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c-bus 30 ser mech slave


C-Bus WAll Switch, Slave Mechanism, 30 Series Aperture Grid Plate And Enclosure

c-bus 30 ser mech slave
Colour: Per UOM Std.
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Key Features & Specifications

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  • 15 - 36 V DC supply voltage
  • 18 mA
  • 100 kOhm at 1 kHz AC input impedance
  • 100 units per network
  • Load switching, dimming, timers, scene control
  • 5 seconds warm-up time
  • Twisted pair, UTC Cat.5e connection
  • 0 - 45 deg C Operating temperature
  • 10 - 95% RH Operating humidity
  • Protrusion from wall depends on grid plate and surround selected
  • IEC 60669-2-1 Clause 26 Standard
Product brand
Product name
Series 30M
Product or component type
Device application
Range compatibility
Dimmer control
255 possible levels
Mounting support
wall mounted
[Ue] rated operational voltage
15...36 V DC
Input impedance
100 kOhm at 1-1 kHz
Local signalling
status: LED (blue/orange)
Type of cable
twisted unshielded pairs cable category 5e
Isolation voltage
3.75 kV from C-Bus to mains
Communication network type
Condition of tests
Method of access
Control type
20 mm
23 mm
23 mm
Net weight
0.007 kg
Starting time
5 s
Switch function
  • load switching
  • dimmer
  • time switch function
  • scene control
    • Module configuration
    • programmed with learn mode
    • programmed with C-Bus software
      • Time delay range
        Current consumption
        18 mA
        Ambient air temperature for operation
        0-45 °C
        Relative humidity
        10-95 %
        Product certifications
      • AS/NZS CISPR 15
      • AS/NZS CISPR 14-1
      • AS/NZS 60669.2.1
        • REACh Regulation
          Reference contains Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
          EU RoHS Directive
          Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
          Circularity Profile

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          Frequently Asked Questions

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          ​Is there an alternative C-Bus Switch for 5034NL-WE?

          Yes, one off 2034VH + one off 5031NMML + three off 5031NMS

          ​Is there an alternative C-Bus Switch for C5032NL-WE?

          Yes, one off C2032VH + one off 5031NMML + one off 5031NMS

          ​Is there an alternative C-Bus Switch for SC5034NL-WE?

          Yes, one off C2034VH + one off 5031NMML + three off 5031NMS

          ​Is there an alternative C-Bus Switch for SC5032NL-WE?

          Yes, one off SC2032VH + one off 5031NMML + one off 5031NMS

          What are the codes for the CBUS master and slave mechs?

          The codes are 5031NMML and 5031NMS respectively.

          5031NMS what plate can this fit into ?

          Any clipsal plate that fits 30 series mechs

          ​Is there an alternative C-Bus Switch for 5032NL-WE?

          Yes, one off 2032VH + one off 5031NMML + one off 5031NMS

          ​Is there an alternative C-Bus Switch for C5031NL-WE?

          The following parts are required to build the equivelent: 1x C2031VH + 1x 5031NMML

          ​Is there an alternative C-Bus Switch for C5034NL-WE?

          The equivalent switch can be built using: 1x SC2034VH, 1x 5031NMML and 3x 5031NMS

          Can you get the CBUS master and slave 30 series mechs in black?

          No the 5031NMML and 5031NMS are both only available in white. The 2000 series and C2000 series series input unit plates can be bought in black.
          available in 1, 2 and 4 gang.

          What is a C-Bus 30 Mech

          A C-Bus 30 mech is a switch which is compatible for C-Bus, yet fits into any 30 mech compatible grid plate (example: 2000 series)

          The part name for a C-Bus 30 mech is 5031NMML, it is also available with IR control with the part name of 5031NMMIRL.

          While this only provides a single button solution, these 2 mechs can be used with up to 3 C-Bus slave 30M, allowing us to create up to a 4 gang plate (1 master mech and 3 slave mechs)

          The part name for the slave mech is 5031NMS