56ssr/2-gy sunset switch 2wire 10ax

Sunset Switch, 2-Wire, 240VAC, 10A, 56 Series

Catalogue Number: 56SSR/2
56ssr/2-gy sunset switch 2wire 10ax
Colour: Grey
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • Grey 1 PCE


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Range of product
Series 56
Clipsal - 56 Series
Product brand
Product or component type
sunset switch
Device presentation
basic element
Device application
  • enclosure: grey (RAL 7035)
  • cover: opal
    • Control type
      Device mounting
      Fixing mode
      by screws
      Cable entry
      1 rear entry of 20-25 mm diameter
    • PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
    • polycarbonate
      • Surface finish
        Installation direction
      • vertical
      • horizontal
        • Local signalling
          [Ue] rated operational voltage
          250 V AC 50 Hz
          Rated current
          10 AX
          Time delay range
          2…12 h
          Light intensity adjustment
          20-500 lux
          without marking
          101 mm
          101 mm
          70 mm
          Quantity per set
          set of 1
          Type of packing
          Ambient air temperature for operation
          45-45 °C
          IP degree of protection
        • AS/NZS 3133
        • AS/NZS 3100
        • IEC 60669-2-1
          • EU RoHS Directive
            Circularity Profile

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            Frequently Asked Questions

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            What is the part number for 56 series sunset switch?

            The part number for 56 series sunset switch is 56SSR/2 or 56SSR/3.

            Will the 56SSR/3 fit onto the 56PEDD3 base?

            Yes. The 56SSR/3 can be mounted onto existing bases.
            The product has been designed to be a direct replacement and keeps the 101mm by 101mm dimensions.

            Some of the key features of the new product are
            • 2-Wire
            • Dimension: 101.5 x 101.5 x 69.7 mm
            • Timer Setting Range 2H, 4H, 6H, 8H, 12H, Default Setting: DD (Dusk to Dawn)
            • Light Intensity Setting Range 20-500 lux, Default Setting Approximately: 20 lux
            • Operating Temperature 0-45°C

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            Where should the Load correction devices 31CAP and S31LCDA be used?

            The 31CAP is to be use with the following two wire products
            Infrascan 750WP, 751, 753.
            Timer 31VETR
            Sunset Switch WS226SSR/2, 56SSR/2, 31VSSR/2

            The S31LCDA is suitable for use with Clipsal & Schneider Electric 2-Wire, mains powered Dimmers that use
            Leading Edge, Trailing Edge and Universal Dimming.
            Other Suitable loads: Dimmable CFL/ Dimmable LED with Electronic control

            (Load correction Devices may not correct all problems)
            Installation Instructions can be found on the Clipsal.com Website.

            Is part number 56SSW10 available with Neon?

            The part number 56SSW10 not available with neon supply with 56LEDK1.

            What is the AX rating for a 56SS10?

            Inductive current rating = 6A

            What is a 2pole 25A 56 Series isolator for a dock

            Part number is PDL 56SW332

            Does Clipsal do a 56SO532 without the enclosure?

            Yes it is the 56SO532LE-GY.

            Has the 56SW432 changed design?

            No, the design and or mechanism hasn't changed since December 2002. The mechanism was changed to a seven series mechanism.

            Does the MSC432RTD and the 56SC432RC have the same pin configuration?

            Yes, they do have the same pin configuration.

            What is the difference between a 56SO432 and a 56SO432/3?

            What is the part number for a 56 series switch 4pole 32A?

            The part number is 56SW432.

            Can I still buy flaps to suit the old style 56 Series PDL 56SO432

            No old style flaps are not available

            Can I get a 56SO432 with a early break

            No you will need to select a product from the Vario range

            What is part no for internal socket ot suit 56SO532?

            Part no 56SO532G

            What is the current output capability of the neutral pin of the 56SO532 outlet?

            The pins aren't tested separately, so the current carrying capability for the active and neutral pins is rated the same, which for this socket is 32A. 

            Is there a 56SO532 than can lock the plug in when on?

            Yes there is a 56SO532 than can lock the plug in when on. The part number is 56CV532.
            Some of the key features are:
            • 32 A thermal current
            • 5 round pins
            • 3 pole
            • M180 Rating
            • One Piece Cover
            • Lockable plug
            For further information please visit www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=56CV532

            In the 56 series will 56P510, 5 pin, 500V, 10A plug fit into 56SO532, 5 pin, 500V, 32A socket?

            Unfortunately not, 56P510 cannot be plugged into 56SO532 as 56P510 is a size 1 plug. 56P532 is the recommended plug to use with 56SO532.
            For further information, please visit

            What is the part numbers for a 56 series 6 gang base with 2 x 3 pole 32amp C/B's and 2 x 4 pole 32amp socket outlets?

            The part numbers for a 56 series 6 gang base with 2 x 3 pole 32amp C/B's and 2 x 4 pole 32amp socket outlets are :- 56E6 , 56SO432 , 56CB4 & 4CB332/6

            for further information , visit links below:
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