Angled image of 535ES Adjustable Angle Edison Screwed Batternholder


Catalogue Number: 535ES
Angled image of 535ES Adjustable Angle Edison Screwed Batternholder
RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour White Electric (WE)
  • White Electric 1 PCE


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Product or component type
Edison screw lamp holder
Provided equipment
  • lamp holder
  • skirt
    • Colour tint
      white electric
      Device mounting
      EU RoHS Directive

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Is the 535ES available in black?

      no only available in white

      Is there a PDL version of the 535ES in Black ?

      No- The 535ES is only available in White - No PDL Alternative.

      Is the 530ES (Battenholder, Edison Screw, straight with safety skirt) available in black?

      No the 530ES is only available in white.

      What is the wattage for a Clipsal 530ES Batten Holder ?

      It is 60 watts

      What is the base diameter of a 533ES?

      The base diameter of a 533ES is 90mm.
      Some of the key features are:
      • Edison Screw
      • Large base
      • Batten holder
      • Straight with safety skirt
      For further information please visit

      530ES & P38/1 - where to find on PDL & Clipsal Websites?



      Is part no 541ES available

      Part no 541es not available

      How to Upgrade CPU in RTU Configuration?

      Issue: I have SCADAPack configurations for SCADAPack 333E RTU and now I want to upgrade to SCADAPack 535E. Is it as simple as open the existing *.RTU file with SCADA Pack E Configurator and then choosing “View>Change RTU Type”?

      Every SCADAPack has some default configuration which is related to communication, Hardware IO cards, and physical ports. Once user select Change RTU Type from main menu "View" of SCADA Pack E Configurator, the user gets a prompt "The Current RTU Type will be changed. Apply all the SCADAPack *Target SCADAPack Model* default configurations?"
      The user should select "Yes". If selected No, default hardware will remain unchanged.

      For Example SCADAPack 535E has 6601 IO Module with it and other SCADAPack may have different IO Card. If user selects NO, these I/O modules will not be changed. If selected YES, these will be changed as per SCADAPack CPU Type. 
      There is another aspect which must be taken care of; SCADAPack ports. There are different number of serial ports and ethernet ports for echy type of RTU. Once you change the type of RTU, please have a careful look at IO configuration and port configurations.

      Best practicec is to keep the backup of original configurations, make changes in the configurations (change RTU Type) and then open both configurations in parallel and review every section. Although, most of the stuff will be done by SCADAPack E Configurator but user muct take care of IO modules and Ports configurations.

      What is the dimensions for a PDL 535WH

       Dimensions -  158mm x 158mm x 140mm high.

      What is the wattage rating for Clipsal 501ES

      It is 200w for white ones

      Is the PDL 535F available with a metal lid?

      No, and the plastic 535F, which superceded the metal version, has been discontinued.

      Configuring Ethernet Communications on SCADAPack 535E

      The following procedure describes how to configure an Ethernet communications link between Eth1 on the rPAC and the SCADAPack E Configurator computer.

      To Configure an Ethernet Communications Link

      1. Plug the USB cable from the computer to the USB port of the SCADAPack 535E to write configurations.
      2. Using a CAT5 UTP cable, connect Eth1 on the rPAC to a switch, a hub, or a wall outlet for your LAN.
      3. Confirm that the SCADAPack E Configurator computer is also connected to the LAN.
      4. If the SCADAPack E Configurator software is not already running, launch it by selecting Start > All Programs > Schneider Electric > SCADAPack E > SCADAPack E Configurator and choosing your rPAC.
      The SCADAPack E Configurator main window opens as shown below.

      SCADAPack E Configurator Main Window
      1. In the SCADAPack E Configurator software, expand the TCP/IP folder then select the TCP/IP property page.

      SCADAPack E Configurator TCP/IP Property Page
      1. Enter the IP Address and Subnet Mask obtained from your network administrator.
      2. Then Write the configuration to the RTU and wait for the RTU to restart.

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