Junction Box, Giant, 45x86x58mm, Clip On lid, Less Connector

White Electric | Junction Box, Giant, 45x86x58mm, Clip On lid, Less Connector

Junction Box, Giant, 45x86x58mm, Clip On lid, Less Connector

Item Number: 554C-WE

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Mercury free


China RoHS Regulation

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Package 1 Height

50 mm

Package 1 Length

98 mm

Package 1 Weight

88 g

Package 1 width

70 mm


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the 554C4 have new 4 single screw connectors instead of the original two screw connectors?

Over the coming months, the terminal connectors supplied with a number of Electrical Accessories will be changing. These changes are:
  1. The screw type in the connector will suit either a No. 2 Philips Drive or a No 1 Square Drive screwdriver.
  1. Terminal connectors will now be square wrapper design, ensuring reliable connection.
  1. All connectors will now be supplied with single screw. This is fully compliant with AS/NZS3000:2007 as per clause (d) below from sub-section 2.9.4. for active, neutral and earth connections.
(d) a neutral conductor used as a combined protective earthing and neutral (PEN) conductor for protective earthing of any portion of an electrical installation, the terminal shall be of a type having—
  1. two screws; or
  2. one screw with an outside diameter not less than 80% of the tunnel diameter.
The terminal connectors being supplied have a screw diameter in excess of 80% of the tunnel diameter which means the single screw connectors can be used for active, neutral and earth connections.
The products supplied with new connectors are:
  • 504/4
  • 554/3
  • 554/4
  • 554J4
  • 554C4
  • 554J4B100
  • HD554J4

XW Output Derating Based on Ambient Temperature.

XW+ Ambient Temperature operating range and derating

XW+ 6848 and XW+ 5548 in possible environments where ambient temperature can reach extremes.

Rated Temperature Range (meets specifications) 32-77 °F (0-25 °C)
Operational Temperature Range -13-158 °F (-25-70 °C)
Storage Temperature Range -40-185 °F (-40-85 °C)
see attachment for graphs


Why is my SW Plus 5548 Faulting with over current condition when it starts a Bulk Charge?

Over Current Condition on the Trace SW and SW Plus Series 

The over current condition on the Trace SW and SW Plus is commonly caused by having too much AC load, or a short circuit condition on the SW output.

If output wires are removed by a qualified person, and the overcurrent condition cannot be cleared, remove AC and DC for 20 minutes.
If the overcurrent condition does not clear, the SW will need be repaired or replaced.

Call into Technical Support for the Authorized Service Center near you.

How much heat is generated by my Conext system?

Questions about how much heat each part of a Conext system uses.

Product Line:
Conext Battery Based Inverters
Conext MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

Battery based inverter in an enclosed environment.

Proper system design needs to account for system cooling.

The power in BTUs per hour (BTU/hr) is equal to 3.412141633 times the power in watts (W):
P(BTU/hr) = 3.412141633 × P(W)

The efficiency and load of each unit can be used to calculate power loss in watts and then the above formula can be used to convert to BTU/hr.

Conext XW+ 6848
Load (W) Efficiency Loss (W) Heat (BTU/hr)
6800 87% 884 3016
3000 94% 180 614
1500 95% 75 256

Conext SW 4024 NA
92% efficient at 4000W = 320W losses = 1092 BTU/hr

Conext MPPT 60 150
98% efficient at 48V battery at 3500W = 70W losses = 239 BTU/hr

Conext MPPT 80 600
96% efficient at 48V battery at 4800W = 192W losses = 655 BTU/hr