560 white architrave block

Architrave Block

Catalogue Number: 560
560 white architrave block
RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour White (WH)
  • White 1 PCE


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the architrave mounting block 560 available in a shallow depth

N/A only standard depth available

Can CRM 565 (PNIM) perform Net-to-Net operations to an EPE5 or SPE4?

Product Line
CRM 565

Net-to-Net Operations

The CRM 565 cannot perform Net-to-Net operations(Page 5-2 of the CRM 565 Instruction Bulletin). Use a CRM 510(Page 16 of the CRM 510 Instruction Bulletin) or CRM 540 (NIMS)(Page 30 of the CRM 540 Instruction Bulletin) to perform Net-to-Net operations.

What are the contacts in a 5460 reed switch?

Normally closed

How many types of keys are there for the PDL 568

There is 200 different types of keys for the PDL 568

Is the PDL 568 available in black?

No, the PDL 568 only comes in white.

What edge was a 520 dimmer

 It was a leading edge 

Can I fit a 50A fuse in to a 63A PDL 760


What is the part number for Pendant outlet to suit 56C series?

The part number for Pendant outlet to suit 56C series is 56SPOK.

What is Remote Area Network ( RAN )

Remote Area Network or RAN was a network method that enabled wireless transfer of data via landline, RS232 serial port, cell phone or satellite connections. The Symax 8030 CRM 560 was a Remote Network Interface Module that used this method of linking IO from field devices to local area and remote area networks. The RAN methodlogy is the basis for transmitting data via radio modems.

was the 520 dimmer leading or trailing edge and would it be suitable for use with LED lighting?

It is Leading edge and only suitable for use with incandescent loads.

Getting error 5603 on LXM32 when I run a BMH motor

Getting error 5603 on LXM32 when I try to run a BMH motor

Product Line:
Lexium 32

Error 5603 is a commutation error. This is usually due to a bad encoder. The BMH motor has to be sent back for repair or replacement.

Whats the part number for the gasket to suit a 56C (2 GANG 56 Series)

The part name is 56G2
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