connector cable earth

500 Series Cable Connectors, 2 Screw, Bare, Suits up to 3 x 6mm² Cables

Catalogue Number: 562
connector cable earth
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Product brand
Provided equipment
2 x screw
Connector type
screw terminals
EU RoHS Directive
Mercury free
RoHS exemption information
China RoHS Regulation
Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Whats the part number for the gasket to suit a 56C (2 GANG 56 Series)

The part name is 56G2

Can CRM 565 (PNIM) perform Net-to-Net operations to an EPE5 or SPE4?

Product Line
CRM 565

Net-to-Net Operations

The CRM 565 cannot perform Net-to-Net operations(Page 5-2 of the CRM 565 Instruction Bulletin). Use a CRM 510(Page 16 of the CRM 510 Instruction Bulletin) or CRM 540 (NIMS)(Page 30 of the CRM 540 Instruction Bulletin) to perform Net-to-Net operations.

What voltage is the key tag 6200KT and does it come with a Card?

It is 24V DC

Enquire at Assa Abloy 1300 562 587.

Unfortunately we do not sell the cards.

What is the part number for Pendant outlet to suit 56C series?

The part number for Pendant outlet to suit 56C series is 56SPOK.

How many types of keys are there for the PDL 568

There is 200 different types of keys for the PDL 568

Is the PDL 568 available in black?

No, the PDL 568 only comes in white.

Is the architrave mounting block 560 available in a shallow depth

N/A only standard depth available

Is the PDL 565 available in Black

Part number PDL565BK is obsolete in Black only available in white

What is the cut out size for 6500ADS?

The cut out size for 6500ADS is 262 x 262mm.

Can the key be removed from both the on and off position in the 56K2 series switches?

Yes, the key can be removed from either position.

For more information, please refer to the link: 

What is the part number of the high pressure gasket to suit 56C series, two gang enclosure?

56HPG2/2-CM  is the part number of the high pressure gasket, 2 Gang,  suits 56E2 encl. (back box) and 2x1 gang covers e.g. 56C Series.
• The ideal solution for high pressure cleaning environments.
• Unique and only available from Clipsal.
• Designed to suit extreme food preparation environments.
• Made to last in our harsh Australian conditions.
• Specially developed from extensive field investigations.
• UV stablised.
• Chemically resistant.
For further information, please visit

Do 56 DOL starters fit the PDL 56E2 enclosure

Yes they do fit

What is the suspension hook for the PDL 56 Series

You can use PDL56SHL - Suspension Hook (large) this is to fit the 56P and 56PA plugs and/or 56CR socket connectors.  

What is the conduit nut adaptor to suit the PDL 56 Series

Part number is PDL56AM40, for flexible conduit or hose.  Suits both 56P and 56PA and 56CR socket connectors.

What is the part number of the mounting block to suit 31/3VX, 162 x 115mm blank switch plate?

Unfortunately we do not have a mounting block  to suit 31/3VX, large format blank switch plate.

Can I purchase a 56 series gasket for larger enclosure than PDL 56E2

You can use a combination of the PDL 56E1 and PDL 56E2 gaskets as required to make up to the size needed. 

What is part number for 56E2 with deep base?

The part number for deep base version is 56ED2.

What is part number for lid to suit 56E2?

The part number for the lid to suit 56E2 is a part number 56L2.

What is the 56 Series box for flush mounting PDL 56E2 enclosure

 PDL 56FA2

What is the 56 Series thread for screws for PDL 56E2

 6/32unc stainless steel

Is there a master key for the 568 series

No there is not, if you want the keys to be the same you need to order the common key version PDL 568CK

What is the password for the RSU software for micrologic trip units 5.2 6.2 5.3 6.3

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers
PowerPact H, J, L

Software for micrologic trip units 5.2 6.2 5.3 6.3

The password is Schneider.

Do you have a BT connector E.g. 563 but for 35mm with 3 screws?

No, however we do have a connector that suits up to 2x 35mm2 cables with two screws. The part number is 563K35.

Some of the key features are:
  • 2 cables
  • Clear insulated
For further information please visit

What are the dimensions for a PDL Thermosafe heater?

PDL no longer supplies the Thermosafe range, or any heating appliances.

255 x 362 is the cutout size for the flush mount box.
See attached pdf for more.


