grommet flange cable entry

General Accessories Grommet Flange Cable Entry, Inside Diameter 28.5Mm, 31.8Mm

Catalogue Number: 567/32
grommet flange cable entry
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is part number 56/32 pad lockable?

Yes part number 56/32 can be pad lockable.

Is there one gang vesion of 56/32 adaptable enclosure to take 30 series mechanisms?

Unfortunately not. We do not have one gang version of 56/32. The unused gang can be blanked off using 30P, blanking mechanism.
For further information, please visit

Is part number 56/32 available in single gang?

No. Unfortunately, part number is not available as single.

What is part no for pendant outlet to suit 56C432

Part no 56SPOK

Do you do a 56/32 with one spot for a 30 mech not two?

No unfortunately we dont make that part you would need to place a 30P to fill one of the holes.

What is part number for easy 56C332?

The part number for easy 56C332 is EY56C332

Do you do the 56P532 and the 56CSC532 in grey?

The 56P532 is available in grey the 56CSC532 is not available in grey.

What IP66 enclosure can be used for 30 series mechs?

Part no 56/32 has IP66 rating and can be used for

30 series mechs

Is the centre pin a guide for the PDL 56P532

The PDL 56P532 the centre pin is a neutral not a guide
3 phases Neutral and Earth

Can i get a 56C532 in an appliance inlet?

Yes, however you will need to assemble it yourself. The parts you will require are:
  1. 56E3 -(3 Gang base)
  2. 56AI532LE -(Appliance inlet 5 pin 32A less enclosure)
  3. 56SW332LE -(3 Pole switch 32A less enclosure)


Is there a 56C532 with a key switch?

No, however it can be made up from part numbers 56E2, 56SO532LE and 56K1SW332LE.


what is the code for a 56 series 3 phase 32A plug with phase and neutral

56P532 (STRAIT)
56PA532 (ANGLED)
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