timer din mtg 1m 24hr analog

Max 4 DIN Mount Timer Controls, 1 Module, 250V, 16A, 24 Hour Analogue Timer

Catalogue Number: 4TC
timer din mtg 1m 24hr analog
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Range of product
Product brand
Mounting support
DIN rail
[Ue] rated operational voltage
250 V AC
Rated current
16 A
EU RoHS Directive
Will be compliant – Date to be confirmed
Circularity Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the 15335 a suitable replacement for the 4TC timer

Yes it is

What is the inductive rating of 4TC timer?

The maximum Inductive load for the 4TC is calculated as follows
Cos Φ = 0.5: 4A, 240V a.c.

What is the replacement for the 4TCD / 4TCD1 ?

4TCD is 7 day Clipsal timer  , made obsolete and has a Schneider Equivalent of  CCT15854.
Please see attached data sheets on both the products for more details.
For more information on Timers please visit the Clipsal website on the links provided.

What does STC stand for in relation to the acoustic ratings of a wall?

 Sound Transmission Class

Is there a 4CC36SB available?

No, the 4CC range has 30 pole and 45 pole models available but not 36pole.

Does the HMIGTO Series come with a Real Time Clock (RTC)

All the HMIGTO's come with built in RTC (Real Time Clock)

M171/M172 NTC Resistance curves

See attached resistance curves.

How do i manually turn on the 4TCD timer?

Press the hand button and the horseshoe at the button of the screen should now be filled. This now means that the load has been turned on.

Please see attached instructions.

What is the part number for a single pole, din rail mount, analogue timer?

The part number for a single pole, din rail mount, analog timer is a 4TC for the Clipsal option.
Schneider also offers the following products:

Does the Twido PLC have an integrated RTC ( Real Time Clock) function?

No, they do not have integrated real time clock function. In order to utilize the RTC function, it is necessary to use the optional plug-in RTC module. The part number for the RTC module is TWDXCPRTC.

What is the part number for PTC thermistors for part no IDP2EDB7E0000?

The part number for the probe will be SN7P0A3000K.

Programming a TM2ARI8HT

Be aware that you will only be reading whether the input is below range, in range or above range,

How do you set the time for the 24 hour analogue timer, 4TC?

Setting time:
  • First of all, rotate the wheel in the direction of an arrow and push purple tabs to the right for the time that he wishes the power to be ON.
  • Secondly, leave the purple tabs to the left for all the times that he would like power to be OFF.
  • Then stop the wheel at the time beside the arrow and push slider towards the clock for the unit to operate in timer mode.

​Does C-Bus CTC colour Touch Screen with Saturn fascia have Ocean Mist colour?

Yes, the colour code is GF—Glass Finish

What is the part number for a Pole Filler for the 4FCS /4CS Series Switchboards?

Unfortunately this part is not a standard product however, it can be ordered as a special through our quotes team. The part number is 4CSF8-1.

What is best starserve enclosure to suit 4 tv & 7 data outlets?

The part number 3105ABEN will be suitable.


What is the code for a RTC din rail mount timer?

The code is A9E16067

does dbf30 come empty

 no,comes with din rail, neutral bar etc

ATV61 ATV71 on a motor with PTC Probe.

ATV61 ATV71 on a motor with PTC Probe.

Product Line:  
ATV61, ATV71


PTC Probe connected but not working.

LI6 is a discrete input with which you can switch between two modes: PTC probe and 24V DC, in this case, the switch "SW2" has to be adjusted to "PTC" .
Thermal monitoring via PTC probes is provided on ATV61 drives by specific inputs. Common characteristics of these inputs Nominal value < 1.5 kohms.  This corresponds to a maximum of 6 probes (250 ohms at 20°C) or to two sets of 3 (sometimes prewired in the motors).
Trip resistance: 3 kohms. Reset value: 1.8 kohms. Short-circuit protection < 50 ohms
Location of the inputs:
  - Input LI6 on the terminal block, wire the PTC probes between terminals LI6 and 0V; this input is seen as a PTC Input if switch SW2 at top of Control Terminal Card is set to PTC.
Note: The parameter Overload Fault Mgmt MUST be set to something other than NO. You need to set it to freewheel.

What is the power consumption in PTC probe conencted to LT3SM ?

The current flown via the PTC probe is 1-2mA
2mA is flown at low temperature (PTC probe has low resistance)
1mA is flown at high temperature (PTC probe has high resistance)
If PTC probe will be tempoary replaced by resistor 250 Ohms (simulates low temperature) its power consumption will be I^2*R = 2mA * 2mA * 250 Ohms = 1 mW

What is the part number for a 40A iCT 4 NC Contactor ?