What is the part number for 56 Series Dividers?

The part number is 56DV-BK.

Some of the key features are:
  • For segregated services in 56e enclosures
  • Black colour

For further information please visit

What is the Socket Interior for a WMB532 5 pin 32A outlet?

The Socket Interior for a WMB532 5 pin 32A outlet is a SP-116481.

What is the part number for the din rail mount to go into the 56E2 base to mount C/B's on?

The part number for the din rail mount to go into the 56E2 base to mount C/B's on is - 56DINASS


What is the part number of the End stop for NSYTRV62?

End stop for NSYTRV62 are:
NSYTRAABV35 - NSYTR end stop with screw 9.5 mm for DIN rails 35mm
NSYTRAAB35 - end stop clip-on 5,2 mm for DIN rails 35mm
NSYTRAAB35 Picture

Can a port number other than ModbusTCP port 502 be used for Modbus messaging on a Momentum 171CCC96030 ethernet port?

No.. the Momentum 171CCC96030 ethernet port will only use Modbus TCP port 502 for Modbus messaging.

What is the part number for the 512 Mb CF card for the smart and Compact iPCs?

The part number for the 512 Mb Compact Flash card is MPCYN00CFE00N

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL174338 V1.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
Related ranges: Magelis Smart iPC

Do we do any 56E2 type enclosure, which will take 3 of 32 mm cable?

Not as a standard, but can be done as specials.

Netbotz and FTP Return Codes


Netbotz and FTP Return Codes

Product Line:



NetBotz ftp codes


When configuring the FTP Alert Action on a Netbotz device, the FTP server may return error codes which may viewed in the Appliance Log. The return codes may be used to further troubleshoot the problem.


The return codes for FTP servers are:

110 Restart marker reply. In this case, the text is exact and not left to the particular implementation; it must read: MARK yyyy = mmmm where yyyy is User-process data stream marker, and mmmm server's equivalent marker (note the spaces between markers and "=").

120 Service ready in nnn minutes.

125 Data connection already open; transfer starting.

150 File status okay; about to open data connection.

200 Command okay.

202 Command not implemented, superfluous at this site.

211 System status, or system help reply.

212 Directory status.

213 File status.

214 Help message.On how to use the server or the meaning of a particular non-standard command. This reply is useful only to the human user.

215 NAME system type. WhereNAME is an official system name from the list in the Assigned Numbers document.

220 Service ready for new user.

221 Service closing control connection.

225 Data connection open; no transfer in progress.

226 Closing data connection. Requested file action successful (for example, file transfer or file abort).

227 Entering Passive Mode (h1,h2,h3,h4,p1,p2).

230 User logged in, proceed. Logged out if appropriate.

250 Requested file action okay, completed.

257 ""PATHNAME"" created.

331 User name okay, need password. 332 Need account for login.

350 Requested file action pending further information

421 Service not available, closing control connection. This may be a reply to any command if the service knows it must shut down.

425 Can't open data connection.

426 Connection closed; transfer aborted.

450 Requested file action not taken.

451 Requested action aborted. Local error in processing.

452 Requested action not taken. Insufficient storage space in system.File unavailable (e.g., file busy)

500 Syntax error, command unrecognized. This may include errors such as command line too long.
501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments.

502 Command not implemented.

503 Bad sequence of commands.

504 Command not implemented for that parameter.

530 Not logged in.

532 Need account for storing files.

550 Requested action not taken. File unavailable (e.g., file not found, no access). (550 a:: no such directory means no diskette in a: drive.)

551 Requested action aborted. Page type unknown.

552 Requested file action aborted. Exceeded storage allocation (for current directory or dataset). 553 Requested action not taken. File name not allowed.

What is the part number to flush mount a 56 series switched outlet that would normally go on a 56E2 base??

The part number to flush mount a 56 series switched outlet that would normally go on a 56E2 base is - 56FA2 & 56FA2B
For further information , visit link below:-

User-added image
User-added image

Why Unity Pro simulator is not working?

One possible cause is that the port 502 is already in use by another equipment.
The PLC simulator is TCP/IP server on the Schneider port 502.
The quickest way to see which ports are used is to open a DOS windows and to run netstat -a then you will see if port 502 is used or not.


