Image of 530SS battenholder BC 2 pin with safety shutter 1a 250v

Batten Holder Safety 1A 250V

Catalogue Number: 530SS
Image of 530SS battenholder BC 2 pin with safety shutter 1a 250v
Colour: White Electric
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • White Electric 1 PCE


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Product or component type
BC lamp holder adaptor
Provided equipment
  • lamp holder
  • wall anchor
  • safety cover
    • Colour tint
      white electric
      Device mounting
      [Ue] rated operational voltage
      250 V
      Rated current
      1 A
      EU RoHS Directive
      Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Is the 530ES (Battenholder, Edison Screw, straight with safety skirt) available in black?

      No the 530ES is only available in white.

      What is the wattage for a Clipsal 530ES Batten Holder ?

      It is 60 watts

      530ES & P38/1 - where to find on PDL & Clipsal Websites?



      Is backing plate available for part no 530LT

      Unfortunately there is no backing plate available for this part

      Is the 230CS board still available?

       No, unfortunately the 230CS is no longer available.

      For further information please visit

      What are the dimensions of 530SSLT Batten Holder?

      530SSLT Batten Holder has a height of 74.2mm and overall diameter is 67.5mm

      For further information, please visit

      Is the 535ES available in black?

      no only available in white

      Is there a PDL version of the 535ES in Black ?

      No- The 535ES is only available in White - No PDL Alternative.

      Whats the dimensions for a T300, T300L, T300S

       210 x 158 x 117mm (L x W x D)

      PDL570S - what colours does it come in?

      WH white and BK black.

      is there a mounting clip for the 570S?

      No the 570S is supplied with a panel clamp for fitting through rectangular entry.
      38mm wide x 31mm high.

      What is the part code for a 15A version of 570S

      There is no 15A version of 570S, only in the 193 range which are round not square ie 193/15/1

      What is the base diameter of a 533ES?

      The base diameter of a 533ES is 90mm.
      Some of the key features are:
      • Edison Screw
      • Large base
      • Batten holder
      • Straight with safety skirt
      For further information please visit

      Netbotz 500, 420, or 320 loses configuration when it is rebooted.


      Netbotz 500, 420, or 320 loses configuration when it is rebooted

      Product Line:



      Version 2 NetBotz


      Due to a change on the Netbotz devices, some 500s, 420s, and 320s made in mid 2007 began losing some configuration when the system was rebooted. Prior to rebooting the device, the unit would function normally.


      Version 2.6.2 of Botzware has fixed this issue.

      Where can I get information on RL-Line Reactors, filters, and braking resistors for AC Drives?

      Where can I get information on RL-Line Reactors, filters, and braking resistors for AC Drives?

      Product Line:
      RL-Line Reactors, filters, braking resistors

      All serial numbers for RL-Line Reactors


      Please contact MTE Corp for specific information on each part.

      an SL Industries Company

      N83 W13330 Leon Road. Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 USA
      Toll Free: 1-800-455-4MTE
      International Tel: 1-262-253-8200
      Fax: 1-262-253-8222

      What is alarm 47 on the Series 2000 Circuit Monitor (CM2000)?

      A CM2000 series circuit monitor is displaying alarm code 47 on the front display.

      Product Line:
      CM2000 Series Circuit Monitor

      Onboard Alarms

      Alarm code 47 is defined as "Suspended Sag/Swell". The alarm is to identify an excessive number of Sag/Swell events being generated on the meter.

      An "excessive number" of Sag/Swell events is defined as:
      More than 48 events total from all Sag/Swell Alarms in any 500ms period, or more than 6 events from any single Sag/Swell Alarm in any 500ms period.

      Alarm code 47 is active when event 47 is true which occurs when register 2038 on the meter is not equal to zero.  If the user disables alarm 47 without clearing Register 2038, the alarm will immediately be re-enabled and asserted as true.

      To clear alarm 47, write a 0 to register 2038.

      To learn how to read and write registers using the front panel of the CM2000 series meter, please refer to KB article FA211912
      To learn about other CM2000 alarm codes, please refer to the KB article FA218966.


      What does the Red LED labeled ERR blinking or flashing on the M241 PLC mean?


      The Red LED labeled ERR is blinking/flashing on M241 series PLC. What does it mean?

      Product Line
      SoMachine v4.1+, 

      M241 PLC (TM241C24R, TM241C24T, TM241C24U, TM241C40R, TM241C40T, TM241C40U, TM241CE24R, TM241CE24T, TM241CE24U, TM241CE40R, TM241CE40T, TM241CE40U, TM241CEC24R, TM241CEC24T, TM241CEC24U)


      M241 LED physical indicator light


      There are three types of ERR LED blinking:

      Regular flash -

      The LED turns on for 500ms and then off for 500ms regularly.

