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560 white architrave block


Architrave Block

560 white architrave block
Colour: White
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • White 1 PCE
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the architrave mounting block 560 available in a shallow depth

N/A only standard depth available

What is Remote Area Network ( RAN )

Remote Area Network or RAN was a network method that enabled wireless transfer of data via landline, RS232 serial port, cell phone or satellite connections. The Symax 8030 CRM 560 was a Remote Network Interface Module that used this method of linking IO from field devices to local area and remote area networks. The RAN methodlogy is the basis for transmitting data via radio modems.

General Tips for Reading Modbus registers from micrologic 6.0 P devices



Having troubles reading the modbus registers from the devices micrologic 6.0 P

Product Line:

Micrologic 6.0P


modscan and kepserver; micrologic's menu; Micrologic_RCU


*can read the registers from the directions 400000 (300000) until the directions 401000 (or 301000) using a software for PC (modscan and kepserver). Those directions give us some information about baud rate, node, and other communications parameters.
*When trying to read the registers farther of the direction 401000 (301000), returned values are only "32768". More precisely, many registers before the direction 401000 (301000) also read the same.
* There's an option in the micrologic's menu that can't be changed and this is the next: "remote access = NO". It has an "access code= 0000". This also cannot be changed. In the user's guide, its says that "if you want to enable this option you need to call to your sales manager".
* downloaded software from the schneider's webpage called Micrologic_RCU, this software permit us read parameters as currents, power factors (PF's), voltages and the different kinds of power. Don`t know why if this software can read the micrologics's registers why the other ones not. I attach a document where you can see my readings with the readings using the modscan and the readings using Micrologic_RCU.


1. NOT all Modbus registers in use for Micrologic P. For example: value "32768" simply means that it is NOT applicable from register 560 to 571, 578 to581, or 585 to 586 in Micrologic 6.0P

2. Remote setting could be only modified locally via Micrologic P display. It is in Com. setup menu under "History, maintenance and setup" (Wrench sign). Access permit and Access code could be changed here in Remote settings.

3. In the same way, remote control could be only modified locally too. It is in Remote setup menu under "History, maintenance and setup" (Wrench sign). Remote control is set as "manual" by default because the breaker could be close/open by mistake if it is in "Auto" mode to enable it.

4. Those values of currents, power factors (PF's), voltages, and the different kinds of power could be viewed via RCU as well as any other Modbus software as long as you read the right Modbus register number. For example: Using Modscan32, input Address = 1016 (register number); Length = 1; select your Device ID and holding register, you will receive 41016: = . This value represents the phase A current in amps.

5. When opening communication of RCU, it will enable remote access automatically for Micrologic P. It is recommended to use Micrologic software like RCU, RDU, or RSU rather than the third party software to work with Micrologic P or H type relay.