grommet flange cable entry

General Accessories Grommet Flange Cable Entry, Inside Diameter 9.5Mm, 12.7Mm

Catalogue Number: 567/13
grommet flange cable entry
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the 564/1J clip cable 3 core available in black

No, it is only available in white

What is the difference between 56SB13 and 56CB13 enclosures?

56CB13 replaces 56SB13 and the key differences between the 56CB13 and 56SB13 series are as follows:
  • Cover and cover flap design are more rounded to resist dirt becoming trapped in its surrounds, especially on the top edge.
  • The latches on the 56SB13 required rotating the knobs 90 degrees to open or lock and were prone to breakage, where the 56CB13 latch in an identical manner to the 56SO cover flaps. This creates more consistency for the operator and the range so opening and closing of cover flaps is simplified. The new latch design also accepts 56SOLOCK locking accessories
  • The DIN Rail position and related assembly is now moulded for added safety and to decrease weight.

Features and Benefits of 56CB13:
  • 13 Module DIN Rail to suit RCDs, MCBs, RCBOs and accessories.
  • Deep cover providing ample wiring room
  • Impact resistant cover
  • Lockable cover for padlocking up to 7mm diameter hasp
  • Simplified dual latching system for front cover
  • Less enclosure version (56CB13LE-GY) available to replace damaged covers
For further information please visit


Are the earth and neutrals separate on the 56CB13


Does the 56P313 have an in-line fuse

Yes however this product has been obsolsted in NZ  this was a BS 3 pin rewirable plug

Is the PDL 56T913 ( Thermal Overload ) still available in New Zealand

The 56T913 are now obsolete the new alternate is the 56DOL series

Is there a 56 series RCD 3 phase to feed smaller circuits for spa pool

Use 23382 mounted in a 56CB13

Do you sell the door only for the 56SB13 switchboard?

No unfortunately we only do the entire front section as a spare (less enclosure). The part number is 56SB13LE-GY.

For further information please visit

Can you purchase the 56SB13 lid door clips as a spare part?

No, unfortunately we do not do the lid door clips as a spare part. However, you can purchase the front section as a spare (less enclosure). The part number is 56SB13LE.

Is lid only available for part number 56CB13?

The part number for lid only is 56CB13LE


What are the over all dimensions for the 56SB13?

The over all dimensions for the 56SB13 are 198mm (H) X 294mm (W) X 139mm (D).

What is alternative to part number 56SB13?

The alternative to part number is a 56CB13.

Can the 56SB13 be fitted to the 56E9 base?

The 56SB13LE can not be fitted to the standard 56E9 base. It can, however, be fitted to either the 56E8SB-GY or 56E9SB-GY.
These have had 2 pillars removed to allow placement of the din rail etc to allow fitment of the 56SB13LE to these bases.
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