      This signifies an INVALID_OS controller state There is not a valid firmware file present in the flash memory. The controller does not execute the application. Refer to the Firmware Upgrade section of the SoMachine HTML Help to restore a correct state.


      Single flash -

      The LED turns on for 1000ms, then off for a short 200ms and repeats this pattern.

      This signifies an EMPTY controller state, no program has been loaded to the PLC in this state (usually after a Firmware Upgrade procedure has been done or when a Reset Origin is performed)


      Fast flash -

      The LED flashes on and off alternating quickly within 500ms at a regular pace.

      This signifies an EMPTY after a system error detected controller state.

      This state is the same as the normal EMPTY state. But the application is present (as a BOOT project), and is intentionally not loaded into working memory. A next reboot (power cycle), or a new application download, will restore correct state.


      For more information, please refer to the SoMachine HTML Help in the section:

      Logic Controllers -> M241 Logic Controller -> Programming Guide -> Controller States and Behaviors -> Controller States Description

      How fast can the ConneXium Redundant Ring heal a network failure?

      The ConneXium ring managed switch (499NxSx7100 model) sends out proprietary Bridge Protocol Data Unit (BPDU) messages every 20ms as a ring integrity heartbeat. Should a failure be detected, the minimum heal time is 2 BPDU cycles or 40ms for 2 ConneXium switches. Note that additional switches will increase the heal time accordingly due to latency but will range no more than 500ms in a maximum configuration of 50 switches.

      Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL173814 V1.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
      Related ranges: ConneXium - Ethernet

      What is the granularity of the PM600 series processor sampling and display update capabilities?

      What is the granularity of the PM600 series processor sampling and display update capabilities?

      Product Line
      PM600 series meter

      Customer would like to know sampling rate of PM600 meter series and how often does it update the display. 

      Configuration of PM600 series meter

      The Power Meter samples 64 datapoints per cycle every cycle. The display updates every 80ms. Alarms are checked every 500ms on the PM650.

      Why does the ATS46 or ATS48 get a phase fault PHF when attempting to start?

      Why does the ATS46 or ATS48 get a phase fault PHF when attempting to start?

      Product Line:
      ATS46 and ATS48 soft starters


      Open circuit between ATS and motor, open or bad connection on input line power, shorted SCR or bypass contactor, high power factor.

      Possible Causes & Solutions:
      • Mains supply failure greater than 500ms when run command is present. (verify that line voltage is sufficient, stable and present on L1-L2-L3 terminals. If an isolation contactor is used, it must close within 200ms of a run command)
      • Motor current draw less than 10% of the nominal starter rating. (verify that load is present and motor is pulling sufficient current because current draw must be more than 10% of the controller rating while running without a shorting contactor)
      • SCR failure (suspect this to be case if fault occurs immediately upon start - can verify SCRs by measuring from L1 to T1, L2 to T2, L3 to T3, then reverse the meter leads and retest.  For the ATS46,  the control board must be totally removed.  When making this measurement one should see at least 50k ohms on all 6 measurements. If less, then suspect have a bad SCR in that phase
      • Power factor greater than 95% lagging
      • If the fault is detected after completion of the acceleration ramp, ensure the proper connection of the shorting contactor, if used. The output of the the shorting contactor must be connected to terminals A2-B2-C2, and must close within 200 milliseconds of reaching full speed.
      • Can occur if shorting contactor does not drop out within 500ms of stop (Look at associated relay which may be dropping it out due to noise)
        • Confirm whether the shorting contactor is the issue by removing contactor out of the system by disconnecting and see if the Soft Starter will run without getting the PHF fault.
      • Check for open phases including:
        • Blown Fuses
        • Open or loose power connections
      • Check connections to measurement board to confirm they are secure and clean
      • Verify the motor and the output wiring are good
      • If you suspect external and load issue, you can test with smaller motor or same motor with SST (in level 3 for ATS46 or drC menu for ATS48) ON which is test on low power motor or maintenance mode -- If current is the issue, then with this on the unit should get up to speed and run.  NOTE: SST parameter will reset to OFF after a power cycle.
      • Verify that there are no devices on line or load side such as contactors or overloads that may be open.
      • If the motor can be run across the line, measure current on each phase. They should be equal. An imbalance could indicate a bad motor.

      Additionally verify wiring to shorting contactor. It may have wires reversed on the contactor input as compared to the contactor output. Terminal A1 should go through shorting contactor to terminal A2, Terminal B1 should go through shorting contactor to terminal B2 and terminal C1 should go through shorting contactor to terminal C2.


