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Video: How do you get cross reference assistance for items that are not in the cross reference tool?

How do you get cross reference assistance for items that are not in the cross reference tool?

Product Line:
All products

Cross reference

Cross reference tool does not have a cross for the item(s).

For help when crossing competitor products, old legacy Square D products, and obsolete Schneider Electric products, use the following:

(1) Our Online Cross reference tool has a wide variety of products that have suggested replacement products for competitor products as well as obsolete Square D and Schneider Electric products.
Please refer to our on-line cross reference tool first.  Please be aware of our important disclaimer when using the tool. If there is not an option using our cross reference tool, go to step 2. Please use the link below for the cross reference tool:


(2) If there is not an option using the cross reference tool, please obtain the specifications of the product (if you can) and a description of the application. In many cases, once you have that information you can then use our Download Center to search for product class bulletins and product catalogs, or use the on-line digest to make a selection, based on the product description and or the application. Please see the link below to our Download Center:


(3) Further assistance is also available by Contacting our Customer Care Center. Please obtain the specifications of the product (if you can) and a description of the application. The customer care team will do their best to assist in obtaining a suitable cross provided one is available.


Video: How to duplicate a trend in the PME 8.x Web Applications

A user would like to duplicate an existing trend in the Power Monitoring Expert Web Applications.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 8.x

PME Web Applications Trends

  1. Open the Power Monitoring Expert Web Applications.
  2. Click on the Trends tab.
  3. Expand the menu on the right side of the screen if not already expanded.
  4. Click on the trend you wish to make a copy of on the right hand menu.
  5. Click the duplicate option at the top of the right hand menu pane. (This is the second option from the left)
  6. Make desired changes to the trend and click ok.
       The new trend will be displayed below the original.

Please also reference the following video for more details.


Video: How to create a link for a new device in Vista

A new device has been added to PME through management console, and it needs to be added to the Vista diagrams to be accessible. 
Product Line
StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0.1
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x , 8.x
ION Enterprise
Vista Diagram
By default, adding a new device does not generate a link in Vista

Video: How to recover the system on the HMIGTU Series?

Video: How to recover the system on the Magelis HMIGTU Series?
Product Line:
The goal of this resolution is to provide the system recovery resource that can be used to backup and recover the Magelis HMIG3U, HMIG3X, HMIG5U and HMIG5U2. All the HMIGTU (except HMIG2U) series have their firmware stored on a System CFast or System SD Card.
1) Power off the HMIGTU.
2) Remove the System CFast or System SD card from the HMIGTU (this SD card slot is labeled "SYSTEM CARD" on the outer casing of the HMI).
3) Insert the CFast or System SD into a CFast (Type 1.0) or SD Card Reader on your office PC.
4) Launch the Backup Recovery Tool (BackupRecovery.exe).
5) In the "File Name" field, choose the recovery image file (.bin) for your type of HMIGTU.
6) Select the Drive Letter from the dropdown list to match that of your CFCard or SD Card that you inserted.
7) Click "Recovery" and then [Yes] when you are prompted to continue this process
8) The .bin image will be written to the CFast or SD card. Please wait and do not remove the CFast or SD Card during this time.
9) Once the process is done, a message will appear "Quit he application, and eject the disk from the PC."
10) Eject the Cfast or SD card from your PC
11) Insert it back into the HMIGTU's system slot (the one close to the screen-mount side)
12) Power on the HMIGTU as per normal.
Attached are:
Backup Recovery Tool - "BackupRecovery.exe"
Backup Recovery User Manual - "Backup Recovery User Manual.pdf"
You can also find an pre-made recovery image file that will reset the HMIG3U back to V6.2 SP3.1 state here :


Video: XACA Pendant Station Enclosure Parts and Assembly

Are replacement enclosure parts available for the XACA pendant station?

Product Line:
XACA pendant stations sold and supported in the USA.

Push Buttons and Operator Interface

These are not available as repair parts. Must buy the complete enclosure.


Video: Locating TeSys D Line IEC Contactor/Overload Date Codes & Model Number

How to find Date code and model number on TeSys D-Line contactors and overloads.

Product Line:
TeSys D contactors & overloads

TeSys D Line Contactors & Overloads sold and supported world-wide.

Determining age of contactor without bill of sale

TeSys D Contactors will have the base of the part number printed in gray type on the face of the contactor in the upper left corner beginning with LC1D or LC2D.  This part number will not be complete without a 2-character alphanumeric code that is added to the end that represents the voltage of the contactor coil.  On DC rated contactors, the code is located directly beneath the base part number on the face.  On AC rated contactors, the code is located in a window in the coil housing located on the top of the contactor.

This code identifies facility and manufacture date.  The first two digits are facility identification, the second two digits are the year, the third two digits are the week of the year, and the last digit is the day of the week.

TeSys D overloads will be much simpler as they will not have a separate voltage code to be concerned with and the part number will also be prominently printed on the face of the product.  Overloads usually begin with the part number LR*D.
Finally, a common mistake amongst customers is sending in just a picture of the sticker that is affixed to the side of TeSys D contactors.  While this seems intuitively correct, this sticker contains information that is more general that can be applied to a range of products.  For best results, refer to the locations mentioned in this FAQ for your complete part number.

To locate the model number, please review the following video:

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