To have more information on the equipment which use the port you can use a freeware like “CurrPorts” Copyright © 2004-2011 Nirsofer, downloadable from

So If another equipment is using this port 502 you will have to configure the equipment using this port to an other port to keep it free for Unity Pro. Unity Pro simulator can not use an other port.

Is there a padlock device for the 9001KR9R?

What Padlock Device can be used on the 9001KR9R E-stop Pushbutton?

Product Line:
Harmony Pushbuttons

All Products

9001K62, 9001K162
NOTE: These attachments will not work when the operator is supplied with a 2 1/4 inch diameter mushroom.

The 4202-DR or 4202-DS flashes S6 ERROR (5G, SG or 56) and then the display goes blank.

This is a normal part of the boot up sequence when there is no flow computer C program installed. This will happen after a cold boot or if the RAM battery has failed and it has lost it's C program.

You will need to connect to the 4202 with RealFLO, install a flow computer and a configuration that has elements setup for the Display Module. The Display Module depends on how the flow computer is configured so if nothing is configured, it won't display anything.

What is the part number for the bridge in a 56E2?

The part number for the bridge in a 56E2 is 56B-BK.

Does the PDL 56DOL starter come with an enclosure?

Yes, the PDL 56DOL Starters come with a 56E2 enclosure.

Error When Installing ION Enterprise 5.6 SP1

Goals and Symptoms

When running build 552 of ION Enterprise 5.6 Service Pack 1, the installer quits with the following error message:

This message appears when a user is attempting to run the latest version of the 5.6 SP1 installer on a server that is already running ION Enterprise 5.6 SP1 Build 549.

The specific build version may be viewed by selecting Help > About from any ION Enterprise application (e.g. ION Management Console, ION Vista, ION Designer). The about box on a server running ION Enterprise 5.6 SP1 Build 549 will appear as shown below:

Facts and Changes

Error -1646 Uninstallation of the patch package is not supported

5.6 SP1 install

Causes and Fixes

It is not possible to update Service Pack 1 build 549 to Service Pack 1 build 552 by running the build 552 Service Pack 1 installer.


Run the ION Enterprise 5.6 SP1 hotfix, which is attached to RESL190756. That hotfix incorporates all of the changes that were introduced between build 549 and build 552.

More Information

To verify that the hotfix has been installed on a server, go to the SetupLogs folder and look for a file named Hotfix_Setup.log. This file is created by the hotfix installer.

Last Revised: January 29, 2008


All content © 1992-2008 Schneider Electric

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL190866 V1.0, Originally authored by DeCr on 01/30/2008, Last Edited by DeCr on 01/30/2008
Related ranges: ION Enterprise V5.6

Is there a direct replacement for 6500ATP?

 No, unfortunately there is no direct replacement, however there is a similar fan / light / heater available. The part number is 6500A.

Some of the key features are:
  • Axial fan
  • Economical operation
  • 11W CFL centre light
  • 2 heat settings
  • Clipsal 2000 Series wall plate
  • 262 x 262 mm diameter hole
  • 4 x 275W Heat lamps
For further information please visit

What is the part number for the screws to suit the 56 Series?

The part number for the screws to suit the 56 Series is 56MS.
Some of the key features are:
  • Anti-corrosion
  • To suit 56E series enclosure.
  • Marine use
For further information please visit


What is the part number for a Din rail to suit 56 Series enclosure?

The din rail assembly by itself is a 56DINASS this clips into a 56E2 base.
If you require a complete enclosure, the part number would be a 56SB4-GY which comes in Grey.
You can also buy these as separate items to build up to this by using a 56CB4 + 56E2 and a 56DINASS.

Please see following brochure for complete 56 series and product data.

Micrologic 5.2x, 5.3x, 6.2x, and 6.3x user guide

The trip units described in this manual:
Micrologic 5.2 A, 5.3 A, 5.2 E and 5.3 E trip units
Micrologic 6.2 A, 6.3 A, 6.2 E and 6.3 E trip units
Micrologic 6.2 E-M and 6.3 E-M trip units

Compact NSX Micrologic 5/6


Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL209513 V2.0, Originally authored by MaTh on 10/27/2012, Last Edited by MaTh on 11/01/2012
Related ranges: Communication with Micrologic trip units

Ports used on ISX Central / StruxureWare Data Center Expert


Ports used on InfraStruxure Central

Product Line:

InfraStruxure Central
StruxureWare Data Center Expert


InfraStruxure Central any version
StruxureWare Data Center Expert any version


Network usage.


