corresponding DNP3 datatype as in the image below. You will select the point to be “Analog Input” in the point browser. Once you click  the read button, you will be able to see the event counts.

      If you would like to use these points in a IEC-61131-3 SCADAPack Workbench logic application, you can use GETPNTSS function blocks in SCADAPack Workbench to read the system points. The result of the function block will show the events for that particular DNP3 data type. See example below.

      More information can be found in the SCADAPack E Technical Help manuals installed with E Series Utilities.


      what are the dimensions for a T100, T100F, T150, T150LF, T150F

       140 x 94 x 81mm ( L x W x D)

      What is the dimensions of a T150, T150LF, T150F

       140 x 94 x 81mm (L x W x D)

      Is there a non metallic circuit breaker enclosure available for the Molded Case Circuit Breakers?

      Is there a non-metallic (ie. fiberglass, etc) breaker enclosure for MCCBs?

      Product Line:
      Circuit Breaker Enclosure

      Square D Breaker Enclosure

      There are no circuit breaker enclosures available for molded case circuit breakers that is manufactured from a non metallic material. Only metal type enclosures are available.

      Are EasyPact MVS circuit breakers for sale in the USA or Canada?

      Where can I buy a EasyPact MVS breaker?

      Product Line:
      EasyPact MVS circuit breakers

      There are no plans for a general release of the EasyPact MVS circuit breaker line in the US.
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