C-Bus Neon Lighting Adaptor Unit

C-Bus Neon Lighting Adaptor Unit

C-Bus Neon Lighting Adaptor Unit

Item Number: 5100NLA

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Package 1 Height

71 mm

Package 1 Length

119 mm

Package 1 Weight

462 g

Package 1 width

92 mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is used as the C-Bus to Bacnet Gateway

The 5500NAC or 5500SHAC can be used as Bacnet gateway depending on the number of Bacnet points which are required.
The 5500NAC has 500 Bacnet Points and the 5500SHAC has 50 Bacnet points.
Bacnet is normally used by Building Management systems.

What is the alternative for the C-bus network interface 5100CN2?

The alternative/ replacement part for the the 5100CN2 C-bus network interface is the 5500CN2 C-bus network interface.
The C-Bus Computer Network Interface (CNI) is a C-Bus system device designed to provide an isolated communications path between an Ethernet 10Base-T Network and a C-Bus Network. This allows high-speed control and monitoring of a C-Bus installation via the TCP/IP protocols used in computer networks and by the Internet.

The CNI is a nearly instantaneous connection to a C-Bus network. It provides a gateway between high-speed, high bandwidth Ethernet communication and the robust, timetested Clipsal C-Bus Automation System. System integrators and installers can program a C-Bus network remotely without the need for transporting a PC to the local C-Bus network and connecting via the serial port.


For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?CatNo=5500CN2&c=2&ms=11&s=19&mg=7051  



Where to set Port numbers using NAC or SHAC

Access “Configuration” window on the web browser, select “System”, select “Services” which will allow you access to “HTTP server settings”, this is where your ports can be set.

How to control RS-232 enabled devices with C-Bus Network Automation Controller – 5500NAC (5500SHAC)?

A Configuration Guide exist on the Exchange Community, see the link below or the attachment.

How to control RS-232 enabled devices with C-Bus Network Automation Controller – 5500NAC


Why is my Conext CL showing an alarm code: 31 (AC Curr Snsr Flt Service Alarm)

Customer is calling to confirm alarm code: 31 (AC Curr Snsr Flt Service Alarm)

Product Line: 
Conext CL 18000NA Conext CL 25000NA Conext CL 20000E Conext CL 25000E

On site troubleshooting

AC current sensor doesn’t measure the grid current accurately
Grid connection
Detection circuit malfunction

Check AC connection on inverter

What is the part number for a C-Bus MPM BACNET Gateway?

The C-Bus Automation Controller - 5500NAC is now the preferred gateway and replaces the MPM BACnet Gateway. 

The part number for the MPM C-Bus BACnet Gateway is GCR_MPM_AU31

See attached Technical Datasheet
Ordered via normal process, either customer care if you have a direct account or via wholesaler if you don’t have a direct account
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