The part number for a 4NC iCT Contator 40A  - A9C20847

For further information , visit link below:-

What is the replacement for GC2504M5 Contactor?

​Is there an alternative C-Bus Colour Touch Screen for 5080CTC-GF?


​Is there an alternative C-Bus Colour Touch Screen for 5080CTC2-GF?


​Is there an alternative C-Bus Colour Touch Screen for 5050CTC-GB?


Are there any data of speed precision for the ATV31-range. Need data to compare with ABB-drives. Is ATV31 competitive with ABB-drives with their DTC ...

Goals and Symptoms

Are there any data of speed precision for the ATV31-range. Need data to compare with ABB-drives. Is ATV31 competitive with ABB-drives with their DTC (direct torque control)-system ?

Facts and Changes

ATV31H...N4, 0,37 to 5,5kW, speed precision.

Causes and Fixes

It's the same like ATV58 in open loop, it's +/- 1%

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL160825 V1.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
Related ranges: Altivar 31

What is the alternate for part number 4MC24M160, 4MC series distribution board with 160A main switch?

MB224C31 is the alternate for part number 4MC24M160. MB224C31 is IP42, 750mm high, 24 pole capacity with 160A main switch.
• Screw mounted, removable escutcheon
• Door can be locked with escutcheon removed
• Removable door hinges can be changed from right to left
• Flush, key lockable handles
• Strong, mild steel pin hinges
• Removable gland plates top & bottom
• Facility to mount 12 poles of DIN profile auxiliary equipment on all boards
For further information, please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=MB224C31

Does the Colour Touchscreen (CTC) contain a logic engine?

Yes, all Colour Touchscreens contain a logic engine.

Can the ATS22 operate at 50 deg C temperatures?

Operating temperature range for the Altistart 22.

Product Line:
ATS22, Altistart 22

All models, all serial numbers.

high or low ambient temperatures.

The standard current ratings for the ATS22 is based on an ambient temperature of 40C (104F).  

The minimum operating temperature is -10C (14F).  The maximum operating temperature is 60C (140F).
When operating above 40C (104F), the softstart needs to be derated by 2.2% for every degree Celsius above 40C (104F).

For example:  ATS22D32S6U is 32A rated.  For an ambient temperature of 50C (122F), derating is 22% (2.2 x 10).  The 32A softstart rating becomes 24.96A (32A x 0.78 = 24.96). 

What is the Acoustic rating of a PDL 140F?

The Acoustic rating of walls up to STC (Sound Transmission Class) 60 will not be degraded by
using this flush box as long as there is at least 550mm between flush boxes mounted on opposite sides of a wall or they are separated by a stud.

is PDL140F acoustic rated?

Yes, In the opinion of Marshall Day Acoustics (NZ Ltd) this flushbox will not degrade the acoustic ratings of all common types of steel and timber framing with STC ratings up to 60.

What is the part number of the pole filler to suit 4FCC60, 60 Module Jetstream enclosure?

PDLDBF15/23 is the part number of the pole filler to suit 4FCC60 enclosure. PDLDBF15/23 is 7.5 modules and suits all 4CC and 4FCC jetstream enclosures.
For further information. please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=DBF15/23

Can I replace a Mark 1 touch screen with a newer model without major alterations/reprogramming etc

 Yes, part code 5080CTL2-GF

Is there an example on how to Sync the time between an HMISTU and M241?

Please see attached application

What is the maximum number of sensors and resistance values which can be connected to the T1 and T2 terminals on TeSys T.

You can wire maximum 6 sensors (PTC or NTC analog) to Temperature Input terminals T1 and T2 on TeSys T.

And, you can go up to a maximum of 6500 ohms on the Temperature Input terminals T1 and T2 on TeSys T.

How do you setup a PTC sensor to a ATV61/71?

1) Set Switch SW2 on the terminal board (see page 40 of the installation manual)
    The LI6 logic input switch (SW2) makes it possible to use the LI6 input:
  • Either as a logic input by setting the switch to LI (factory setting)
  • Or for motor protection via PTC probes by setting the switch to PTC

2) Go to menu [1.8 FAULT MANAGEMENT] (FLt-)
  •    set parameter PtCL [LI6 = PTC probe]
                    As required:
                                   -AS[Always], or
                                   - rdS [Power ON], or
                                   - rS[Motor ON]

Reset the power cycle drive to activate PTC function.

For further information on our product range please visit Trade - Clipsal by Schneider Electric


What is the alternative for the auxiliary 4A3C10?

Unfortunately, There is no alternative for this auxiliary switch 4A3C10.