The following outlines ports used and their application on any ISX Central Server:

Note: Ports or Protocols preceded by * can be changed from their default port number.


Port 80 (TCP/UDP) - *HTTP Communication from NetBotz Appliances / *ISX Central Console/Web API and 3rd party integrations.
*Port 443 (TCP) - HTTPS Communication from NetBotz Appliances / ISX Central Console
*Port 161(UDP), 162 (TCP/UDP)- SNMP Communication from SNMP Agent
*Port 502 (TCP/UDP)- Modbus TCP Communication from Modbus Device/Gateway Outgoing:

Port 80 (TCP/UDP)- *HTTP Communication to NetBotz Appliances / *ISX Central Console / HTTP Post to Web Server/Web API and
3rd party integrations.
*Port 443 (TCP) - HTTPS Communication to NetBotz Appliances / ISX Central Console
*Port 161 (UDP), 162(TCP/UDP) - SNMP Communication to SNMP Agent
*Port 25 (TCP)- SMTP Communication to Email Server
Port 21 (TCP)- FTP Communication to FTP Server
Port 123 (UDP)- NTP Communication to NTP Server
Port 139 (TCP/UDP)- SMB Communication to NAS / SAN
Port 53 (TCP/UDP)- DNS Communication to DNS Server
Port 111 (TCP)- NFS Mount
Port 2049 (UDP)- NFS Communication to NAS / SAN
Port 6000 (TCP)- APC Proprietary Communications protocol for use with AP76xx outlet strips and gen1 PDU on private lan.
Port 445 (TCP)- CIFS Communication to NAS / SAN
Port 502 (TCP/UDP)- Modbus TCP output to Building Management System
*Port 389(TCP/UDP)- Active Directory/LDAP

What 56 Series pendant kits are avaliable?

Pendant kits are used to hang specific outlets and switches. The pendant kits avaliable for the 56 Series are as follows:
Part Description Part Number
Switched pendant oulet kit, moulded 32mm entry IP66 56PEK32
Switched pendant oulet kit, moulded 25mm entry IP66 56PEK25
Pendant outlet kit, switched, to suit 2x 56C or 56CV Series 56SPOK

For further information please visit


Is there a deep version of the 2 gang standard 56E2 Modular Enclosure?

Yes, the 56ED2/40 is the deep 100mm version of the 56E2. It is available in Grey (GY) and chemical resistant Orange (RO) or White (RW).

Code example: 56ED2/40GY (Grey), 56ED2/40RO (Orange) or 56ED2/40RW (White)

What is the replacement for 56EL4N?

56CB4N is the replacement for 56EL4N which will fit on existing 56E2 backbox.
For further information on 56CB4N please visit


What is the tunnel size of L7/150 and what size cables do they take?

L7/150 is 500V 370A 7 Hole Front Wiring Neutral Link. Black base and cover.
Dimensions: 162 x 53 x 55mm.
2 tunnels, 17mm diameter accommodate 150mm2 cable.
1 tunnel, 15.5mm diameter accommodate 120mm2 cable.
2 tunnels, 10mm diameter accommodate 50mm2 cable.
2 tunnels, 5.9mm diameter accommodate 16mm2 cable.
Supplied with Allen key.
For further information, please visit

What is Remote Area Network ( RAN )

Remote Area Network or RAN was a network method that enabled wireless transfer of data via landline, RS232 serial port, cell phone or satellite connections. The Symax 8030 CRM 560 was a Remote Network Interface Module that used this method of linking IO from field devices to local area and remote area networks. The RAN methodlogy is the basis for transmitting data via radio modems.

What is the recommended replacement for the ATV56 drives?

What is the recommended replacement for the ATV56 drives?

Product Line:



The old ATV56 was a variable torque only drive so the ATV61 family will be a suitable replacement.  If the old drive was mounted on top of a BeleBox set up then you may need to add the extended I/O option card VW3A3201 to wire up your status LED.

Call the Drives Product Support Group at 1888 778 2733 if you have any question.