plug adapt module 40mm thread

Series 56 Adaptor Module Suitable For Adaption of Flexible Conduit, Glands

Catalogue Number: 56AM40
plug adapt module 40mm thread
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Clipsal - 56 Series
Product brand
Product or component type
Accessory / separate part category
fixing accessory
Colour tint
Surface finish
40 mm
Connector type
thread connector
Product specific application
Suits 32 - 50A Size 2 Plug Connectors
Cable outer diameter
40 mm
Quantity per set
set of 10
Type of packing
Net weight
0.045 kg
Targeted country
Market segment
  • small commercial
  • industry
  • utility
    • Ambient air temperature for operation
      -25-75 °C
      EU RoHS Directive
      Environmental Disclosure

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      What is the conduit nut adaptor for the 56 Series 32 - 50A plug & connector range?

      The conduit nut adaptor is 56AM40

      Can I terminate a flexible conduit or other cable gland into the base of the 56 Series Mactro plug or connector

      Yes you can, the 56AM25 suits the 16 & 20A and the 56AM40 suits the 32 - 50A plug or connector.
      It replaces the locknut and cord clamp that is supplied with the Mactro plugs and connectors.

      Can I attach a conduit connector or other cable gland to the base of the 56 Series plug or connector for termination?

      Yes you can, the 56AM40 fits the 32 - 50A and the 56AM25 fits the 16 & 20A plugs and connectors. These allow you to use a flexible conduit gland or other cable gland instead of the original.

      It replaces the cord clamp that is supplied with all plugs and cord connectors.

      What is the thread and pitch dimensions for a PDL 56AM25

      The PDL 56AM25 has a M25 thread with a pitch of 1.5

      The ACSC100 manual lists an In-Rush current of 56amps for 200ms. How does this not trip the 20amp breaker?

      The ACSC100 manual lists an In-Rush current of 56amps for 200ms.  How does this not trip the 20amp breaker?
      Product line:
      InRow Cooling
      The reason that the circuit breaker does not trip is expressed in the time/current curve that are unique properties of circuit breakers or fuses. For example a typical Square ""D"" ""NQ"" breaker rated at 20 amps might trip after 300 seconds of a 20 amp load, but will pass considerably more than 56 amps at 200ms of time.