500 Series Short Worktop Block

Catalogue Number: 567S
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Range of product
Product brand
103 mm
51 mm
30 mm
Package 1 Weight
0.048 kg

Frequently Asked Questions

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Mounting block to suit PDL 698 worktop socket ?

Code = PDL 567S

Do any of the PDL mounting blocks come in black?"

Yes, the PDL 89, 530, 536, 537, 531, 538, 567S and 567L mounting blocks come in black.

• The #/* key in the PDL Pocketbook indicates what colours are availbable.

What is the mounting block and mounting bracket to suit the PDL 688VH and PDL 689VH ?

Both suits 567S Mounting Block and 558 Mounting Bracket

What is the part no for an architrave single power point in PDL 600 series?

The part no is PDL698WH


Key Features

  • Worktop single switch
  • Frquency rating: 50 Hz
  • Suits Cat 567S mounting block and Cat 558 mounting bracket
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In the 56 series range, is there a motor starter in this range

The 56MS series has been replaced by the 56DOL series

Are there any longer screws than the 56MS in the 56 series?

No there are not any longer screws than the 56MS in the 56 series.

For more information, please refer to the link:

Image result for 56MS Clipsal

Dimensions of PDL699 and mounting block?

Dimensions 48mm(h) x 170mm(w), with mounting centres 150mm.
Suits 567L mounting block and 559 mounting bracket.

Dimensions for PDL 699 699TB 699 TBR 699TB/15

Plate 48mm (H) x 170mm (W)
Mounting Centres: 150mm
Suits PDL 567L mounting Block & PDL 559 Mounting Bracket

What grade of stainless steel are the screws used in 56 series products?

The Anti-Corrosion Enclosure Screws are Stainless Steel Grade 316 for all 56 series products.

56MS Self Drilling Screw:

For further information or support please call the Clipsal Technical Support on 1300 20 25 25


SYTF2 for use with Symmetra RM with 208Vac Input and Output only


SYTF2 should only be used with 208 VAC input feed when connected to a Symmetra RM.

Product Line

Symmetra Step-Down Transformers


SYTF2 - all serial ranges


Due to the number of turns on the windings of this transformer, he NEMA 5-15 120VAC outlets on the rear of the SYTF2 will supply 120 VAC only when 208 VAC is supplied on the input.  

Please be aware that the Symmetra RM can provide different output voltage from 200 - 240VAC depending upon the settings in the PowerView. The default setting for North America is 208VAC. The SYTF2 is used to transform this voltage from 208V AC to 120V AC. If the output voltage of the Symmetra RM is changed to 240V AC , the SYTF2 will transform this to ~ 139 VAC. This may cause a sustained over voltage situation for some loads and possibly damage the loads' power supply. Do not provide a continuous AC supply to the SYTF2 with any other voltage then 208V.

The Symmetra RM's input voltage must also be 208VAC if being used with the SYTF2. Even though the Symmetra RM has the ability to output 208VAC when receiving 240VAC from Utility power, anytime the Symmetra RM is put into BYPASS Mode the UPS will not be able to condition the output power to put out 208VAC.  If the UPS has 240VAC on the input side and is put into Bypass mode, it will then pass that voltage through the UPS to the output. This will cause the SYTF2 to be receiving 240VAC and therefore it will only be able to step it down to approximately 139VAC.


It is only recommended to use the SYTF2 along with the Symmetra RM when the Symmetra RM has both 208VAC on the input voltage (from utility) and on the output voltage (the output voltage selected through the Symmetra RM PowerView Display).