c-bus pascal controller
c-bus pascal controller

C-Bus Pascal Automation Controller

Catalogue Number: 5500PACA
c-bus pascal controller
c-bus pascal controller
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is used as the C-Bus to Bacnet Gateway

The 5500NAC or 5500SHAC can be used as Bacnet gateway depending on the number of Bacnet points which are required.
The 5500NAC has 500 Bacnet Points and the 5500SHAC has 50 Bacnet points.
Bacnet is normally used by Building Management systems.

What is the code for Cbus PC USB Interface?

The code is 5500PCU

Where to set Port numbers using NAC or SHAC

Access “Configuration” window on the web browser, select “System”, select “Services” which will allow you access to “HTTP server settings”, this is where your ports can be set.

What is the CBUS PC interface

 The part code is 5500PC

What is the part number of C-Bus pascal automation controller?

5500PACA is the part number of C-Bus pascal automation controller.

Key Features

  • Provides extended conditional and real time event programming for C-Bus
  • 4M DIN modules wide
  • 2 x RS-232 ports for third party device control
  • A scheduling tool allows time-based events to be programmed into the unit
  • A scene programming tool allows installers to quickly and easily program scenes into the unit
  • A programming wizard provides a GUI based method for creating basic logic programs
  • More complex programs are produced by advanced users utilising the free-form text programming method
  • Programming language based on the standard Pascal computer language, enhanced by Clipsal with specific commands related to C-Bus control
  • The language supports commands such as: Conditional logic (if, then, and, or, not, etc.), Flow control (for, repeat, while), Variables (integer, real, Boolean, character, string), Control and monitor C-Bus group addresses, Control and monitor C-Bus scenes, C-Bus tag names
  • Serial (RS-232) input/output

For further information, please visit  https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=5500PACA

What is the part number for a C-Bus to PC interface?

The DIN rail mounted C-Bus PC Interface (or C-Bus PCI) is a C-Bus system device designed to provide a gateway between a PC and a C-Bus Network.
Part number for a C-Bus to PC interface is 
5500PC - Provides an RS-232 interface into a C-Bus Network.
5500PCU -Provides a gateway between a PC and a C-Bus Network via USB connection.

For further information, please visit


What power supply do i need to power my 5500PC PC interface?

You will need the 5500PS which is specifically designed to power a C-Bus network.

Does 5500SHAC Wiser for C-Bus Automation Controller come with a power supply?

5500SHAC does not come with a power supply. 
24Vdc, 10W Max, 2W typical plug-pack or similar needs to be purchased separately. 
For further information, please visit https://updates.clipsal.com/ClipsalOnline/Files/Brochures/W0001832.pdf


How to control RS-232 enabled devices with C-Bus Network Automation Controller – 5500NAC (5500SHAC)?

A Configuration Guide exist on the Exchange Community, see the link below or the attachment.

How to control RS-232 enabled devices with C-Bus Network Automation Controller – 5500NAC


How to import a background picture into the 5500SHAC

Issue: Importing a background image into the 5500SHAC is not a straightforward process.

Product Line:
C-Bus Automation controllers

Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

Will be filled in once I actually know the process myself

:CBUS: Can you operate the 5500shac network directly from the 5000EPT10W touchscreen?

Yes, using either crossover or straight through network cable

Touchsrcreen need to be on the same IP range as the Shac/Nac


Where do I find information on 3rd party integration?

The 3rd party integration information can be found at:


This link can also be accessed from the C-Bus software downloads page https://www2.clipsal.com/cis/technical/downloads
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