neo 5gang key input lcd-we
neo 5gang key input- bk/ba
neo 5gang key input lcd-we
neo 5gang key input- bk/ba

Key Input DLT WAll Switch, 5 Gang, Neo Series

Catalogue Number: 5055DL
neo 5gang key input lcd-we
neo 5gang key input- bk/ba
neo 5gang key input lcd-we
neo 5gang key input- bk/ba
RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour White Electric (WE)
  • White Electric 1 PCE
  • Cream 1 PCE
  • Grey Blue 1 PCE


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Range of product
  • Series LCD
  • Neo Series
    • Product brand
      Device presentation
      basic element
      Dimmer type
      Control type
    • infrared and button
    • timer
    • button
    • switch
      • [Ue] rated operational voltage
        15...36 V DC
        [In] rated current
        22 A
        Mounting support
        EU RoHS Directive
        Not compliant
        Circularity Profile

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        Frequently Asked Questions

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        How do i set the Time on a 5055DL or 5085DL DLT unit

        One the DLT unit press and hold down the button 5 (bottom) for approximately 10 seconds.

        This will display a Clock icon with Select, +, - and OK options for the DLT buttons. 
        Press Select to toggle between hours and minutes. 
        Press the +and - button to set the hours or minutes as required.
        Press OK to confirm and set the time on the DLT unit.

        What is the white cover plate for a Clipsal 5085DLT

         The white cover plate is 5085DF-PW

        What version of C-Bus Toolkit supports eDLT

        C-Bus Toolkit 1.12.7 and above. It is always recommended to be on the latest software available from

        CBUS - Can you disable the DLT switch so buttons can't be pressed?

        Yes, open the GUI for the DLT switch, under the 'Global' Tab create a 'Group Address' under 'Disable All Keys' set this to Disables when On.

        You can then assign that group address to another switch with an on/off function, this will then disable that DLT when the group is active.
        You can also disable via a Schedule, if you have a C-Touch Screen or other device with Schedules the same can be acheived. this is common when the DLT is used in a public area like at PUB's or CLUB's.

        If you require further help with configuration please call Technical Support on 1300 722 247

        What is the part number of the cover plate/fascia to suit C-Bus DLT 5085DL, 5 button DLT?

        The part number of the cover plate/fascia to suit C-Bus DLT 5085DL, 5 button DLT is 5085DF.
        For further information please visit

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        How do I access the Tools Page in eDLT

        Press and hold down the bottom left button, whilst continuing to hold then double press the top right button.
        Please note that access to the Tools Page can be disabled using C-Bus Toolkit software

        Vigilohm EM9B: clarification on frequency operating range

        Goals and Symptoms

        Is it possible to take our vigilohm EM9B with the reference number 50557 for voltage 200VAC / 380-800Hz as the frequency range shows in catalog is 50-60-400-1000Hz.

        Facts and Changes

        Keywords: EM9B, Vigilohm, Frequency range, range of frequencies, operating range, range of operation, frequency spectrum

        Causes and Fixes

        In catalog, frequency range of EM9B is shown as 50-60-400-1000Hz. This means it will work on all frequencies from 50 to 1000Hz.

        • Last Revised: 14-Feb-08


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