Clipsal - Lighting, Lampholder BC, 3 Piece Cord Grip, 250V 3A

White Electric | Clipsal - Lighting, Lampholder BC, 3 Piece Cord Grip, 250V 3A

Clipsal - Lighting, Lampholder BC, 3 Piece Cord Grip, 250V 3A

Item Number: 501-WE

The Clipsal Bayonet Cap lamp holder features a three piece cord grip to hold everything in place. built-in safety features ensure removable cover does not fall onto globe and for a clean appearance, there are no unsightly screwheads. It has a White Electric finish.



Qty UoM EAN Colour
Lamp Holder


  • Compatible with BC style lamps
  • Safety skirt included for added protection



Product brand


Product or component type

BC lamp holder adaptor

Colour tint

white electric


Provided equipment

  • cap
  • skirt
  • lamp holder

Device mounting

cable mounting

[Ue] rated operational voltage

250 V

Rated current

3 A

EU RoHS Directive

Not applicable, out of EU RoHS legal scope

Environmental Disclosure



Package 1 Bare Product Quantity


Unit Type of Package 1


Number of Units in Package 1


Package 1 Height

7 cm

Package 1 Width

3.2 cm

Package 1 Length

3.2 cm

Package 1 Weight

42 g
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Frequently Asked Questions

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My Wiser battery device is showing the battery is almost flat, can I replace the battery and what do I replace it with?

All battery devices in the Wiser range have pictograms on how to change the battery in the instructions, which are available on the appropriate product page on our website (https://www.clipsal.com/products/wiser-smart-home-solutions). It also states the type of battery used for each unit. 

CLP591011/PDL591011 - Window/Door Sensor - CR2450 x 1
CLP595011/PDL595011 - Motion Sensor - LR03 AAA x 2 
CLP593011/PDL593011 - Temp/Humidity Sensor - CR2450 x 1
CLP592011/PDL592011 - Water Leakage Sensor - LR03 AAA x 2

Where can I find the files and how to update the firmware on my Zigbee Wiser devices when I don’t have the Wiser Hub?

Firmware for the Wiser devices is updated via the Wiser by SE app and is done via the mode of connection. If your device is connected in Bluetooth in Wiser by SE, you will have access to Bluetooth firmware updates and if your Wiser device is connected in Zigbee via the Wiser Hub to Wiser by SE, you will have access to Zigbee firmware updates.
Without the Wiser Hub you will be unable to connect Wiser devices via Zigbee in Wiser by SE and therefore will be unable to update your devices. 
We do not offer any other methods for updating firmware on the devices.

How do I use Modbus Scanner tool in Series E Configurator software to poll a Modbus slave device with the SCADAPack RTU?

Issue: Need to configure Modbus communications between SCADAPack RTU and a Modbus slave device. Then need to poll a Modbus slave device with the SCADAPack RTU
Product Lines:
Series E Configurator
Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10, on 32-bit or 64-bit Operating System
Cause: N/A
  1. Open Series E Configurator and create a new 535E project.
  2. Open the ‘Master’ folder and select the Modbus Scanner page than click on the ‘add device’ button.
  3. Give your Modbus slave a name, select the device type you want to use, type in the Modbus unit identifier and the IP address of your device, the listen port is 502.
  4. If you did want to communicate via serial you would select Modbus serial RTU then type in the Modbus device address same as for TCP and select the serial port on the RTU that you want to communicate with. Before doing this though you need to configure the port as the Modbus master port. To do this go to the ‘ports’ page and change the desired port to Modbus master, then change the communication parameters to whatever you need them to be for communication
  5. Add the points you want to read and write from. To do this click on the ‘add points’ button under ‘Modbus points scanner’. I’m going to select the operation as a read/write parameter as the holding registers I’m targeting are read-writable. I’m going to change Modbus data type from UINT to INT and make the Modbus register start address 48502 I’m targeting the command and frequency reference register of a VSD and their registers are 8501 and 8502 but there is an offset of one so the starting address is 48502. I’m going to leave it as an analog output and change the dnp out point to 8501 because it is easy to remember as this is the holding register of the command. I’ll change the point quantity to 2 as I’m targeting two points.
  6. Open the analog points page and see that some of the points have been created automatically.
  7. Write configuration to the RTU
  8. Read of the RTU and see that the dnp points have been automatically created at 8501 and 8501 as specified.
  9. If using TCP, Open the TCP page and give the Ethernet 1 port an IP address that puts your RTU on the same subnet as your Modbus slave device. Also, enable your ‘Modbus client’ checkbox.
  10. Write your communication parameters to your RTU.
  11. Open point browser and create the DNP points that you are targeting. Mine are 8501 and 8502. Perform a read of the holding registers. yours might still be zero so you won’t see a change. Change the values of the holding registers and perform a write to the slave device. Do a read to see if the value values you attempted to write stayed in the holding registers.

How do I find my account email or phone number so I can be added to a home in Wiser by SE?

This will be the phone number/email address that was used when registering an account for the Wiser by SE app. You can get this information from the home screen and tapping the 3 bars for the menu slide out,  then it will appear in the top left of the screen.
Wiser Device Screen

I am nearing 120 devices in my Wiser by SE home, with 120 being the maximum allowed should I expect any impact to the system when nearing this?

If the number of devices under a single hub nears the 120 device limit this can cause communication speeds to slow slightly. The significance of this slowing in communication speed will depend on the number and type of device that you are trying to control all at once, the environment the system is in, signal strengths and if there is any interference.

I want to put in two-way switching but can’t run the cables between the mechanisms. Can I achieve wireless two-way switching with Wiser Zigbee?

This can be done with our 2AX, 10AX or Micro Module Switch along with the Hub. At one end you will need an Active, Neutral and Load wiring. At the other end you will need Active and Neutral only. You can then create Automations to achieve the 2-way.
You need to create two automations for a 2-way:
  1. when switch A and switch B are ON, turn switch A and switch B ON
  2. when switch A and switch B are OFF, turn switch A and switch B OFF

This can be expanded to 3-way, 4-way etc by simply adding the other switches into the respective ON and OFF automations.

2 way ON Automation2 way OFF Automation

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Lighting outside house


The Clipsal lighting range provides energy-saving light fittings that combine clever design with innovative technologies. Lighting is interlinked and must be able to operate seamlessly with the multiple input demands it receives across multiple products. 
With the convergence of control and lighting, Clipsal can deliver products whilst leading the market.  
Clipsal provides light fittings that are truly compatible with our wall switches, dimmers, sensors, control systems and more.