For more information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/search-results/Auxiliary

​Is there an alternative C-Bus Colour Touch Screen for 5050CTC2-GB?

This version of this touchscreen will require a different power supply (Part No. 5100P24/2700AU)

Is there an alternative C-Bus Colour Touch Screen Power Supply for 5000CTCPS?

No. Unfortunately, an alternative power supply is unavailable for this device.

​Is there an alternative C-Bus Colour Touch Screen Power Supply for 5000CTCPS/2?

No alternative power supply exists for this device.

What is the wall box to suit a Colour C-Touch (5080CTCx)

The wall box is a 5000CTCWB, if after a gyprock/plasterboard nail bracket, a 5000CTCNA will be suitable

How to recover my password for M221 SoMachine Basic project file?

It is possible to encrypt and password-protect a project file. 
For security policy reasons, in the design of the software there is no built-in way to bypass that project protection password.

Project Password Setup

Verifies against SoMachine Basic v1.6

A t-on l'acces a la protection par sondes PTC si on utilise la carte Interbus S sur ATV58 et ATV38 ?

Goals and Symptoms

A t-on l'accès à la protection par sondes PTC si on utilise la carte Interbus S sur ATV58 et ATV38 ?

Causes and Fixes

La sonde PTC se connecte sur la carte ESDT, l'ATV58 ou 38 ne peuvent recevoir qu'une carte option, donc impossible d'avoir ESDT et Interbus-S en même temps

I am looking for an IP rated switchboard

PDL 56Series has up to 13way for more than that, you would need to use IP rated enclosure and buy din rail etc eg. NSYPLM54B

Can I use non-latin characters in 1.14 IMC menu ?

Even if other ATV71/61 menus can be displayed with chinese, cyrilllic, etc ... alphabets, 1.14 menu (custom IMC menu) can only be displayed with latin characters.

ETSNZ EGX Settings Passwords ETC

EGX100/300  default settings :
User - Administrator
Password - Gateway
IP -
Serial - 19200 ,even , 2 wire

What is the difference between 4062ELEDM & 32ELEDM?

The part number 4062ELEDM suits Saturn 4061 plates, however

32ELEDM Ssuits 4031VH plates etc

Does a 4-pole Masterpact NW need an external neutral CT on the 4th pole?

Does a 4-pole Masterpact NW need an external neutral CT on the 4th pole?

Product Line:
Masterpact and Powerpact

4 pole breakers


No. The sensor is internal to the breaker.

CTA-ID : 2017831

How do I synchronize my Twido Real Time Clock TWDXCRPTC using Twidosoft?

To synchronize your Real Time Clock option adapter of the Twido controller you will first have to open your application program,

Under Controller there is an option for Operate Controller, select it.
Once there, you will get a Controllers Operations screen.
Now click on the Configure RTC, you will get a Controllers Operation -- RTC Configuration screen.
On your Twido Controller locate the TWDXCPRTC Calendar Option Cartridge and record the corrections factor number (this number will be between 1 and 127).
In the Controllers Operation -- RTC Configuration screen enter the recorded RTC correction factor number and then OK.
This completes the Twido RTC synchronization.

Note: As of Dec. 31st 2015 the Twido line has been obsoleted and replaced with the TM221 product line and has free software SoMachine Basic and can import you TwidoSoft program into the M221. For more information contact your local distributor or technical support.

Can firewall rule files be shared between Connexium Tofino Firewalls?

A statement regarding how to share firewall rule files between Connexium Tofino Firewalls Configuration Utility .
Product Line:
Modicon M580, Modicon Quantum, Modicon M340, Connexium Tofino Firewall
Connexium Tofino Configuration software
User inquiry.
The ConneXium Tofino Configurator 1.2 (CTC) is designed so that the project file can only be opened and edited using a CTC installation that was installed with the same License Activation Key (LAK). So as long as all your client's CTC instances are installed with the same LAK, then project files can be passed around.
If not, these are the steps to change an LAK:
1. Decide on a common LAK number to use between computers. If they already have a CTC project file, make sure the LAK that was used to create it is the same as the common LAK.
2. Locate the *.lic files for the ConneXium Tofino Configurator on each computer that isn't currently using that LAK . Typically there are two files (tcd.lic and tc.lic) and these are in C:\ProgramData\Tofino Security\Tofino Configurator\.metadata\.plugins\com.byressecurity.tofino.tc.licensing
3. Rename the extension for each file to something like *.lic-old so they no longer can be found by the CTC on startup.
4. Start the CTC and it will ask for a new LAK. Enter the agreed-upon on LAK and it should be able to open any project created by a CTC using the same LAK