RCA Speaker Socket Red RCA White Base Single Pole

White | RCA Speaker Socket Red RCA White Base Single Pole

RCA Speaker Socket Red RCA White Base Single Pole

Item Number: 541M-WH

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  • VDI
  • PDL 600 Designer Series
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      without marking

      Connections - terminals

      solder terminal


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      0.012 kg
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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Is 541A UV stabilised?

      Yes. 541A is UV stabilised. More details on 541A can be accessed via the below link

      How to connect device with open collector output to 5410 counter input expansion module for SCADAPack?

      Wiring of counter inputs on Expansion module 5410 is shown below

      What size cable does the 541a series take?

      2.5mm twin flat insulated and sheathed

      What are dimensions of 157/1?

      Dimensions for part number 157/1 is a 94mm x 54mm x 39mm.

      Can (2) MG26925 , 1a/1b aux contacts be used with a Multi 9 breaker

      Yes , there is provisions for stacking on the left side of the breaker up to 54mm (3`)
      of accessories

      CTA-ID : 2062625

      Does the 5410 counter module work if the Scadapack 300 series is on Sleep mode?

      NO, During the Scadapack 300 series RTU Sleep mode, the 5Vdc power to the I/O bus is switched off. Therefore, no I/O expansion module will be operating.The other option is used the the 3 counter inputs on the controller board because it will continue to function while its on sleep mode.
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