      STBNIP2212 Ethernet Communication Adapter Exec. Upgrade to v.1.16.0 Web Upgrade to v.1.12.0

      Release Notice

      The purpose of this resolution is to inform users of Advantys Ethernet Network Interface Modules (STB NIP 2212) that the following files have been upgraded:

      • Executive firmware has been upgraded to version 1.16.0. The previous Exec. version was 1.12.0.
      • The Web pages have been upgraded to version 1.12.0. The previous Web version was 1.10.0.
      • The Kernel had been previously upgraded to version 1.07.0.

      Goals and Symptoms

      The Exec. was updated to fix the following issues:
      1. Outputs could come on for 500ms under certain conditions.
      2. The LAN ST LED would blink 4 times (duplicate address detected) if a hub or switch is powered up after 2 or more Ethernet NIMs on a network are powered up.
      3. During initialization, the LAN ST LED blink pattern appeared as valid LAN Status codes and could be misinterpreted as an error or status.
      4. LAN ST LED blinks 4 times (duplicate address detected) if a link was broken and then re-established between the NIM and a hub/switch
      5. Inconsistent Ethernet NIM response times.
      6. Unable to accurately count an error code blink pattern with the ERRor LED.
      7. A failure loading the Exec. may randomly occur when using the Loader Utility (dated 12/8/03).

      The Web pages, updated to version 1.12.0, were changed with the following:
      1. Adds CAN Extension modules to the Web pages.
      2. Increased the size of some text boxes that would not properly display all of the characters in that field.

      Facts and Changes

      This affects STBNIP2212's with:
      Exec. version 1.12.0 or lower.
      Web pages at 1.10.0 or lower.

      Causes and Fixes

      Updating the Exec. to v.1.16.0 and the Web pages to v.1.12.0 resolves the above mentioned issues.


      The attached document contains the following:

      1. Description of the Problems
      2. File Information
      3. Accessing the Files
      4. An updated Field Upgrade Procedure

      (Removed File URL: 163673_59B6/stbnip2212exec116_v1.doc)(Removed Image URL: /PubResEXPORT.nsf/2b87ee90be777fc085257c28006ee4ef/0378d13b210ea1b685256ecc00678e8b/fl_block_5/0.14D4?OpenElement&FieldElemFormat=gif)

      Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL163673 V1.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
      Related ranges: Advantys STB

      Recommendations and Best Practices for the AP9622 Building Management Card


      The following document outlines some recommended configuration settings for using the AP9622 with a Building Management System. The information is intended to help maintain reliable communication with the device and help troubleshoot where applicable.

      Product Line

      • Building Management
        • AP9622
      • Supported APC UPS Models
        • Smart UPS with the prefix SU, SUA, SUM, SURTA, SURT, SUVT
        • Symmetra Power Array, Symmetra LX, Symmetra RM, Symmetra 3 phase <= 160kVA
        • Silcon UPS

      • All serial numbers
      • All firmware versions
      • All installation scenarios


      When the AP9622 is not working as expected, please refer to the helpful hints listed below to help remedy the problem and find the root cause.


      Please refer to the settings and troubleshooting sections below for configurations involving the AP9622 Building Management Card.



      For each register, 500ms is recommended. Each Modbus register read causes the card to poll the UPS for that piece of data and therefore, the timeout needs to scale with the number of registers polled per request. To allow for unforseen circumstances, it is suggested to use the following equation to calculate the timeout: 500 ms * (number of registers) + 100 ms = Total Timeout

      It is recommended to poll blocks of 10 supported registers (or less) at a time.

      Scan Rates

      It is suggested to configure your scan rate no less than 1000ms. Please keep in mind this setting may still need to be adjusted depending on the number of devices, size of your queries, and the length of the serial bus.


      In order to troubleshoot an issue involving the AP9622, begin by noting the following items:
      • What is the firmware revision of the AP9622? (a letter revision found on the physical card or through the configuration menu)
      • What port settings are being used?
      • Are any adapters being used? (supported RS-485 adapters noted in FA156062) - In addition to adapters, are any other devices being used (i.e. Modbus Gateway)?
      • How many devices are on the same communication bus as the AP9622?
      • Please describe the communication bus, length, type of wiring, termination and the other devices.
      • Which register map is being used? (these register maps are generally available on or
      • What are the current timeout/scan rate settings set to?
      • Which specific registers are timing out?
      • How many are being read at a time?
      • Has communication been confirmed between the AP9622 and a computer using the 940-0103 APC configuration cable? (if no data is being read)
      • Which UPS model is the AP9622 installed in? What is the firmware version of the UPS?
      • If applicable, is the UPS configured for any type of redundant or parallel operation modes?
      • Are there any other APC Accessory devices in use (for example, a Network Management Card)? If so, describe the configuration and where each device is installed.