500 Series Remote Dimmer Pot

Catalogue Number: 521MA
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Range of product
PDL 500 Standard Series
Product brand
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Control type
remote control
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0.8 g

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you still have the 521A threaded nipple?

No ,unfortunately this part is no longer available.

For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade

whats the difference between 891ma dn 891a

advised 891MA is socket module only and the 891A is fully assembled grid, plate, socket and switch

What are the outside dimensions of the FPSS121-CAT6?

The dimensions are 121mm (W) X 83mm (H) X 155mm (D).

Can the LUCA12BL be controlled with a PLC?

The LUCA12BL is to be controlled directly with the output of a PLC.

Product Line:
Tesys U line


PLC doing remote control of the motor starter.

Yes, if the output of the PLC is 24 V DC and can handle an inrush of 220mA . A reversing module will add 120mA to the inrush when it has to change the direction of the motor.

What is the Software Filter Time for TM2/TM3 Analog I/O Modules in Somachine Basic?

Software filter time parameter for TM2/TM3 analog input module is the time constant of the 1st order filter (or the time to reach 63% of the final value).

for example, for 4...20mA signal, it will take 20ms for the signal to change from 4mA to 12.6mA (20mA x 63%).


Can the RM35JA31MW monitor positive and negative currents?

Application is monitoring -4 to -20mA. 

Product line:
Zelio Control and Measurement


Documentation shows on 4-20mA does not clarify postive or negative.

Yes, the RM35JA31MW can monitor +4 to +20mA or -4 to -20mA.

What is the minimum and maximum rated voltage on which the Vigi C120 can operate.

The minimum/maximum rated voltage on which Vigi C120 range can operate is as follows:
  1. For VigiC120 30mA - Minimum Voltage 196V / Maximum Voltage 456V
  2. For VigiC120 300mA - Minimum Voltage 189V / Maximum Voltage 456V
  3. For VigiC120 500mA - Minimum Voltage 175V / Maximum Voltage 456V

What is the typical control circuit consumption at 24VDC for the U-Line LUB32?

LUB32 consumption

Product Line:
Tesys U Motor Starters and Protectors


The consumption depends on which control unit is installed into the Base unit. 
For a standard control unit inrush is 220mA and the sealed is 70mA.
For an advanced control unit inrush is 220mA and the sealed is 70mA.
For a multifunction control unit inrush is 200mA and the sealed is 75mA.

Does the HMIG3U need a powered USB hub to power the XVGU and HMIZRA1?

Does the HMIG3U need a powered USB hub to power the XVGU and HMIZRA1?

Product Line:
Magelis HMIG3U

No, the HMIG3U does not need a powered USB hub to power the XVGU and HMIZRA1. Each of the USB ports of the HMIG3U can supply upto 500ma of current. The two devices require 400ma each.

How much current is available on the USB ports of the Com'X 200?

A user wants to use a USB device with the Com'X 200 and needs to know how much current can be supplied to their device.

Product Line:

USB on the COM'X200

The current available on the USB 2.0 ports has a defined limit, and is not the same on all ports.

There are three USB ports on the Com'X 200. In the Metering and Data Acquisition System Instruction sheet (Document Reference: 253534170), the USB ports are labeled "USB port", USB1 port", and "USB2 port".

The "USB port" is on the front face of the device, and can source 500mA (milli amp) of current.

Behind the front cover, the "USB1 port" is facing to the side and can source 100mA of current.

Also behind the front cover and facing forward, the "USB2 port" can source 500mA of current.

The images below are extracted from the instruction sheet for your convenience:

How to control drive relays by fieldbus when IMC card is present ?

When an ATV71 holds an IMC card, it is not possible to control its relays by fieldbus.
This is because of the cyclic exchanges between the IMC card and the resident drive: relays are controlled by the IMC card only and it is not possible for a remote PLC to write register OL1R (drive logical outputs).

The register OL1R (logical address 5212) have to be "protected" against IMC card accesses.
This can be done thanks to 3 internal registers:
Register 39003 = 5212 (address of OL1R, to be protected from write requests)
Register 39001 = 0x400 (bit10 means "channel to be inhibited = IMC card")
Register 39023 = 2 (to enable protection. Write 3 to deactivate the protection).

These 3 registers can be written at each IMC boot thanks to "Drive_Start" POU in the IMC project template. Function "DriveParameterWrite1" has to be used to write these registers.

Note that register 39023 value is always 0 even if the value 2 or 3 has just been written to it.

STB Extended Temperature Range NIM Identification

Goals and Symptoms

The purpose of this resolution is to assist in identification of STB Extended Temperature Range Network Interface Modules.

Facts and Changes

Product Version numbers of the Extended Temperature Range Network Interface Modules (NIMs) are:

STBNCO2212 12
STBNDN2212 12
STBNDP2212 14
STBNFP2212 17
STBNIB2212 13
STBNIP2212 10
STBNMP2212 14

NIMs with the above minimum PV: values will be marked with the following Factory Mutual logo:

5VDC current ratings for NIMs with this marking and minimum PV: values are:

1.2A from -25° to +60°
575mA from +60°C to +70°C

Causes and Fixes

Reference Facts and Changes for information.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL190463 V1.0, Originally authored by WeDa on 12/27/2007, Last Edited by WeDa on 12/27/2007
Related ranges: Advantys STB
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