Max 4 Busbar Insul 1Phase 0.5M

Max 4 Busbar Insul 1Phase 0.5M

Max 4 Busbar Insul 1Phase 0.5M

Item Number: 4BB1/05

RRP (Inc. GST)



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Product brand


Range of product

Series 4



0.5 m

[In] rated current

63 A

Connector type


Number of poles


EU RoHS Directive

Under investigation


Network number of phases

1 phase

Unit Type of Package 1


Number of Units in Package 1


Package 1 Weight

120 g

Package 1 Height

7 mm

Package 1 width

28 mm

Package 1 Length

495 mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you do a insulated single phase busbar with Pin Teeth for 12 modules?

Unfortunately we only have a 4BB1/24 which is 24 Poles / Modules.

Does 4061/45 Saturn Electric range (cooker) switch have LED indicator?

Unfortunately not, 4061/45 does not have an LED indicator

Are Saturn cooker switches 4061D32 and 4061/45 marked cooker?

4061D32 and 4061/45 cooker switches are supplied with a spare labeled mechanism cap that is marked COOKER to replace the unmarked cap. Picture attached.
Thus the customer has the choice to use  4061D32 and 4061/45 either marked COOKER or unmarked.


What would be the replacement part for the 4BB5/26.

 21501 for a 12 module and a 21503 for the 24 module. these are a Schneider part which is equivalent to the 4bb5/26
Clipsal’s range of busbars are available in 63A - 250A versions and have been specifically designed to make installations quicker and easier.
Please see following link for further information and complete range.

Does part no 4061/45 come with spare mechs?

Yes it does, they are supplied with the part.

What is the part number for a cover to suit the 4061/45 cooker switch?

The part number for a cover to suit the 4061/45 cooker switch is 4061/45C.

Some of the key features are:

  • For 4061/45 and D40 cooker switch
  • Available in the saturn colour range
  • Saturn Series
For further information please visit​

What is part number for Saturn cover to suit 4061/45?

The part number for Saturn cover to suit is a - 4061/45C

Is there a 2 pole busbar that suits the RCBM combo breakers?

No, unfortunately there isn't a 2 pole busbar that suits the RCBM combo.
However you can use the 4BB4/12 but this only connects the active and the neutral still needs to be wired.

For further information please visit

What is the part number for a protective shroud for a XALK178?

A part number for the shroud to protect accidental operation of the em stop button of the XALK178.....could be ZBZ1602 for black, ZBZ1606 for blue, ZBZ1605 for yellow
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Do the Saturn 4061/45 and 4061D32 Switches have the word 'Cooker' labelled on the switch?

Yes, Due to a change in the Wiring Regulations these now have to be lablled with 'Cooker' on the switch.

Other than replacing the entire switch 4061/45, can you buy the cover on its own?

Yes, the part number is 4061/45C.
This plate suits 4061/45 and the D40 cooker switch.
For further information please visit 


Will the 60R32 fit into a 4062VH plate ?

No , The 60R32 series mechs are only designed to go into the 4025XA and 4025XUA plate styles. If Mechs over 32 amp are required for Saturn plates then you will need either 4031VH plate and 30M35 series mechs or the dedicated cooker plates 4061D32 or 4061/45 series
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