timer din mtg 1m 24hr analog

Max 4 DIN Mount Timer Controls, 1 Module, 250V, 16A, 24 Hour Analogue Timer

Catalogue Number: 4TC
timer din mtg 1m 24hr analog
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Range of product
Product brand
Mounting support
DIN rail
[Ue] rated operational voltage
250 V AC
Rated current
16 A
Package 1 Weight
87 g
Package 1 Height
25 mm
Package 1 width
94 mm
Package 1 Length
75 mm
EU RoHS Directive
Under investigation

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the 15335 a suitable replacement for the 4TC timer

Yes it is

What is the inductive rating of 4TC timer?

The maximum Inductive load for the 4TC is calculated as follows
Cos Φ = 0.5: 4A, 240V a.c.

What is the replacement for the 4TCD / 4TCD1 ?

4TCD is 7 day Clipsal timer  , made obsolete and has a Schneider Equivalent of  CCT15854.
Please see attached data sheets on both the products for more details.
For more information on Timers please visit the Clipsal website on the links provided.

What does STC stand for in relation to the acoustic ratings of a wall?

 Sound Transmission Class

Is there a 4CC36SB available?

No, the 4CC range has 30 pole and 45 pole models available but not 36pole.

Does the HMIGTO Series come with a Real Time Clock (RTC)

All the HMIGTO's come with built in RTC (Real Time Clock)

M171/M172 NTC Resistance curves

See attached resistance curves.

How do i manually turn on the 4TCD timer?

Press the hand button and the horseshoe at the button of the screen should now be filled. This now means that the load has been turned on.

Please see attached instructions.

What is the part number for a single pole, din rail mount, analogue timer?

The part number for a single pole, din rail mount, analog timer is a 4TC for the Clipsal option.
Schneider also offers the following products:

What is the part number for PTC thermistors for part no IDP2EDB7E0000?

The part number for the probe will be SN7P0A3000K.

Does the Twido PLC have an integrated RTC ( Real Time Clock) function?

No, they do not have integrated real time clock function. In order to utilize the RTC function, it is necessary to use the optional plug-in RTC module. The part number for the RTC module is TWDXCPRTC.

Programming a TM2ARI8HT

Be aware that you will only be reading whether the input is below range, in range or above range,
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