Black Module-Pcu

Catalogue Number: 551M2
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Colour White (WH)
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  • PDL
  • 600 Designer Series
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      connection module
      Connections - terminals
      fixed terminal

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      What is the code for a PCU in PDL Modena 800 series?

      651M2 + 800MA

      Is there a powerpoint thiner than 55mm?

      Yes, the part name is 40-WE

      What are the hole sizes in the BP165/7?

      The hole sizes in the BP165/7 are as follows:
      Dimensions: 100 x 43 x 40mm.
      Terminal bar: 16 x 16 x 76mm.

      2 tunnels: 9.5mm diameter accommodate 50mm2 cables.
      1 tunnel: 8.0mm diameter accommodates 35mm2 cable.
      2 tunnels: 7.1mm diameter accommodate 25mm2 cables.
      2 tunnels: 5.5mm diameter accommodate 16mm2 cables.

      Mounting centres: 71 x 29mm.

      What is the terminal size for the 847 series?

      Up to 25mm2

      What is the part number for a 3 pole 55amp weather proof isolator?

      The part number for a 3 pole 55amp weather proof isolator is - WHB355

      For further information, visit the link below:-
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      What is the cut-out for the B25A-WE?

      The cut out is 95 x 55mm.

      What is the acti 9 equivelant of the 15512

      The part code is A9C30211

      What size cable will the T100-BK terminals accomodate?

      10mm2 to 50mm2

      What are the dimensions of Switchboard DBPS72 or DBPS72G ?

      Cat No. DBPS72 3 Row, 72 Way, Metal Door
      Cat No. DBPS72G 3 Row, 72 Way, Glass Door
      Busbar: 5 x 15 way 1 Ø 100A insulated comb
      N Bar: 40 x 16mm2 + 1 x 35mm2 clamp terminals + 1 x M6 Stud
      12 x 4 way 6mm2 tunnel terminals
      E Bar: 80 x 16mm2 + 2 x 35mm2 clamp terminals + 1 x M6 Stud
      Pole Fillers: 3 x 5 way divisible strips (W = 90mm)
      Board Size: 630mm H x 555mm W x 186mm D
      Weight: with Metal Door 16.75kg, with Glass Door 17.15kg

      What is the dimensions for a Clipsal PT80-BK

       Dimension 60 x 52 x 30 and takes up to 25mm2 cables

      What are the Dimensions for the PDL DBPS96 Switchboard ?

      Board Size: 780mm H x 555mm W x 186mm D
      Weight: with Metal Door 21kg, with Glass Door 21.4kg

      What is the Acoustic rating of a PDL 140F?

      The Acoustic rating of walls up to STC (Sound Transmission Class) 60 will not be degraded by
      using this flush box as long as there is at least 550mm between flush boxes mounted on opposite sides of a wall or they are separated by a stud.
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